Horoscope: Nov. 18-25


Those under pressure need to buy some time before making choices.

You require more than just enthusiasm to reach your goals; framework has to be in place.

Some of this will have to be approved by others. Explain your position in practical terms. Avoid running around aimlessly over this.

Taking time to think or plan hones the target. Be ready to take action by Thursday just before the full moon.

Personal relationships have an influence on choices to make you feel settled on the inside. Soul searching allows you to reach your comfort zone.

Research or investigate where it will help. Past affects the future. Keep info to yourself. Let it play out.
ARIES: Change of plans by choice or not affect location of you or those you care about. Organize.

TAURUS: Comparing notes is fine as long as it does not escalate into a showdown or standoff. 

GEMINI: You do what you can to gain greater influence on command. Avoid emotional scenes.

CANCER: Approach situations from a different angle in order to get more control. Clear up details.

LEO: Avoid taking a gamble on a whim or just to shake things up. Results may not last too long. 

VIRGO: Consider others needs when making decisions regarding home or joint living situation. 

LIBRA: Put serious thought into what you say or present now. There could be a chain reaction.

SCORPIO: Take charge over financial matters. Explain the decisions over others expectations.

SAGITTARIUS: The sun entering your sign adds to your star power. Deal gently with jealousy.

CAPRICORN: Meet with decision makers. They trust your ideas and input as it matches theirs.

AQUARIUS: Allow for balance or shared control even with separate departments. You win out. 

PISCES: Pull strings to position yourself where you want to be or are needed. Use connections.


Horoscope: Nov. 11-17


Put plans or power plays in motion as there is enough support to counter any opposition. Pull resources from where you can and unlock frozen assets, etc.

Those with natural leadership qualities will sway others to come on side or at least agree to work together somehow. Stubborn individuals take a wait-and-see approach.

Independent action brings new challenges, but can be exhilarating; be careful if taking any risks. Sudden travel likely.

Mars enters the sign of Pisces, making emotions more fluid.

Check for solid footing on all levels. Mercury turns retrograde causing stalls, reversals or other confusion.

Drive carefully. Observe.
ARIES: You pull rank in unexpected ways. Tap those who were with you before as they are available.

TAURUS: Put your natural, stubborn strength to good use. Seek positions or locations you like best.

GEMINI: Your independent action does have support behind the scenes even though it is not obvious. 

CANCER: Issues with relationships can have an effect on status. Manoeuvre from position of strength.
LEO: You have luck in most areas. Others speak well of you and are helpful with work or home stuff.

VIRGO: Your strong words or actions can turn things around or put them on the right track. Hang in.

LIBRA: Standoffs cause relationship changes. Put that on the back burner for now. Focus on security. 

SCORPIO: Step forward in a more visible way. Others want to hear what you say or where you stand. 

SAGITTARIUS: Your strength of character is noticed and others are willing to join in or stand with you. 

CAPRICORN: Associates feel more secure with you in charge or at least representing then some how. 

AQUARIUS: You have influence over results or what will happen to others. Research or investigate.

PISCES: Check who or what you are working with before making behind-the-scenes deals. Stand up. 

Horoscope: Nov. 4-10


Expectations are high as the week begins. There will need to be some sorting as to who gets what or if anything should be returned or exchanged; that includes favours.

Moves or plans to do so create some uncertainty for those not sure of where they want to be. It will be important to consider the long-term future with location choices, avoid being pressured about this.

Intuition will help with your decisions. Kind gestures are appreciated and will guide emotions gently.

The new moon in Scorpio adds intensity on various levels. Discuss joint finances, produce receipts or other related documents. Depth of feeling unites.

ARIES: Check out associates from your past for sources of funding. They may be ready to invest now.

TAURUS: Be willing to negotiate further to calm others at this point. Make some important decisions.

GEMINI: Private information comes to the attention of those who have further questions to answer.

CANCER: You feel lucky and take chances. Don’t count on those who only give lip service to this.

LEO: Your forceful energy will have an effect on location choices for you or some of your associates. 

VIRGO: You can be the star at the office or in your community. Prepare for some unexpected travel.

LIBRA: Your charming words or attractive personality will be able to sway others to your side now. 

SCORPIO: Step into the spotlight. Your magnetic energy attracts good fortune, perks and jealousy. 

SAGITTARIUS: Benefits come to you connected to distance. There can be a settlement. Sign off.

CAPRICORN: Those in positions of power include you as they feel you are one of them. Join in.

AQUARIUS: Your influence increases as others become more aware of you. Focus on your status. 

PISCES: Dreams can come true in unusual ways. Your track record has been noticed by others.


Horoscope: Oct. 28-Nov. 3

Take time to mull things over before you get into the work week, changes need to be considered to see if they are worth it. If they don’t fall into place easily then don’t push.

Words have power or educate while providing a sense of optimism. Be confident in your gut feelings, saying yes or no when asked. Those with the wrong expectations will drop away, in business or personal situations. Handle exchanges quietly on a one to one basis.

Dig into research intently as there is ore to find. Those sitting on information are getting ready to come forward as they see it will matter. Presentation and proof will be key to how this is accepted and by who.

ARIES: Shuffle the deck with financial matters as quick choices need to be made. Take the easy way.

TAURUS: Your intensity is felt at home or in personal relationships. Let others know what you expect.

GEMINI: Be careful with all communications so they arrive at the right destination. Double check them.

CANCER: Your choices or actions are influenced by others now. Make sure you know the real agenda.

LEO: Be adaptable with your personal position and status. You will have some luck with locations etc.

VIRGO: Sweet or comforting words can change your mood or make you feel better. Situation improves.

LIBRA: Financial luck is connected to others or the past. Cash in where you can or invest is something.

SCORPIO: You are looking good and will be more attractive to others. Guard special relationships now.

SAGITTARIUS: A lot goes on behind the scenes and this will bring benefits in the long run. Sign on it.

CAPRICORN: Others give you more authority or support you behind the scenes. Discuss the finances.

AQUARIUS: Be prepared to handle decisions on the spur of the moment as matters shift or change.

PISCES: Travel can occur suddenly or under emergency conditions. Get to the bottom of the cause.

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