Pitbull seized after attack

A pitbull was seized Sunday in Vancouver's Yaletown district after it attacked a cocker spaniel.

The incident occurred near Smithe and Homer streets about 4 p.m., in view of the dog's owner.

A witness told CTV a couple that own the pit bull was dropped off by a taxi, and the animal jumped out of the vehicle and pounced on the five-month-old cocker spaniel pup.

Bystanders say the pit bull's owners tried to leave the scene, but animal control officers took the animal away about 5 p.m.

Kelly Tompkins was walking with the puppy’s owner when the pitbull attacked.

“Before we could pick it up the dog pounced on us and started ripping at my friend’s dog,” she told CTV. “Her insides were all over, my two friends were covered in blood.”

The puppy, named Mila, was nearly disemboweled.

It was rushed to an animal clinic for emergency surgery, but died of its injuries later Sunday night.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

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