West Kelowna  

Campfire left to burn

A couple out enjoying a fall hike and some nature photography was shocked to find an abandoned campfire still burning at Peachand Lake on Monday.

Kate Harper and her husband noticed the fire at a campsite across the lake on Thanksgiving.

"Are you kidding me!" said Harper in an email, along with photos from the campsite.

"I was taking pictures at Peachland Lake when my husband noticed some smoke across the lake. After I zoomed in with my camera, I saw the smoke, too."

The couple drove around the lake and put the fire out. They were left shaking their heads at the carelessness of whoever left the campfire burning at the empty campsite.

"What is wrong with people?" said Harper. "After the horrific summer of forest fires that the Okanagan just suffered, this makes you shake your head in disbelief."

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