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There have been few articles circulating lately with respect to shutting down marijuana dispensaries for not operating with active business licenses and cleaning up Highway 97 from sign clutter. City of Kelowna, we have a bigger problems that need to be dealt with; the rampant drug problem and homelessness.

In the past week I have been chased down a trail by someone high on drugs and today I was spat at while on my way to run errands both occasions around 5pm. I can guarantee you neither of those incidents had anything to do with clients of a dispensary or anyone disgusted by the portable advertising signs about vacuums.  The signs along highway 97 advertising pool tables and vacuums are 100X less invasive to local residents than the dirty needles and vomit covering our streets.

Every day I see someone smoking crack, or shooting up outside my apartment and if you talk to people who live and work downtown, you’ll hear a lot more stories. I don’t know what the solution is, increasing the red-zone? More downtown patrol and RCMP? Build a bigger shelter? Maybe a state of the art mental health facility instead of another over priced condo building?

I love my city and I love downtown, but watching this day in day out is heartbreaking, frustrating and unsafe. Help these people already!

Jaclyn Locking

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