Bacon brother back in jail

Just months after he was released on parole, notorious gangster Jarrod Bacon is back in prison following a big night out at the strip club. 

Bacon was released on parole to a halfway house in March, after serving a portion of his 14-year jail sentence for conspiracy to traffic cocaine.

At the time, Bacon objected to the move, citing concerns for his safety, and pointing to the midday shooting in Kelowna in 2011 that left his brother Jonathan dead.

Police found Jarrod Bacon, suspected to be a high on cocaine, at a strip club on July 10 with his partner and another man with a criminal record.

Despite Bacon providing police with a fake name, they were able to identify him as Jarrod Bacon, and put him into their police car.

"You kicked the rear door window of the car to try to break it,” the Parole Board of Canada said in their ruling. “The police had to physically intervene to contain you and removed your shoes to prevent you from breaking the glass.”

Bacon claimed he had been drinking heavily before going to the club and did not remember what he had done, but his case workers were skeptical.

"They are of the opinion that if you were drunk to the point where you blacked out, you would not have been able to give police a false identity and even less able to act with so much energy and aggression," the parole board said. "Moreover, the police did not describe you as excessively drunk, but rather suspected that you had used cocaine."

At least two of Bacon's parole conditions were broken, not associating with criminals and not entering a drinking establishment, and his parole was revoked. 

The third Bacon brother, Jamie, is charged with first-degree murder in the 2007 Surrey Six killings, and is currently awaiting trial

- with files from CTV Vancouver

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