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As a resident of the Upper Mission area of Kelowna, which lies within Steve Thomson’s constituency, I would like to know what action Mr. Thomson will be undertaking regarding this issue if his re-election is successful. I am sure Mr. Thomson (MT) is well aware of the 100’s of thousands of dollars damage the over-population of mule deer are doing to Upper Mission residents' homes, yards and landscaping, not to mention the lack of fear these mule deer exhibit and have on occasion actually charged residents and residents pets. If I am correct Wildlife Conservation is a provincial jurisdiction, so this issue should be of considerable importance to MT!

I realize that this is a “political sensitive” issue however disregarding this issue is not a solution, and if no action takes place this situation will get worse and begin to affect Upper Mission property values. At present the only solution is to invest in very expensive wire fencing which detracts from the comforting residential view these neighbourhoods should exhibit.

My suggestion for possible long range solution is as follows. At present, licensed deer hunters, during deer hunting seasons, are only allowed to shoot male buck deer and are not allowed to shoot female doe deer at all. My observation of the mule deer running rampant through the Upper Mission area is that 95% of them are female doe deer (usually accompanied by much younger female mule deer). The male doe deer are rarely seen in our residential area.  My suggestion would be to change the allowable deer hunt by licensed deer hunters, in season, to also include and allow a minimum of two mature female doe deer be shot. Allowing this would be a humane practise and the resulting deer meat would not go to waste and would be consumed by the deer hunters and friends and possible be donated to homeless people, so no waste!
I would appreciate a response from Mr. Thomson regarding his intentions on this issues if elected.
Roy Guarino

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