What was in the sky?

A strange light that lit up the sky was spotted across Southern B.C. by multiple people, Monday night.

What exactly that bright object was has yet to be determined.

People from Vancouver Island to the Lower Mainland, Okanagan and Kootenays report spotting what appeared to be a "fireball" just after 10 p.m.

“A huge ball of multi-colours falls from the sky, seen over Black Mountain and seen moments later in Nelson and so on! Must have hit the earth around Castlegar,” said one Castanet news tip.

Another viewer said the sky lit up in West Kelowna at 10:13 p.m.

“It came down at a shallow angle from the southeast to the northwest. It was fairly large and appeared to burn up at altitude approximately over downtown Kelowna from our vantage point in West Kelowna Estates,” said Robert Frasson.

B.C.'s chief fire information officer, Kevin Skrepnek, took to Twitter after spotting the object in the sky.

“Well, that was different: while sitting on a patio in #NelsonBC the entire sky lit up and a meteorite came down. Huge boom about 1m later,” he said.

He added: "if we get an alien-caused fire, I am officially done."

Another resident said they were driving near the Tolko Mill towards Clement Avenue, in Kelowna, when they saw the "biggest meteor I have ever witnessed in my lifetime."

"It was a huge orange fireball with fragments trailing and burning up. It disappeared from my view behind Dilworth Mountain area. Incredible, and I'd like to know how many others witnessed this?" said Tim Brown.

There is no confirmation on what it was in the sky, but many are speculating it was a meteorite.

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