More evacuations lifted

UPDATE: 5 p.m.

Evacuation orders have been lifted for properties in Okanagan Band Reserve No. 7.

Meadow Brook Estates, Holiday Park Resort and Turtle Lodges are included in the rescinded evacuations.

Central Okanagan Emergency Operations said those people may continue to experience increasing lake and ground levels and should keep flood preparations in place.

For updated alerts and information visit this link.


Okanagan Lake has risen more than three centimetres since Tuesday morning.

Residents in low-lying and waterfront areas are encouraged to use sandbags or other measures to protect their property.   

Updated information on sand and sandbag locations can be found here.

Bladder dams, gabion barriers and sandbags will continue to be installed at a number of locations along the foreshore. Some of those areas with waterfront flood protection installed include neighbourhoods between the W. R. Bennett Bridge and Kelowna General Hospital campus, and along Bellevue Creek.

Barriers in other areas at risk of flooding will be installed on a priority basis in the days to come.

All previously placed sandbags and other protective devices should be left in place, along with debris washed up on beaches, as it helps limit erosion caused by wave action.

Docks and boats should also be properly secured.

Evacuation orders remain in place affecting properties on Okanagan Indian Band Reserve No. 7, Holiday Park Resort and Turtle Lodges.

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