Tax loophole

There has been a great amount of discussion about the tax that Trudeau and the Liberals are proposing. I’m wondering why they are not trying to close the “loopholes” that allow the rich to store taxable money offshore?

It’s been reported by the CRA that they are losing millions of dollars in taxes that should be paid but can’t because of these loopholes that benefit the rich and super rich. We never hear a word about legislation in the works to close these loopholes.

Instead, the government still goes after the middle and lower class again. Why? Because they are not going to penalize themselves by taking money out of their own pockets. The rich will always get richer and the middle class will continue to shrink. I do not begrudge the rich from being rich, as they’ve earned it by being smart or inherited it. All I/we want is they pay their fair share of taxes like the rest of us.

I would hope that there will be some response from Stephen Fuhr on this issue even if it goes against the Party line. After all, we elected him, not the Party. Dan Albas could probably add to this particular issue as well.

Bob Harris

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