Yacht Club bad decision

It’s no wonder the Yacht Club is in the situation that it is.  It boils down to 2 things that someone made a bad decision over.

It was either Ego or Economics, let me explain.


If the Yacht Club chose the most expensive spot on the property knowing full well they have a limited exclusive private customer revenue stream in which to pay the rent with then someone wasn’t thinking clearly and their ego got the best of them.


Look at it from the landlords point of view.  If I were the landlord I would put the business with the unlimited revenue potential in the most expensive spot on the top floor knowing full well that I stand a better chance of getting paid each month.  I would then put the smaller company with the limited yearly income stream in the smaller spot on the ground floor.  This is where they will stand the best chance of survival.

Either way someone made a bad decision and needs to go back to school to retake their Business 101 class.

The Yacht Club would have been just fine on the ground floor.  It makes the best common sense for so many reasons. 

One Fix?  Close down the Yacht Club right away and modify the upstairs to accommodate the Cactus Club.  Move Cactus Club upstairs in the spring and then the Yacht Club can move in downstairs right afterwards.  Cactus Club would not have to make a ton of changes if they were happy with the décor upstairs. 

Everyone would be in their rightful places.

Just Sayin'

Bill Ferguson

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