Let Canada dam rivers

Canada needs to dam our rivers to even the playing field with Trump's current agenda, for Canada. If all of the rivers from Canada were damned it would cut off supply of water to USA. 
Trump negotiates on U.S.A protectionism, Canada needs to do the same. 
Trump has forced to Trudea to go to Vietnam and elsewhere to negotiate trade. Trump has put tariffs on softwood lumber, forced tariffs on our dairy products and flooded our country with their apples without blinking an eye! God only knows what other products Trump is sliding, on the sly, over "our" borders.
Let us not forget that Trump has scared all non Caucasians into Canada because he does not like or trust them. The appeals with take years and trillions of Canadian dollars to deal with, money he will not speak about, because he won't pay for. Go Trump Go.

Catherine Knox

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