Horoscope: June 17-23


Thoughts and emotions float to find a safe place to land. This will work as plans come together in a casual way.

Separate what needs to happen from what you want; there is a difference. Organize or apply for funding.

Shoulder responsibilities alone if you have to. Use stored knowledge or expertise. Your imagination can dress up words or presentations to make them more acceptable on all levels.

Everyone involved needs to feel comfortable or included. Concentrate on what must be done in record time. Pause relationships if they create delays or confusion.

Celebrate achievements. Try something new or travel. Guard secrets or use them wisely. Some will move.
ARIES: Visit private or secure places to discuss plans going forward. Procedures come down to fine points. 

TAURUS: Separate things or put them into categories for easy handling. Delegate duties to get this done.

GEMINI: Pull away from certain questions or disclosures to get some breathing room. Seek new locations.

CANCER: You do your best to influence others or bring them on side. It's hard to convince certain ones.

LEO: Behind the scenes arrangements support your residential plans. Accept what others offer you now. 

VIRGO: Your luck is increased through the involvement of those who can pull the right strings for you. 

LIBRA: Take on more responsibility or a leadership role even if it is only temporary. Enjoy the extra perks.

SCORPIO: You look like the one able to pull everyone else together. They sense your inner strength. 

SAGITTARIUS: Special arrangements make you feel more secure in the long run. It's a win-win situation. 

CAPRICORN: You have the use of others' positions or funds to fulfil a shared agenda. Results will be good. 

AQUARIUS: Others see you in a different light as your status rises in a natural, but unusual way. Persist.

PISCES: Visits at home or away will be more idyllic due to enhanced connections that develop with them.


Horoscope: June 10-16


A note of caution for those stewing about things; try to get more information before reacting.

There is usually more to the story. Be the peacemaker at the office on Monday; a little charm goes a long way. Harness your frustrations into positive action and problems dissipate naturally.

Pull data together to launch or re-start mid-week by the full moon. Innovative solutions have a calming effect on doubters as they can see the path forward.

Flirtations need to be put on the back burner. Organize idle hands to do something constructive; prioritize by order of need.

Take a break. Travel, but avoid displays of temper on the highway. Wave, making the single digit an all-finger bouquet.

ARIES: You can shift gears and cut to the chase even if you have to ride the white water down to get there.

TAURUS: Put on your happy face when dealing with others issues or taking responsibility on their behalf.

GEMINI: Secrets come out or information needs to be verified before relationships reach a certain point.

CANCER: Reach out to those in the know or who can pave the way for you. Look at how to advance now. 

LEO: Roll with changing conditions or circumstances when it comes to your status. You are impressive.

VIRGO: Private hopes and wishes are shaping up in ways you planned. Others intervene on your behalf.

LIBRA: Collect on past favours or perks; you don’t have to be so polite. You have earned this in the past. 

SCORPIO: Check with long-term associates to see who is still on side with you. Gather personal support. 

SAGITTARIUS: Arrange to start or re-start matters from the sidelines. A new approach is worth the effort.

CAPRICORN: A focus on work or clean up has good results going forward. Hang in beyond call of duty.

AQUARIUS: Be a guest or have company. Keep things light hearted. Entertainment could be unusual.

PISCES: Cover as many bases as you can this week while keeping your hands on the reins. It works.

Horoscope: June 3-9


Put things off to a later date if it won’t cause a problem. Make a list of priorities and give others notice regarding their expected participation.

Some may have to change their schedules to take care of responsibilities, by choice or not.

Pull finances together or get solid commitment from those who will. Lay out plans in a way that can be actualized in real time; this will be important for all involved.

Avoid dealing with relationship drama while keeping your eye on the ball and end goal. Don’t misread others behaviour if it seems out of sorts. Some take longer to make adjustments.

Follow a plan or formula that has worked before so there will be minimal stress attached.
ARIES: Have explanations ready if private information leaks out. Status or reputation could be affected.

TAURUS: Finances need to be negotiated or rearranged to meet certain requirements. Take it in steps. 

GEMINI: You try to create an image that others will believe or get behind. They need to feel secure.

CANCER: Behind-the-scenes talks require follow through from those with the authority to handle this.

LEO: Others notice your worth, but wait for you to mention it. You deserve better compensation, etc.

VIRGO: Take a more independent stand and you will feel better about yourself. Others are relieved. 

LIBRA: A trip or getting away from it all allows you to buy some time to consider other options now. 

SCORPIO: Read the fine print, as changes may be needed. Handle matters near or far. May move.

SAGITTARIUS: Others are willing to be involved with your private plans or ideas. Make arrangements.

CAPRICORN: A firm stand on your part provides security for others allowing them to relax or step back.

AQUARIUS: Take the helm in a leadership role whether it’s temporary or permanent. You can do it.

PISCES: Entertain or meet with important individuals in private or at a neutral location. Make deals.

Horoscope: May 27-June 2


Endeavor to move with the times even if it goes against the grain.

Some feel they are being dragged along kicking and screaming.

Try not to embarrass yourself too much in the process.

The full moon tuesday affects communications near or far; make it clear where you stand.

New or innovative changes will be seen as timely so making adjustments to it will be easier than expected.

Get together socially to throw around some ideas; objections are dismissed as posturing.

Look at ways to share perks or benefits with all involved. Situations smooth out in a casual manner.

Some have to eat their words or walk things back. Smile while taking it all in stride. 

ARIES: You can jump into uncharted waters and come up smelling like a rose. You enjoy new challenges.

TAURUS: Shift gears in your finances or investments; there are ways to increase your overall gains now. 

GEMINI: You impress others by pulling a rabbit out of the hat when it was most needed. You can show off.

CANCER: You work behind the scenes to pull things together. The end result influences career or status.

LEO: Connect with or meet up with those who can pull strings for you where needed. It works out later. 

VIRGO: Relationships can be improved in all directions as others see that your requests are reasonable. 

LIBRA: Improvements are worth the cost in the long run. Help or funding is available if you really need it. 

SCORPIO: You feel like a winner in more than one area or location. Past support is still available to you. 

SAGITTARIUS: Behind the scenes connections are lucky and benefits come from others resources etc. 

CAPRICORN: Associates feel better when they know you are on the job or have your hands on the reins.

AQUARIUS: You can reach a new level of earnings in more than one area. Popularity brings you more.

PISCES: Your words or actions are the catalyst for positive changes that affect personal or business.

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