Crazy boaters on lake

Madison Erhardt

Residents along Gellatly Road are worried about their properties after a number of boaters have zoomed by their homes. 

"We have had about six boaters and a Jet Ski rush by within 100 metres of our home in just the past two days," said Dan Deveau. 

"One boater rode by on his boat and gave me the finger, said a nasty word and said that I could afford it," Deveau said. 

He says all he wants is a little bit of compassion and respect for his home.

"It's bad enough that we have the lake at historic levels, but we also have a historic level of silliness with boaters coming by. People are not showing proper regard for the no-wake warnings and they are driving by at a high rate of speed and inundating us with water. The less traffic down here the better for everyone."

Mayor Colin Basran took to social media on Wednesday, stressing the importance of wake-free activities in the Okanagan. 

"Erosion is having a serious impact not just on private property, but also on vital city infrastructure including City Park," Basran said.

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