Re: Dirty diesel danger

I suppose it never entered your head that there are people out there complaining about second hand smoke because they are asthmatics? Or how about being allergic to what smokers around them are spewing?

I am an allergic asthmatic.  I can't go for a half hour walk along the highway without coming home nauseated, headachy and ill for the next several hours. Standing near a weed smoker for 10 minutes will do that as well. Being exposed to second hand smoke for an hour or more will do the same thing. Forest fire smoke has left me ill at least twice so far this very summer! I am wearing a bandanna these days to attempt to at least keep the larger particulate from entering my lungs but I can still come down with a headache and nausea if I am out for too long.  When I am standing at traffic lights it is not uncommon for me to have to hold my breath when crossing the road alongside belching vehicles, particularly in winter when the cold air keeps exhaust closer to the ground.

I lived downtown for 17 years and the most callous thing I was told one time was "go home and stay there". Home was in a building where smokers of all types did not care about the health of their fellow tenants. Where even four floors up, cigarette smoke would waft from the sidewalk below or weed, or whatever was being smoked at the time.  Having to lock up my windows on summer evenings rather than be able to cool my home down because all the smokers decided it was time to go out on their balconies was not fun at all!

There are actually people out there like myself who would prefer that smokers kill themselves away from doors and windows by at least 50 feet or more. And trust me when the wind blows, that's not even a safe distance for those of us with allergic Asthma!

Before you go spouting off in defense of others bad habits, consider the health of those around you! As for making a scene about diesel, what exactly have you done to put your actions where your mouth is?  Or are you spouting off to make yourself look better than someone you recently saw complaining?

Marilynn Dawson

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