Road rage turns violent

Police are investigating a violent road rage incident in North Vancouver in which a man ripped the windshield wiper off a car, shattered the rear window, and beat a female driver with the wiper blade.

All while the woman's young daughter was in the back seat.

The incident happened Tuesday and was caught on dash cam video at the intersection of Main Street and Mountain Highway.

The video shows a Mitsubishi driver arguing with the driver of a Dodge beside it at the stop light. The man breaks off the windshield wiper and brandishes it like a weapon.

"I kept telling him, 'My daughter's in the car, look at my daughter, she's crying, leave us alone,'" she told CTV.

The woman responds by throwing objects from the car at the man, who then starts flailing at the woman with the wiper.

A bystander got out of his car to break up the altercation, police say.

Cpl. Richard De Jong said the Mitsubishi driver has been charged with assault and mischief.

"This is a case where somebody should have driven away, called police, given us a licence number, we would have investigated," he said.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

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