West Kelowna to spend big

So, West Kelowna has awakened to the new world.  They want to make Rose Valley (Bear Creek) water into nice clear water.  

They have asked for bids to operate the $53.5 million new plant and were surprised some bids were as high as $2.3/year. What did they expect — a no fee operation?  

It would be much cheaper in the long run to construct a new pumping station and ultra violet purification system to supply the drinking water required and leave the Rose Valley water system for irrigation purposes.  Rose Valley water will never change, it will always be creek water which will vary much more in quality and purity than Okanagan Lake.  

This price of $53.5 million is not peanuts.  If we all drink Okanagan Lake, then I presume we will look after our lake much better — i.e. no sewage treatment plant discharge into our lake. Just in case you don’t remember, Kelowna discharges about 30,000,000 litres per day and West Kelowna does 10,000,000 per day, everyday of the year, so multiply by 365 equals an awful lot of sewer plant treated sewage water.  The new treatment plant will probably use “aluminum sulphate” a chemical to force the dirty Rose Valley water to flocculate the sediments for removal.  This chemical will be in your “new improved” drinking water.  

So, enjoy your $53.5 million improvement.

Jorgen Hansen

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