Dirty diesel danger?

It never ceases to amaze me when someone complains about cigarette smoke from someone in their vicinity while outside and goes on a rant to the negative consequences to their health.  

They are of the position, since they don't smoke why should they have to put up with the health concerns of second hand smoke.  In my opinion these people are hypocrites.  I don't smoke but then again I don't drive a diesel vehicle either.  Where am I going is, there are over 500,000 deaths in the EU linked to diesel exhaust yet we still harp on about second hand smoke. 

An Alarming Number of People Have Died from Dirty Diesel Engines  Geoffrey Smith

Let's get our priorities straight, diesel can be attributed to more deaths than second hand smoke ever will. Where is the bandwagon for the removal of diesel vehicles?  I cannot count the amount of times I have been waiting at a light sucking in the big dark clouds of smoke coming off the exhaust of a diesel vehicle to the detriment of my health.


James Anderson

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