Last call for sandbags

It's last call for sandbag removal in the Central Okanagan.

The majority of flood response sandbags have been removed from public and private property, and regional recovery operations will wrap up Aug. 25.

Crews are completing the last of the pickups, with some areas like West Kelowna already finished.

Residents are responsible for any final sandbag removal on their own property. Drop off locations are now closed, and separated sand and sandbags can be returned to the Glenmore landfill in Kelowna. Sand will be accepted free of charge, and the empty sandbags charged regular tipping fees.

Under no circumstances should sandbags be emptied into creeks, lakes, wetland, beaches or other watercourses. 

If sandbags on private property have been missed by pickup crews, call the flood recovery line at 250-470-0674.  

Residents dealing with sandbags on their own property should take precautions when working around stagnant water. Sandbags that have been sitting in water can contain mould. Residents should wear N95 respirators, nitrile gloves and rubber boots, and should thoroughly wash hands and clothes after handling the bags.

Meanwhile, debris removal is ongoing, with four barge crews on Okanagan Lake. Removals will continue along the shoreline in Kelowna from the Mission area toward the W. R. Bennett Bridge. Additional crews will be working along north Westside Road as well as Peachland and West Kelowna.

The collection of broken docks, unregistered boats, garbage and barrels is expected to continue for several weeks. Damaged docks and pilings still in place are the responsibility of the property owner.

Any debris that residents do not want removed should be clearly marked with “Do Not Remove”, so crews know to leave it behind. 

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