Horoscope June 26-July 2

OVERVIEW: Strong egos and power plays will showcase where the truth is. Some will be more dramatic to grab the spotlight as they feel entitled. Laws will need careful interpretation as this unfolds. Those who backed the wrong horse should step back to avoid scrutiny if they can. Media will be on the hunt with some success. Loyalty will be an issue as well. Those who thought they had power and control could see it slipping away, personally or globally. Redirect force. The new moon affects home and family matters. Regroup.

Aries: You are energized to come forward as you are aware of what is needed. Be the necessary key.

Taurus: Wait until the ink is dry before you let the cat out of the bag regarding important matters.

Gemini: You can work through a shield or protection from others. Check their authority up front.

Cancer: A good week to get your resume out there. Meeting in person will be helpful for you now.

Leo: Put the extra effort in to getting where you want to go. Being generous will open some doors.

Virgo: Others see your worth and this gives you leverage. Make new deals where possible etc.

Libra: You have what it takes to lead or run the show. Others see you know the score for all.

Scorpio: Be where you need to be even if it will try your patience. Check vehicle or equipment.

Sagittarius: A slow and steady pace wins the race. Avoid gambling or speculation for now.

Capricorn: Take action with home or structural matters for you or those needing your talents.

Aquarius: You have power or control behind the scenes. Meetings should be confidential.

Pisces: Others see the wisdom of your advice. Give them time to come around to it though.

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Horoscope June 19-25

OVERVIEW: Gather yourselves together after the emotional intensity of last weeks full moon. There is always a levelling point. Look at what is to be gained by any actions taken. If you are not in a winning position then wait for a better time. This is not the time to slide back with regrets. Enhance personal relationships in an easy going manner. Decide where to go from here. Certain matters have reached completion, sign where needed. Rule of law prevails in most areas.

Aries: Talks will make you more optimistic. If travel is required, go ahead or you can meet half way.

Taurus: What goes on behind closed doors can be a game-changer. Play along to get answers.

Gemini: Contact those over distance who may be in the right position to assist. Its OK to ask.

Cancer: You lay on the charm as you want to have more influence near or far. Check qualifications.

Leo: Private backing or support works for you as long as you can keep the limelight over them.

Virgo: Gather information or increase knowledge that you can use down the road. Ease worries.

Libra: Its fine to make promises as long as you know how they will manifest. Follow your gut.

Scorpio: You hold the key to important matters affecting others. There are confidential aspects.

Sagittarius: Join forces with other to a point. You like your independence. Be more relaxed.

Capricorn: Focus efforts in a worthwhile direction. You will make important headway on this.

Aquarius: Private matters need your attention right now. Consult with professionals of note.

Pisces: You see a pathway for hopes and wishes as dreams develop. Stay hands-on with this.

This article is written by or on behalf of an outsourced columnist and does not necessarily reflect the views of Castanet.

Heather's Horoscopes column returns

Horoscope: June 12-18

(Editors note: We are happy to welcome back Heather Zais and her horoscope column after a lengthy hiatus while she dealt with a health problem. We wish he well going forward.)

Overview: Many ideas are tossed in the air. Some feel stuck and want to move on or change locations. Lay the groundwork or make connections. Return home or look up family. There is a global need for stability and a sense of belonging. Apologize if you know you should; there is not shame in that. Politics become more polarized as convictions deepen, pro or con. There is a spin on double talk. Stay true to your core beliefs.

Aries: You are up and running and can motivate others. Be the leader you come by naturally.

Taurus: Wording things differently is the charm. You have come to some conclusions. Speak up.

Gemini: Let your light shine. It will have an affect on the outcome of things affecting you or them.

Cancer: Seek your path forward. Meet with those who can open doors. Approach then slowly.

Leo: Just smile if others push. Let it play out. You know how to come out on top of most things.

Virgo: Your status or position has leeway allowing you to take a time out. Rest will rejuvenate.

Libra: Work with those who can help. Sometimes they are the key you have been looking for.

Scorpio: Finalize anything that will boost the bottom line or assets. there can be adjustments.

Sagittarius: Your words have power in personal or business. Maintain a clear position now.

Capricorn: Health and security increase for you or loved ones. Avoid worry if you can. Chill.

Aquarius: Change of decor or renos will be worth it in the long run. Others are amazed.

Pisces: You enjoy your air of mystery. You have a unique way of expressing your feelings.

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Column on hold due to writer's extended health issues

Horoscope unavailable

Heather Zais’s weekly column Heather’s Horoscope is currently unavailable due to extended health issues.

We wish Heather all the best and hold her in our thoughts. We hope to see her back writing her astrological insights as soon as possible.

Along with the readers of her popular weekly column, we wish Heather a speedy recovery.

This article is written by or on behalf of an outsourced columnist and does not necessarily reflect the views of Castanet.

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About the Author

Heather Zais has been a psychic since birth. She had a vision of her own future at the age of 11 that covered about 20 years of her life.

Heather has been involved in many missing persons cases and has diagnosed illnesses of over 100 people. She has taught and lectured in schools and colleges as well as at an institute in Germany. She has clients around the world. 

She resides in Kelowna, BC and does psychic and astrology readings in person, by phone or e-mail. She also does personal, relationship and past life charts as well as Tarot card, palm and tea reading. Heather is also a remote viewer, medium and dream analyst. Forward dreams to her for interpretation.

Phone for appointment: Heather at -250-868-9978 or e-mail [email protected] 

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