Carbon taxes

We are bombarded constantly about how carbon taxes will save the world, that they will save civilization. BC has a carbon tax that has no measurable effect other than employing more workers. Trudeau threatens us with a $50 Trudeau Carbon Tax. Politicians obviously know more than the rest of us, after all we hired them, right? Much of their evidence for forcing these carbon taxes on us seems to be based on comments from fruit fly researchers and ex Vice Presidents.
1. If giving money to Governments provides them the unique ability to change the climate (which started as global warming), at what dollar figure will they be able to stop the climate from changing?
2. What dollar figure will allow the Government the miraculous ability to reverse climate change? $300? $500? $1,000? In spite of what he thinks, Trudeau isn’t God.
3. At what dollar figure will Canada’s economy collapse?
Governments and environmental zealots obviously have accurate verifiable scientific evidence to provide these answers. Why are they hiding it? Is this fear-mongering just a smokescreen?

Del Rokosh

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