Here we go again

NDP in, taxes up, nothing new, however faster then ever before. And what gets me is the same all over again – Fuel price increases and Carbon taxes. Are any of these guys ever watching the news? Of course they do, just the wrong ones. YouTube has hundreds of articles debunking the Global warming BS and Climate change BS. Well known scientists and environmentalists have to use YouTube because nobody in the mainstream media publishes what they have to say. 30,000 professionals want to sue Al Gore for the BS he put out and made a cool 200 million profit on it.

It is time to rethink what has been said and written mostly by people that don’t know a single thing about it but figured that it could be a nice way to add a few more layers of our hard earned money into their pockets. Global warming and the effects of CO2 is the biggest global lie so far and it is time to fight it all the way.

Why are we believing all that garbage? Al Gore had a movie made that shows Manhattan under water, parts of San Francisco under water and then he bought property at or near Fisherman’s Wharf! Or David Suzuki who is against anything that has to do with oil, but owns properties together with an oil company. It is time to shut down all those hypocrites once and for all.

Roger von Dach

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