Counting error changes election

An addition error has changed the outcome of the municipal election in Armstrong.

Chief Elections Officer, Natalie Garbay, announced the mistake Monday morning.

The error means Lance McGregor wins a seat on council while Helen Jackson, originally announced as one of the six elected councillors, is out.

On election night, it was announced Jackson had finished sixth with 425 votes while McGregor was seventh with 403.

Garbay says the error does not have to do with the counting of the votes by the Poll Clerks which were hand counted in tandem with results verified every 50 ballots. 

She says the error was made by herself when the subtotals were added up.

"I assure that the counting of the votes is valid in that it was only an error in subtotalling that changed the outcome," says Garbay.

This error in addition added 70 votes to McGregor's total, giving him 473 votes and a seat on council.

The results are still unofficial. The official results will be reported by 4 p.m. Wednesday.

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