1,000 turkey dinners

Alanna Kelly

Kelowna’s Gospel Mission cooked 1,000 Thanksgiving dinners.

Over 50 volunteers have been preparing for the annual dinner for the past month.

“Our cooks prepared 66 turkeys, 20 hams, 500 pounds of potatoes and of course along with that is all the dressing, vegetables and gravy. Lots of food preparation,” said Randy Benson, Executive Director of Kelowna’s Gospel Mission.

Everyone was welcome to the dinner including people who stayed at the emergency shelter as well as anyone who is struggling to make ends meet.

“This is a sit down dinner and we serve them and we try to make it as special and family orientated as we can,” said Benson.

MP Stephen Fuhr, MLA Steve Thomson, MLA Norm Letnick and Councillor Ryan Donn were also at the dinner helping serve the guests.

Last year, over 960 Thanksgiving dinners were served and they expect even more people this year.

“Traditionally Thanksgiving is our largest dinner so we prepare between 800 and 1,000 meals to give out today, weather is nice so we expect lots of people to be coming out,” said Benson. 

Benson said this day is special for him because the community of Kelowna recognizes that everybody is important.

“Whether you are homeless or you are struggling or the working poor, everyone enjoys and needs this time together as a family,” he said.

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