Horoscope: Sept. 23-29


Attend to duties even if you feel tired or pessimistic.

Avoid signing things just to get them out of the way; consider the consequences.

Take a break or go for coffee until the mood shifts, it won’t take that long.

There is a need for further negotiations. Agree to meet up with others at a neutral setting. A short drive will be refreshing in any case.

The full moon shows a need to balance aggression with reason.

Those seeking more authority or higher position must stand their ground causing others to step aside by choice or not.

Personal attractions have some influence on how all this plays out and who ends up where. Transfer or move.
ARIES: Relationships affect your reputation or status one way or the other. Past exchanges set tone.

TAURUS: Pull a plan together even if you have to do an override during protest by other know-it-alls.

GEMINI: Pursue your desires against all odds. Others advise or try to influence where things will go.

CANCER: Home or location matters are a priority for you or those you care for. There is a time limit.

LEO: Work a deal more to your liking on the job or connected to assets. Put in the effort required.

VIRGO: Holding the line on finances will have greater benefits down the road. Be glad you did this.

LIBRA: Decisions to move affect you or those you care about. Circumstances show limits of choice. 

SCORPIO: Use communication talents to provide a smoke screen for what is going on behind you.

SAGITTARIUS: You don’t need to follow others rules as they are not aware of the right directions.

CAPRICORN: A shift in the pecking order can cause uncertainty about who is in charge. Clear it up.

AQUARIUS: Matters over distance need focus or direction. Turn up the heat on financial settlements.

PISCES: Work around those who try to block you or they are showing their jealousy. Just walk away. 


Horoscope: Sept. 16-22


Consider options that will improve or upgrade your position, reputation or status,

Ease into changes to see if they are a good fit. Let others know you are interested or available as they may not be aware.

Negotiate terms regarding payment etc. There needs to be mutual benefit for all involved.

Avoid temper tantrums, accidents or quitting out of spite; it won’t look good on your resume.

So called freedom can become another form of confinement if the action backs you into a corner with different rules or restrictions.

Make choices Thursday under a favourable Mercury-sun influence. Take on duties or responsibilities as you show others the way or how its done. It will be appreciated. 
ARIES: Handle a challenge to your position by avoiding face-to-face confrontation. Make them wait for you. 

TAURUS: Others feel your impatience and walk on eggshells around you. Pull strings that calm things down.

GEMINI: Critical matters demand your attention or action. Get others to cover for you where this is possible. 

CANCER: Review past promises or negotiations to see where settlements can be reached. Pull up old files.

LEO: Break away from restrictions or those trying to control you. Your strong will builds up your confidence.

VIRGO: Stalls or blocks will work to your ultimate advantage if you allow time for shifts to occur. Adjust to it. 

LIBRA: You can push your agenda forward now as others become aware of what you are expecting. 

SCORPIO: Shake things up a bit. This can affect relationships or locations for yourself or others. Be firm.

SAGITTARIUS: Your words have an authoritative tone. This has some influence on the way things will go. 

CAPRICORN: Don’t throw good money after bad. Allow matters to follow a natural course and it works out. 

AQUARIUS: Take charge of changes that need to happen. You will benefit financially or otherwise. Sign.

PISCES: Harness additional power or forces behind the scenes to implement your agenda. Choose path.

Horoscope: Sept. 9-15


The new moon in the sign of dutiful Virgo places more focus on practicality, ethics and getting the job done in a timely, efficient manner.

Slackers will be called on the carpet and given the choice to shape up or ship out while others will be transferred or fired.

Consider the benefits of staying or going.

Plans come together quickly. Regroup with those able to work toward the same goals. Natural leaders step up to the plate, calming any ego challenges. Just try to concentrate the centre of power and production, near or far.

Keep certain relationships confidential for now. Find secluded places to meet up or have special events.

Make sure there is suitable accommodations for all.
: Seek a position better suited to your education or abilities. A nice package should be included.

TAURUS: Taking action in a more dramatic way opens doors to your success. Contact the powerful.

GEMINI: Certain decisions regarding home or base of operations need to kept under wraps for awhile.

CANCER: You resolve to settle relationship matters of all types. Communication is key to the outcome.

LEO: You will benefit from others assets or resources as they see you as a safe bet. Arrange details. 

VIRGO: Make sure there is follow through with sudden plans or schedule changes. New moon helps.

LIBRA: Private wishes unfold in expected ways. This will benefit you as well as those you care about. 

SCORPIO: Get together with influential associates. They like what you say and how you present it.

SAGITTARIUS: Career or status gets a boost along with additional income and benefits. It's working. 

CAPRICORN: There is strength among those loyal to each other. Help each other up the ladder now. 

AQUARIUS: Changes will be to your ultimate benefit in the long run. You will gain through others.

PISCES: Clear up mixed signals that affect personal or business relationships. Reach agreements.


Horoscope: Sept. 2-8


Sort things in order of priority so you can ease into the week with less stress. Some of this is emotional sidetracking and won’t benefit the bottom line.

Charming words can smooth over areas of discord. Make plans to get together in a more social setting; mix business with pleasure.

Questions should get answered to the satisfaction of all involved. Artistic interests can be uplifting or create a new look.

Consider changes or upgrades with transportation as well.

Stalled matters can move forward. There are solutions to problems of various types. New or bright ideas will be helpful. Seek information or diagnosis.

Emotional relationships need attention; avoid jealousy issues if possible.
ARIES: Sudden changes affect duties, status or income. This has been coming for some time. Adjust to it. 

TAURUS: You strive to cut waste and tighten things up for better results. Look at alternate systems, etc. 

GEMINI: The past is brought up and needs to be faced or clarified. Location or base of operations affected.

CANCER: Handle matters over distance. Some of this may end up in a showdown of sorts. Negotiate terms. 

LEO: If you want to make changes or take a leap of faith, you need to check for a firm place to land. Dodge. 

VIRGO: Avoid buckling to the influence or pressure from others as they see you as a soft touch. Stand firm.

LIBRA: Private arrangements work toward your best interests. Backing or funding reaches an agreement.

SCORPIO: Some associates wish to be freed of obligations as they feel they have done their part for all.

SAGITTARIUS: Stick to the tried and true to keep things on track. Don’t throw good money after bad now. 

CAPRICORN: A stand off between strong egos should not be allowed to escalate as it would affect others.

AQUARIUS: Tug on the reins of power to hold the line in the proper position. This will count in the results.

PISCES: Look at each other eye to eye to avoid a misinterpretation of the true intentions between you.

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