Unions & laundries last shift

Very sad for those who now find themselves unemployed. However, This is what happens to well paid jobs when unions continue to pressure for unrealistic higher wages perks and benefits. There is only so much money to go around.

When "already well paid" workers (cave in to the greedy union mentality) demanding better pay and benefits, the jobs will disappear. As much as I feel for the workers, I can not understand that they failed to recognize when they had it good. It is human nature to want more and make more, but at what point will people realize that many of these union jobs already have perks that go beyond what the job deserves?

There was a time that unions had their place. However, looking back over the last decades, unions have caused the extinction of what use to be many well payed blue collar jobs.

The Postal workers are a prime example of jobs becoming extinct. Well paid, great benefits, yet continually striking.

Unions stir up discontent, entitlement, greed and create an environment where "bosses" have a difficult time getting rid of lazy and poor workers.

We are now (for the last decades) witnessing the private sector taking advantage of the collapse of these "well paid jobs" and reinventing them at despicably low wages with no benefits. Companies sold and re-established offering workers minimum wages

Too bad that many workers fail to recognize how good they actually had it but instead caved in to the greedy, striking union mentality.

In the private sector, unions stir up their members and create a sense that "workers" should be entitled to benefit from the profits of the company (the employees are not the ones risking and putting out the dollars to operate a new venture or business).

When it comes to "government jobs" somehow union employees think that monies can "always" be found for their unrealistic perks and pay increases. So, all you over payed Government/civic workers be warned, be thankful for what you have. There is only so much "tax dollars" to go around. That job you are complaining about could go to the private sector.

Unfortunately, the greed that unions stir up definitely also exists among private companies and employers. If a company wants to truly succeed in their reputation and prosper they will learn fairly quickly that it is to their advantage to treat their employees well, with respect and reward them.

I empathize with the workers and families who have lost their jobs. I imagine that there are probably those who would have taken a cut in pay just to remain employed.

Unfortunately it is too late

Unions, for years now, have only stirred up discontent and greed. Time people learn about thankfulness, and recognize when they have it good.

Wilma VanVliet

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