Horoscope: Sept. 24-30

Overview for all signs:

Situations will have a strange or unreal air about them; keep feet on the ground. Conspiracy theories evolve.

There is a need for discretion. Navigate through unusual or foggy conditions or deception. Don’t count on promises.

Some drift into fantasy; avoid drugs or alcohol induced states that could lead to procrastination. Reactions have negative or deadly results.

Relationships reach a point of having the “talk” as they cannot carry on as they are.

Cut ties personally or on a larger scale. Keep plans private until launch; think independently.

Travel to select places. Wise counsel helps to pull things together or provide assistance. Dig deep while seeking further clarity.

ARIES: Meetings in private help with decisions about the direction things will take. Cut away deadwood.

TAURUS: You need to wing it as circumstances or conditions change. Hang on to anything that is secure.

GEMINI: Your status or reputation fluctuates. Decisions need to be made regarding career or locations.

CANCER: Increased communication is needed to nail things down. Others dodge questions about plans.

LEO: Work out the details on financial matters before taking on anything expensive. You can make deals.

VIRGO: Explain your needs to those who can assist or fulfill them. There is a lack of understanding now.

LIBRA: Take care of private matters for yourself or those you care for. More information will be needed.

SCORPIO: Deeper research or investigations provide clues to what was really going on around you.

SAGITTARIUS: Handle mysterious or unusual situations. Join forces with those behind the scenes, etc.

CAPRICORN: Contact with those over distance provide answers or supplies that benefit all involved.

AQUARIUS: Special arrangements with key individuals affect finances or assets. Discuss the terms.

PISCES: You have unseen influence on the status or reputations of others now. Research the facts.


Horoscope: Sept.17-23

Overview for all signs:

An optimistic mood is supported by those aware of the facts or evidence.

Proceed on the present path to achieve success. Partner with those on the same page.

Other sources of income or benefits are discussed. Get the details compiled in a way for easy scrutiny or acceptance. Call out those who try to spin things to their advantage.

The new moon focuses on practical action and work ethic. Those who balk at this should move on.

Powerful words or actions have a note of finality by Friday. Some revert to a more covert plan or action.

Bide your time on pressured situations. Sometime a shift in the tide can be like a groundswell that provides the energy to get things done.

ARIES: Shift your focus or go in a different direction. Accept a transfer or different position that works.

TAURUS: Short-term speculation can bring you benefits or get you involved with influential players.

GEMINI: Fluctuating circumstances have an effect on where home or base of operations will end up.

CANCER: Use charm to convince others of your plans or actions. Someone is illusive or dodging you.

LEO: Double check all data related to finances or assets, especially where others have influence.

VIRGO: Make sure you are heard clearly by those who have an alternate agenda to yours. Call them.

LIBRA: Gather your forces or evidence behind the scenes so you can take action from a strong point.

SCORPIO: Those with broad influence are on your side no matter how it seems now. Stay in touch.

SAGITTARIUS: Others see you in a different light now as you take a more prominent position. Good.

CAPRICORN: Share your knowledge or experience with those who need it. They will appreciate this.

AQUARIUS: You benefit from others privately. Special arrangements make this go more smoothly.

PISCES: Input from mate or partner should be considered as it would have positive results or gains.

Horoscope: Sept 10-16

Overview for all signs:

Those feeling pressured need to consider or accept a softer approach. This brings greater success in the long run as some situations need more time.

It's hard to make people let go of what they feel entitled to, but corrections can be made. Stick with relationships or associates where there is some degree of trust or security.

Those needing to move on should do so without the usual fanfare; it been heading that way for awhile.

Make gracious concessions. Save face or pick up the cheque. Travel mixes business with pleasure.

There is a spark in the air motivating action on various levels. Minds are sharp pulling plans together in an efficient manner. Coordinate similar activities.

ARIES: Approach others in a friendly, low-key manner if you want them to work with your agenda now.

TAURUS: You work hard to get past blocks or delays. Others take notice of how you are pulling this off.

GEMINI: Serious talks have an effect on the future of relationships, personal or business. Discuss rules.

CANCER: Compare your responsibilities and compensation. Others may not agree with any settlements.

LEO: Put the brakes on your generosity or others will expect more. You need to focus on your income.

VIRGO: You speak your mind or take action on your agenda. Push past delays or other interferences.

LIBRA: Serious or established individuals will be helpful if you discuss your future plans with them now.

SCORPIO: You have more clout behind the scenes than you think. You can still gain from past agendas.

SAGITTARIUS: Be willing to be the one in charge if that is what is needed. You have the ability to lead.

CAPRICORN: Hold the line or make others do it. This will work out best for all involved. Get together.

AQUARIUS: You have support from the past or solid individuals. Stay on message. Organize papers.

PISCES: You speak and others listen. You have the ability to influence others status or reputations.


Horoscope: Sept. 3-9

Overview for all signs:

Rapid communications back and forth will help to line up a target-based agenda; fill in the blanks on the fly.

This is an action week with many expecting results they can count on. Put emotions aside and consider what will benefit the many. Ideas that are too far out should be put on the shelf for later.

Mercury resumes forward motion Tuesday. This will shift gears allowing matters to go ahead. It helps to steady emotional swings under the influence of the full moon in dramatic Pisces.

Be charming and speak softly to have greater influence. Connect romantically or make up with someone you really care about.

Seek success or a power position. Let things settle out a bit.

ARIES: Keep meetings private for now until there is something worth presenting to others. It will matter.

TAURUS: You have support of the silent kind. This will work for your larger agenda down the road. Deal.

GEMINI: You can be a master illusionist convincing others of what you say or appear to be. Take a stand.

CANCER: Much communication goes on behind the scenes. The full moon in Pisces enhances dramas.

LEO: Check the fine print before signing anything. Look at the actual value of items or any investments.

VIRGO: Don’t assume that you know what others are thinking or feeling. Seek a deeper clarification.

LIBRA: You can smile knowing you are included in the inner circle of those who actually have influence.

SCORPIO: You make dramatic statements that shift focus or base of power affecting all involved now.

SAGITTARIUS: Deal with spiritual matters or the unusual. This can be in personal or business areas.

CAPRICORN: You are given the heads up one way or another as you can see whats really going on.

AQUARIUS: You benefit from others or make gains from being connected to their finances or assets.

PISCES: You are like a magical as you attract attention or loyalty from those who count to you most.

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