Nuclear weapon hypocrisy

Let’s be very clear. I do not support North Korea and its’ brutal totalitarian regime. Democracy rules and Canada is a leading example of how to do it right in our turbulent, divisive world.

That said, the USA and Russia continue with their nuclear weapon hypocrisy. Both have nuclear weapons capable of destroying the earth many times over. If the first salvo doesn’t destroy mankind ten more should do it. The collateral damage will be radioactive pollution everywhere. Non-nuclear countries will not be spared.

So why is North Korea such a nuclear threat? At best it could attack the USA with a nuclear arsenal less than 0.1% of theirs. Any attack by North Korea would mean the annihilation of their regime and they know this. China and Russia would be loath to come to their defence and much more amenable to regime change, a welcome relief.

The real threat, the USA and Russia have a scary track record for avoiding conflict with other countries and each other. Tensions are now heightened throughout the world under Trump, Putin and other unbalanced world leaders. Diplomacy has given way to reckless posturing by those with the biggest nuclear guns. Who will make the first mistake?

Added to this threat is the fact that their nuclear weaponry is aging. US Titan missiles are over 50 years old and decommissioned Russian nuclear subs are left to decay in Arctic waters.

US posturing and compliance by others at the United Nations regarding North Korean trade sanctions exposes this nuclear hypocrisy. If you have the biggest nuclear guns you can demonize those that don’t have as many and those that want them.

To right this situation perhaps all non-nuclear nations should impose trade sanctions against nuclear countries in accordance with their weaponry. Highest sanctions would be imposed against nations with the highest level of nuclear weaponry. 

Steve Burke

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