Holiday Park evacuations

Evacuations in the Central Okanagan continue, with several properties in Holiday Park RV and Condo Resort issued evacuation orders early Monday.

Along Rest Route, numbers 439 to 461 are under evacuation order, while on Water Way, numbers 403 to 417 also received the order.

A new evacuation order has been issued for 233, 234, 235, 236 and the unit opposite 233 at 720 Commonwealth Road.

This marks yet another day of evacuations, after storms and snowmelt late last week brought heavy water flow into North and Central Okanagan communities, causing heavy flooding.

Affected residents are asked to register with Emergency Support Services volunteers at the Salvation Army Church reception centre at 1480 Sutherland Ave.

The centre has reopened to accommodate the new evacuees, and will close again for the night. The centre will open again at 11 a.m.

The RDCO is also warning residents in affected areas to be mindful of drinking water and food safety, as well as safety of electrical and gas utilities when evacuation orders are lifted. The regional district is also advising caution over removing furniture and building materials.

The Emergency Operation Centre is working on assessing properties under evacuation orders, and hopes to have residents back home as soon as possible. However, no timeline has been issued on the process.

The following evacuation orders remain in effect:

Okanagan Indian Band IR#7

  • Order - 415 Commonwealth Road, Holiday Park– Beachview building
  • Order - 415 Commonwealth Road, Holiday Park – Park Place building
  • Order - 7841 Highway 97 – Turtle Lodges

City of Kelowna

  • 1966 Richter St
  • 222 Adams Rd
  • 184 Adams Rd
  • 214 Adams Rd
  • 3911 Old Vernon Rd
  • 3545 Bulman Rd
  • 1826 Marshall Rd
  • 3897 Casorso Rd
  • 4697 Gordon Dr
  • 1980 Ethel St
  • 1981 Gordon Dr
  • 1824 Marshall Rd
  • 1237 Pacific Ave
  • 2002 Ethel St
  • 543 Rowcliffe Avenue
  • 534 Sutherland Avenue
  • 1955 Pacific Court
  • 1915 Pacific Court
  • 1902 Lindahl Street
  • 1936 Lindahl Street
  • 1948 Lindahl Street
  • 1118 Brookside Avenue
  • 1122 Brookside Avenue
  • 1130 Brookside Avenue


  • An Evacuation Order for Fintry Provincial Park remains in effect
  • An Evacuation Alert remains in effect for approximately 90 properties inthe Fintry Delta area, just south of Fintry Provincial Park. Properties that are affected by the Alert include those in the delta accessed by Fintry Delta Road, Morden Road and Shorts Road.Residents on alert should be prepared to leave their homes on short notice should conditions along Shorts Creek worsen. They may also wish to take steps to protect their properties from potential flooding.

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