A lesson in fire safety

Just saw your story about people lighting campfires under our current ‘state of emergency’ conditions (cough, cough) – the picture showed mostly young people... hmmm. Hopefully they really do get to pay the $1150 ticket out of their pocket. Even worse, they obviously have no respect for themselves, their neighbours, or anyone else.

How many people, just this summer have lost their homes, businesses, livelihoods (luckily so far, not their lives) to wildfires? About half of which are started by human idiots!
In my opinion, anyone found even near an open fire (without some heavy fire-fighting equipment on their back) should be taught a severe, memorable lesson. How about they get to carry a backpack full of water 100+ lb or more and a shovel and spend a full ‘fire-fighters’ day/week, ‘mopping up’ hot spots (girls included, I was on an active fire line when I was 14 (and a girl)). And they get to live under the same conditions as the fire-fighters (if they are lucky)
Maybe one of those CAF non-comms would make a good ‘supervisor’. If I remember my military training, most do have the attitude and experience to whip recruits into shape (I have dealt with CAF Warrant Officers that would make any US ‘Drill Sargent look like a kitten. Or push come to shove court order ‘community service’ until they ‘see the light’

Christina Johnson

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