West Kelowna  

Get that boat outta there

While boaters are being discouraged from Okanagan Lake, Peachland residents are up in arms after a boat owner launched from an area closed to traffic.

Pictures sent to Castanet show an SUV backed to the water on Beach Avenue in an area closed to traffic due to flooding. A boat trailer is submerged in the lake.

The area from 13th Street to Todd Road is closed because of the high water.

Those living in the area and dealing with flooding issues didn't take too kindly to the intruder.

"We are living on Beach Avenue between where it's blocked off. Our basement has started to flood today, so the family went out to fill sandbags on the beach. I had noticed two guys started going boating then we had noticed they actually parked on the beach next to where we were sandbagging," stated one angry email.

"They must have snuck in because the roads are blocked, and it is only for emergencies. Even the residents on the beach have to park in the back and not drive the front to get to our driveways, yet someone can sneak in and back their boat trailer on the beach into the water and park right on there and go boating? Each house is flooding, and they think they have the right to do that."

Another email had this take: "So frustrating when we are trying so hard to save my dad's memorial bench right there and my mom's house across the street."

Mayor Cindy Fortin said permission was not given to launch from the area.

Officials at the Emergency Operations Centre are asking people who wish to enjoy the water to do so wake-free so as not to cause unnecessary wake damage to flood barriers.

All boat launches within the Central Okanagan have been closed due to the flooding.

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