The military and forest fires

I may be ignorant, but I do not understand why our tax funded military is not sent out to our "State of Emergency" forest fires.

- These people are always in need of training, (what better training?)
- They are paid by tax dollars (we pay their salaries.)
- They should be fighting the disasters at home, before heading to some obscure place on the other side of the globe.

So why are they not sent out to fight these fires and work on the forefront?
- Why are they not flying the water bombers?
- Why are they not helping with the evacuations?
- Why are they not clearing cutting?

We should not be sending them over for peace keeping when we have emergencies in our own country.

I realize that Canada has certain commitments to NATO and the UN, but when we are facing a forest fire crisis in our country, the military should be one of the first to be deployed.

Training for disasters should absolutely should be part of the military training.

Whether it is forest fires, floods, tornados, blizzards or whatever, they should be the first to be deployed to national disasters.

As long as my tax dollars are paying the salaries for military personnel, I say make sure they are available to us first.

Wilma VanVliet

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