Appreciation for caregivers

Community Connections would like to thank all the Home Share “Heroes”.

We know that families and individuals become home share providers for a myriad of reasons but all are rooted in caring and a desire to make a difference in the life of an adult living with a disability.

We recognize the effort it has taken to become a home share provider and are grateful that you persevered!

We are thankful for the caring manner in which you include someone in your celebrations, family activities, daily life highs and lows that promote growth, enrichment and a sense of belonging.

We are grateful for your commitment that ensures the individual you support has access to education, employment, relationships and recreation that increases their sense of belonging in both your home and
their community.

We know that you are instrumental in building and enhancing community values of inclusion and are profoundly grateful for your contribution!


The Home Support Team
Ken Munro
Jeanette Kirshner
Karen Milner
Brenda Brown


Why not Rutland?

How come all around Kelowna and other areas (Mission/Glenmore) you have gorgeous flower beds/planters, cool sidewalk benches/tables/art statues, and then you drive up Hwy#33 and it just looks out-dated and terrible! 

City of Kelowna, "Rutland is due for a mayor face-lift", perhaps you could start this spring by ripping out the old plants/shrubs and replanting like the new flowerbeds on Bernard Ave, across from Safeway. They are beautiful!

Brenda Jorde

Health & parking concerns

Dear Mayor Fortin, members of council, Peachland staff and members of the media,

I am writing to you today with serious concerns about the proposed water park (Wibit) and food vendor (Kona Ice) to be located at Beach and 13th on the waterfront directly across from the boardwalk and beside the public deck area.

Council approved the water park and mobile food vendor against the advice of city staff, most recently at the April 4th council meeting. Director Wiebe was tasked with coordinating the seasonal businesses with respects to locations, washroom facilities and operational concerns.

I attended a meeting last week that included the owners of the water park, the bike and water sport rental facility and Director Wiebe. The owners of Kona Ice were not present. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the council directed mandates for these businesses.

I have numerous concerns about the additions of these businesses, including (but not limited to):

  • Public health and accessibility 
  • Inadequacy of parking
  • Loss of public park facilities
  • A lack of respect for due process on behalf of the council
  • A lack of consideration of brick and mortar businesses in the immediate area and of local residents
  • The improper location of these businesses

It is not too late to reconsider your decisions. There are other options that could be implemented before the season begins. The construction of bathroom facilities, portable, fully equipped facilities (not unlike those at the Merritt visitors centre), and other options should be considered.

Barry Yeo
Owner, Bliss Bakery & Bistro

Electoral reform

Mr Stephen Fuhr,

The provincial election results have British Columbians thinking about electoral reform again.

31,924 British Columbians signed petition e-616 in favour of electoral reform. This means that per capita, British Columbians were most represented of all provinces and territories at nearly twice the national average, on a petition that has the most signatures by a large margin.


As a candidate, your agreement with Gary Adams, who stepped down in your riding and backed you, was that you would support Proportional Representation.

You and your party earned my vote with a promise of action on electoral reform, you will lose it by inaction.

Please keep your promise and uphold the recommendations of ERRE in the upcoming vote this month.

Jonathan Hulka

Info about lake levels

Thank you Castanet for your constant update about potential flood warnings and lake levels, in particular the website link from Environment Canada showing why we should all be concerned and prepared.

Debbie White

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