Torched boat latest target?

UPDATE 2:30 P.M. 

The owner of the boat that was torched last night in Vernon says he is shocked someone is setting fires throughout the city.

“It is horrible, we need to find out who it is and lock them up,” said the man who asked not to be named.

He got a phone call at 11:45 p.m. Tuesday night from the RCMP saying there was an incident with his boat.

“I asked what happened and they said it had been torched and was a total write-off,” said the man in shock.

His $24,000 boat was parked with a For Sale sign, with permission, in the old Kal Tire office parking lot. He felt it was safe to park it there and is surprised the boat was targeted.

“The RCMP are quite sure someone has deliberately set it. There have been a few fires in Vernon unbeknownst to me and someone has a pyro problem I guess.”

The owner also commented that this alleged fire culprit is not just damaging property but risking innocent lives.

“I saw the picture on Castanet and the fireman were getting pretty close there to try and put it out and in my mind if there was a gas tank or something in there that exploded, the person that is setting these fires is certainly putting other people and firefighters at risk.”

RCMP and Vernon Fire Services are asking anyone with information about this fire or any others call the Vernon RCMP (250) 545-7171, the Vernon Fire Department (250) 542-5361 or Crime Stoppers.

“We should all be very aware that this is happening in our city,” the owner added.


Another overnight fire in Vernon adds to a list of recent suspicious fires plaguing the area.

This time, an 18-foot ski boat was found ablaze, in an empty parking lot on 48th Avenue, around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Vernon Fire Services Deputy Chief of Operations, Jack Blair, says the person was selling their boat and had it parked in the corner of the lot.

He says they do not know what caused the fire, but they do not believe it was an accident.

“It is of a suspicious nature and is under investigation by RCMP and ourselves to see what may have occurred and if it is linked to a rash of other smaller fires,” says Blair.

He says RCMP are taking the lead on the fires around town and going door to door. 

“They will be checking cameras and things like that in the areas. Surveillance cameras, video cameras, a lot of people have those now, so it is really nice. They will go around and pull the tapes and find out if there is something on there,” says Blair. “'If it is related to the ones we have had previously', those are the things we are looking for.”

The suspicious fires worry emergency crews. 

“The police and the Vernon Fire Department are very concerned about this rash of fires,” said RCMP Spokesman Gord Molendyk. 

If you have information about this fire or any others call the Vernon RCMP (250) 545-7171, the Vernon Fire Department (250) 542-5361 or Crime Stoppers.

If you are the owner of this boat please email us at [email protected] If you have photos or video of the fires send them to [email protected]

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