Clark approval rating stalls

Canadian premiers are not popular people lately.

Only one premier across Canada has seen an increase in approval rating, according to pollster Angus Reid.

In B.C., as the May 9 provincial election approaches, BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark's positive momentum has screeched to a halt.

"The premier’s approval had increased eight points between May and December of last year, but drops four points this quarter to 31 per cent," says Angus Reid.

The pollster says three-quarters of B.C. residents say the BC Liberal Party “is only interested in helping its political donors and big business.”

Clark’s lowest-ever reported approval rating was 25 per cent – two months before she led her party to a surprise majority victory in the 2013 election.

"It will be worth monitoring whether Clark can manage a repeat in surging approval similar to her 20-point post-election bump that year," says Angus Reid.

Meanwhile, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s holds the endorsement of just 12 per cent of people in her province – the lowest approval rating among premiers.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard saw a small approval bump.

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