Sandbag cleanup underway

The Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen is releasing a schedule for sandbag cleanup outside of municipalities.

The district will be removing sandbags and flood debris from rural and residential lots, local First Nations lands, and the Crown foreshore. The provincial government will be footing the bill for the cleanup, which is also already underway in Penticton.

“All you have to do is register and a strong labour force will come and remove them for you,” reads a media release from the RDOS.

A registration for is available online or at the RDOS Main Office, 101 Martin St, Penticton. You can submit them back to RDOS Emergency Operations Centre at [email protected] or the main offices.

The staged tentative schedule below:

  • Osoyoos Lake – July 25 to July 28 
  • Naramata – July 31 to August 4
  • Rural Summerland – August 7 to August 9
  • Red Wing - August 9 to 11

Any stockpiled sand remaining in neighbourhoods is free for the taking. It just must not end up in the lake or in any water bodies, as it is not natural to waterways.

The RDOS is also helping to remove unsecured unnatural flood debris like dock fragments, floats as a result of high water. The consent form covers both sandbags and dock debris.       

  • Okanagan Lake East Shoreline – July 31 to August 4
  • Okanagan Lake West Shoreline. August 7 to August 11

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