Use your heads, boaters!

A resident at the north end of Okanagan Lake says boaters in wake boats and speed boats have been creating waves and further damage along the still-flooded shoreline.

Cindy Brassard and her husband, Jerry, are living in a virtual ghost town on the Louis Estates where an evacuation order remains in place.

A total of 200 houses and cabins on Okanagan Indian Band land along the lake remain under that order.

“This is just ridiculous,” said Brassard on Tuesday. “They're coming down here in wake boats, going 100 miles an hour and ending up washing away our walls.”

Brassard said a number of wake boats were in the vicinity on Monday and other motor boats were on that section of the lake on Sunday pulling kids on tubes.

“These people are idiots. We are still flooding here.”

The lake has dropped about a foot but it needs to drop at least that much again before the Brassards can even think about removing sandbag walls that are protecting their land.

Their neighbours have all been flooded out.

“The lake is stilll higher than the first storm that wiped everybody out. People's yards are still under water.”

Brassard said the wake boats did not come close to shore but still stirred up the water.

“They were quite a ways away from here but still caused waves to hit the debris (in the lake). It loosens our wall and we have had to go out and reinforce it again.

“There are other people on boats. They are going very slowly and they're coming in to see what's happening on their property. I understand that.”

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