Horoscope: Aug. 20-26

Overview for all signs:

The energy in the air makes some more adventurous; be out and about or attend events.

Fitness will be on the minds of many. Take up a challenge if it suits your schedule. Look at new or progressive ways of doing things.

The new moon, solar eclipse can be life changing with a focus on truth and real intentions coming forth. Hidden areas could get exposed, ready or not. Firm decisions made this week will be hard to reverse.

Pressure comes to bear on any weaknesses, personally or globally. Relationships or situations change or end, making way for others to begin.

Power struggles are intense; back room deals are made to gain control. Weigh the long term benefits etc.

ARIES: You are at an intersection regarding where you want to go from here. Compare the possibilities.

TAURUS: Home or property matters bring about change. Set limits or priorities with others involved.

GEMINI: Wording is important to the results you seek. Make sure negotiations are not like commands.

CANCER: Talks or arrangements relating to finances or compensation reach a critical point. Adjust.

LEO: You can pull rank in ways that others will accept. Situations need to be eased to satisfy everyone.

VIRGO: Decisions made on your behalf are being done for your ultimate benefit. Ride along to gain.

LIBRA: Deeper talks or investigations will show who is on side with you or who has their own agenda.

SCORPIO: Your status or position is under review by those counting on you. Pull a rabbit out of the hat.

SAGITTARIUS: Others begin to see your influence or power. Hold on to the reins in a steady manner.

CAPRICORN: You are trusted on a deeper level as others like the way you handle things. Join them.

AQUARIUS: Take care of mate or partnership matters to the best of your ability. Make arrangements.

PISCES: Get others to pull their weight. They continue to expect too much of your generosity. Stall.

Horoscope: Aug. 13-19

Overview for all signs:

Retrograde Mercury continues for the next three weeks creating some reversals, cancellations or glitches.

Take extra time with everything unless it's unavoidable. Avoid signing anything binding unless it was already in motion before the week started; these can be completed.

Communications could be dropped as well; check devices and connections, etc.

Follow calm, disciplined professional activity. Get to the bottom of how everyone really feels to avoid misunderstandings.

There are some jealousy issues and power plays to handle or adjust to. This causes insecurity for some.

Sabre rattling is the wrong way to go as reactions to it would be negative or over the top.

ARIES: Knee-jerk actions cause push back that could affect locations for you or others in your circle.

TAURUS: Shed light on matters that require more clarity. This involves your or those needing help.

GEMINI: Financial matters come under more scrutiny and may extent to the value of assets as well.

CANCER: You tug on the reins as a power struggle needs to be resolved. Blend efforts or seek truce.

LEO: You put forth enormous efforts to get ahead of the games that others are playing with you now.

VIRGO: Stay with your base that provides a feeling of solidarity. Be silent to advance your position.

LIBRA: Your words have weight and others look to you for leadership. You carry the ball for them.

SCORPIO: Stand tall in your position and respect for you will grow or return to the proper levels.

SAGITTARIUS: Your steady hand on the wheel helps to navigate through various issues. Handle it.

CAPRICORN: Others count on you to have their back no matter what is going on. Show your loyalty.

AQUARIUS: Important or trusted associates come on board to smooth things over or attract gains.

PISCES: Sort out the pecking order so all involved can save face. Respect the rules and protocols.

Horoscope: Aug. 6-12

Overview for all signs:

The full moon lunar eclipse encourages ego clashes as the week begins.

Those pushing an unpopular agenda will experience opposition to some of this; negotiate terms that all involved can live with.

Get required signatures from those with the power to do this. Certain choices will depend on funding structure or back-up.

Strings are pulled behind the scenes by those having the final say. A more friendly atmosphere by Thursday could see bi-partisan agreements on some level.

This will raise the level of optimism in general, at least for now. Travel or arrangements over distance work out well. Give love a chance to blossom by taking time to be alone.

Mercury turns retrograde.

ARIES: Friends or associates let you know what they really think. Decide who is in and who is out now.

TAURUS: The full moon highlights your status or reputation, make sure its for the better. Clear agenda.

GEMINI: Discussion or messages back and forth could extend over distance. Meet demands or cancel.

CANCER: Hammer out agreements with those in control of funds or assets. Seek information or settle.

LEO: You demonstrate your leadership ability when it comes to handling others, legals or authorities.

VIRGO: Take care of important matters behind the scenes. This may affect mobility temporarily. Wait.

LIBRA: Advice of influence from those with power can help you get out of your comfort zone. Go now.

SCORPIO: Your ability to lead, control or otherwise take charge is secure. Maintain the status quo.

SAGITTARIUS: Take care of matters connected to distance for yourself or others. Make decisions.

CAPRICORN: Others feel comfortable with the way you handle things and will give you more to do.

AQUARIUS: Mate or partnership matters are in focus under the full moon. Show where you stand.

PISCES: Clean house or implement different rules or regulations. This will work as a type of reboot.

Horoscope: July 30-Aug. 5

Overview for all signs:

New interests and interactions can be a source of distraction. Get feet on the ground to handle responsibilities or other matters that need work as the week begins.

Plans are unfolding to create some expansion on various levels; opportunities are there. It will be important to assess who will be affected and for how long.

Some compare old laws or regulations to updated ones to see which is better. Try to avoid legal action where possible; seek fairness for all.

Changes of residence or location may be by choice or not; adjust to current circumstances.

Meetings held out of sight can be between those normally opposed to each other. Common ground can be found. Shake on it.

ARIES: You may have to step away from those not on the same page. Select a different route or approach.

TAURUS: Handle matters over distance. There will be decisions about who is to be where. Organize details.

GEMINI: You pull strings behind the scenes with those who wish to stay out of the limelight. Compare notes.

CANCER: Others have some influence on residential matters for you or those you care about. Talk this out.

LEO: Lay out future plans along a path that suits you better. Its time to shift gears or step back. Regroup.

VIRGO: Take a break or check things out. Patience is important for how you want your plans to evolve now.

LIBRA: A leap of faith can change everything for you or those you care about. Check practical procedures.

SCORPIO: You feel confident in the support you have behind the scenes. Make future plans together now.

SAGITTARIUS: Those in positions of authority can be more helpful than first expected, close by or distant.

CAPRICORN: Your leadership skills shine through and others feel more comfortable with you at the helm.

AQUARIUS: Keep a lot of plans and details to yourself for now. Be adaptable in any further discussions.

PISCES: Push for what you want especially if it breaks a deadlock. Consider long term results or change.

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