Local film ready for release

What once was a dream, imagined while working at a mine site in Northern BC, is now a reality for local film maker Thomas Bowerbank.

Two years ago, Bowerbank decided to pursue the idea to inspire others through film and set to work creating 'NICA,' a short narrative about one man's attempt to drop everything in his busy day to day life for a carefree tropical paradise.

Bowerbank says after raising money to start his company Bowerbank Digital Cinema, the cost of making this film was only about $6,000.

" It helped that I owned a lot of the gear already myself and did all the editing/grading in my spare time at the studio.  As well, a lot of amazing people donated their time and resources to work on the film which was incredible and I could not have done it without them.  All my talent and crew worked for free."

The film is only six minutes long, and while Bowerbank says it is told in the first person narrative it is not a documentary.

Shot on location in Granada and San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua as well as in Kelowna and Vancouver, 'NICA' is now available to view online.

The Film will be screening at festivals later this year, those wanting to learn more can check out their Facebook page for updates on screening details.

Bowerbank is an award winning film director based in Kelowna, who grew up in rural northern British Columbia. He attended film school at the Centre for Arts and Technology in 2007 and has spent the last three years working in the film industry for production companies as well as independently.

Since 2012, Bowerbank has shot music videos, created TV ad campaigns, online marketing films and most recently his independent narrative short film based in Nicaragua.

Bowerbank Digital Cinema is a boutique production company specializing in shooting, editing and colour grading content for film, television and the web.

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