Horoscope: May 21-27

Words can be seen as a challenge by those who already have a chip on their shoulder.

Monday is a power day when decisions are made; resistance is there, but maintain a sense of propriety to avoid losing ground.

Open dialogue in a more casual manner to smooth things over on various levels. Hissy fits are not good for business no matter how you see the end game playing out.

Egos drive personal ambitions. Competitions become manipulative to some degree as those with strong, progressive natures try to hang on to what they see as theirs.

The new moon provides a different platform to gain agreements. Meet in person. Promises are discussed or made.

ARIES: Look at the realities of your position now. It seems like a change or revamp is called for. It's timely.

TAURUS: Fine tune your financial situation to better represent your basic ambitions. Purge or sell things.

GEMINI: Your skill with words may be called upon to break a deadlock or work up a better plan all round.

CANCER: Silence is golden until you see where you fit in with the other players. Positions are changed.

LEO: You have the ear of powerful or influential individuals. Find common ground with them to advance.

VIRGO: Don’t overshoot the mark with your expectations of others; they have to work around limitations.

LIBRA: Work out a agreement with mate or partners over who owns what or has control over the assets.

SCORPIO: Lay out the rules regarding austerity measures. Others may object. There are ultimate gains.

SAGITTARIUS: Take a serious look at others' agendas before assessing your own level of involvement.

CAPRICORN: Others look to you for leadership even from behind the scenes adding a sense of security.

AQUARIUS: Open things up on one level while keeping your hands on the reins elsewhere. Multi-task.

PISCES: Those jealous of you show their true colours in revealing ways. Don’t be drawn into the drama.

Horoscope: May 14-20

Overview for all signs:

Compare alternate facts with what we know to be real ones; there are those who like to spin for advantage on some level.

Take a look at things from a fresh perspective as there is a solution to every problem. Be innovative.

Associates have worthy ideas that should be considered. Brilliant minds compare notes and choose some of the best ideas to act on.

Determination helps move agendas forward, overcoming objections. Delegate responsibilities to those with the time to take care of them; avoid burnout.

Some are in conflict over expectations or what they believe in; separate from that.

Rely on experience as a guide. Relax rules to achieve greater harmony.

ARIES: Your ability to manoeuvre creates a win-win situation for all involved. Arrange funding to match it.

TAURUS: You apply subtle pressure for changes that you feel would be profitable for all those involved.

GEMINI: Power grabs behind the scenes play out in strange ways as others get into the mix now. Wait.

CANCER: Career, home or base of operations are affected by the influence of others. Negotiate terms.

LEO: Holidays or trips can be like a dream come true. Unusual circumstance enhance your expectations.

VIRGO: Others do their best on your behalf. Alternate resources can be tapped to bring desired results.

LIBRA: Relationships reach a point of review in personal or business areas. Assess the pros and cons.

SCORPIO: Changes occur that release you from certain rules or patters. Act as an independent agent.

SAGITTARIUS: You are lucky this week in most areas. Approach things from different points of view.

CAPRICORN: Stay on a secure path even though some of the procedures change. You get real results.

AQUARIUS: Speak out near or far. There could be a connection to the past that would benefit you now.

PISCES: Financial arrangements work in your favour as others need you more than they expected to.

Horoscope: May 7-13

Get up and out of the gate early as the week begins; there are situations that can’t wait.

Harness emotions to put them to good use. Certain individuals like to push boundaries and may need to be reined in, ready or not. Words or statements need to be packaged carefully without grinding the details.

Pull together plans that are progressive with a likelihood of success. Others will come on board after they see the personal benefits for themselves. Special equipment would be an added bonus, especially in the area of communications.

The full moon in Scorpio adds intensity to emotions with a focus on secrets, clarify them. Leave the scenes of get out of town. Cool it.

ARIES: Closed-door meetings allow time to come up with an alternate plan that others would accept.

TAURUS: An inside tip or private message empowers or brings solutions to problems. Alter position.

GEMINI: Your ability to sway others goes into high gear as you pull out all the stops. Investigate it.

CANCER: Communications from key individuals help to provide some clarity to what was suspected.

LEO: Avoid disclosure as long as you can when others pry into your affairs. Stall as they move on.

VIRGO: Seek help or backing from unusual or forgotten sources. Make use of secured channels.

LIBRA: Discuss major moves affecting you or others that seem to be overdue. Results are good.

SCORPIO: You have access to private resources and connections that help your agenda. Straddle.

SAGITTARIUS: Powerful individuals show their solidarity with you now. Speak freely off the grid.

CAPRICORN: Others notice your strength and determination to move things in a positive direction.

AQUARIUS: Consider travel or other locations that would be more suitable to your ambitious plans.

PISCES: Involvement with associates may need to be carried on over distance with those on site.


Horoscope: April 30-May 6

Overview for all signs:

Look for change of direction, recovery or plans to move ahead by midweek as Mercury resumes forward motion.

There is a feeling in the air of things easing in most areas; spirits are lifted. 

Make use of positive negotiations that benefit both sides. Adjust to changing circumstances that are more progressive. Clear up any misunderstandings. Resentments can be a type of deadwood.

Some need to take time out to visit other locations or venues that would suit them better. There may be a need to sell some things to fund others, it's fine.

Make sure this in cost effective for what it will be used for in the long run. Coordinate all this with those who will be most affected by it.

ARIES: Your instincts will guide you to areas where gains can be made. Play it cool for now. Adjust goals.

TAURUS: Patience pays off. You will be able to make a decision or statement by midweek. It all works out.

GEMINI: Continue to pull strings behind the scenes as others need to be eased into your way of thinking.

CANCER: Consult with those in a position to help you or provide disclosure. Connect over distance now.

LEO: Private plans could see you looking at other locations to visit or live. Some circumstance change.

VIRGO: Review your past for answers to your present situation. Use what was workable way back then.

LIBRA: Work out responsibilities between personal and business obligations. Change some of it up a bit.

SCORPIO: Relationships are lucky for you on various levels. Look deeper into what can be shared now.

SAGITTARIUS: Home or base of operations can be enhanced or improved by intuitive actions. Stand up.

CAPRICORN: Look at alternate sources of income even if it's only a one-shot deal. Sell off what you can.

AQUARIUS: Assess the value of what you have or where you are now. Future plans need to fit with this.

PISCES: Your words or presentation have a magical quality that can sway others to your side easily.

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