Dog perishes in fire

A cabin in the woods just outside of Lake Country was destroyed by an early morning fire, Tuesday.

The fire broke out shortly after 2 a.m. in an area off Beaver Lake Road, just before Clark Creek.

The cabin was outside the Lake Country fire protection area, however, deputy fire chief Brent Penner said he did attend to ensure everyone made it out OK and the forest around it didn't ignite.

The BC Wildfire Service also responded with a three-person initial attack crew.

"Upon arrival, the roof had already collapsed. The cabin was made out of wood, no drywall," said Penner.

"It was probably a very large fire before our arrival that would have gone up quickly because there was nothing to hold it back."

Penner said two people inside the cabin were able to make it out safely, however, their dog did not.

"They bailed right away. It was significant enough that they couldn't go back for their dog."

An exact cause has not been determined, however, a resident told him he was cooking on the porch earlier in the evening, and when he awoke after 2 a.m., the place was on fire.

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