He found his man!


MGN Ventures is well known in Kelowna for their new home builds and renovations. 

Owner Marc Lamarche is an experienced project manager of both residential and commercial spaces, but it’s his reputation for quality that makes him so highly sought after.

He has been incredibly busy since he started his Build It Better business and has needed a partner for a long time, but it has taken him some time to find that certain someone who could match his standards. 

Well, he found his partner, so join me in congratulating Jon Morrison as the newest partner of MGN Ventures.

Jon comes with an incredible background, and I am very excited to see what the future holds for these two.

Another talented company has arisen this year as well. Kelly of Moskalyk has started Solid Earth Landscaping and he too is highly sought after because of his attention to detail.

Kelly does the plans and the installation of both residential and commercial landscapes. 

Solid Earth Landscaping believes you deserve an oasis of your own, so let them craft a landscape you will love.

Perhaps MGN and Solid Earth should get together and have a coffee.

If you have a new house and a beautiful new yard, then you need to be walking in style when you come and go. 

Thankfully, David and Lisa Broesky have opened Galibelle Shoes by Brazilian Design to help you look good.

When I first walked by their store this week there were four women already peaking in their windows and then my three girls joined them as a few of us husbands looked at each other and smiled.

They have some fun style and a lot of colours. Go and check them out.  

I am a big fan of BNA because of the great food, beer and service they provide. I just found they do Sunday dinners for the family.

Every Sunday, their kitchen team brings you roast chicken with all the fixings – gravy, potatoes and vegetables. 

Join them on your own or bring the whole family down.

Accelerate Okanagan has hired Spela Grasic as its new community curator. 

Many of you are probably wondering what a community curator does just like Spela and I did too. She is responsible for building and supporting community in the new Okanagan Centre for Innovation. 

What a cool idea! I just keep getting impressed by the tech community here in Kelowna. 

You can read Heidi Mann’s full article about Spela here.

The 60th running of the Knox Mountain Hill Climb happens this weekend and this year it's shaping up to be an amazing event with new cars, faster cars and more drivers than ever. 

Amy won’t let me enter the minivan again this year, so I have to get me something cooler for next year.

Watch my video blog this week to find out if you should be paying down your mortgage quicker or investing more. Once again, I blame the shoes for my sporting mishaps.

Make it a great week!

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