Get on with summer?

It was interesting to read what Coun. Sieben had to say today about the lake activity.  He points out that, "The no-wake thing is key," said Sieben, "but in the middle of the lake, we can get on with summer." 

I have one question for Coun. Sieben and that is, "when you have boaters ripping down the middle of the lake, where do you think their wake goes?"  

Do you think that the wake just disappears?  No! Does is just end after a couple feet? No!  

A wake, once created, will travel until it reaches an object, such as another vessel, that changes its course or causes it to stop.  In the case of our beautiful lake, when the wake stops it has usually reached the shoreline causing damage and the wake has also passed through the ’30 metre from shore No Wake Zone’!  

Yes, I know the lake has receded, but we are still over full pool and there are areas that you care nothing about that are being harmed.  Is it such a terrible thing to have a little respect for all the people and property on the shoreline, and not just where your boat is docked, for a little while longer until the lake can reach its proper level?

Karla Longacre

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