On the hook for $450K

Two disasters and two states of emergency will cost taxpayers in Lake Country close to $450,000.

That's what the municipality will have to pay as a result of this spring's flooding and the Okanagan Centre wildfire.

Those figures, and a proposed method of payment, will be presented to council next week.

While the overall cost of the response to the spring floods will be picked up by the province, the Disaster Financial Assistance program will cover just 80 per cent of the cost of repairing or replacing municipal infrastructure damaged or destroyed by flood waters.

This includes damage to docks, the shoreline and waterfront parks, beaches and pathways.

According to preliminary figures collected by the municipality, the total cost for repair and replacement is $1.69 million. Lake Country's share of that is $338,940.

Staff is recommending $257,000 come from the general surplus fund and $81,000 from the water surplus fund.

As for the Okanagan Centre wildfire, the municipality says the total cost of fighting the fire came in at just under $150,000. Of that, it says the municipality will be responsible for paying $110,000.

Staff are expected to bring forward a report at a later date outlining funding options for the emergency expenses.

The RCMP are investigating that fire, stating it was deliberately set. The municipality could recoup some of its costs if the suspect is found and convicted.

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