Horoscope: Jan. 20-26


Compare notes and plans with someone where there is enough that you agree on to consider taking the next step.

Giving each other an added sense of security is important. Minor differences can be put aside as long as they are not viewed through rose-coloured glasses; keep it real.

The full moon lunar eclipse in Leo could see some added drama or theatrics by those wanting attention.

Meetings provide a platform to feel each other out or play the game, easing tensions. Pick a venue that suits everyone.

Travel is a fun distraction. Keep an eye on devices or where you left them. Avoid impulsive words or actions. Lean on your strengths.

ARIES: Avoid taking a stand where others will push back or argue. You can just waltz around it easily. 

TAURUS: Focus shifts on priorities as you look at change of positions or making a move. Check status. 

GEMINI: Check the support you have from key individuals before taking actions that affect others now. 

CANCER: Look past the smoke and mirrors to get the facts or evidence on career, health or security. 

LEO: Strong emotions displayed can comfort or scare those on the receiving end depending. Wait.

VIRGO: Work with rules or structures now. Arrangements need to be made or things charged a bit. 

LIBRA: Make use of what is available before going out on financial limbs. There is good value there. 

SCORPIO: Personal relationships need to be separated from work environment as it affects others. 

SAGITTARIUS: Show what or who you are passionate about while keeping ego’s in line. Negotiate. 

CAPRICORN: Secret wishes come true if you release details on a need-to-know basis. Easy does it. 

AQUARIUS: Sudden or unexpected attention provides a travel opportunity. Handle important issues. 

PISCES: Discuss finances or investments privately until you feel the right time for you to take action. 


Horoscope: Jan. 13-19


Consider making serious commitments in personal or business relationships.

Put aside illusions you have in either category; it may be entertaining, but not practical long term.

The facts speak for themselves when trying to nail this down. Look at location choices without panicking. Things naturally evolve in the right direction.

Unlock emotional resistance to the inevitable; it can be viewed as stubbornness.

Discuss important details in person. Get smaller issues out of the way. Dig deeper into what you really mean to each other.

Calm areas of upset or insecurity in order to move forward. Impulsive words or actions bring sudden change.

ARIES: Clear up any grey areas that could affect your status or reputation before advancing agenda.

TAURUS: Take care of matters over distance in ways that don’t require you to be there in person. 

GEMINI: Others are not sure of where you stand on important matters. Contact those in authority. 

CANCER: You seek to increase earnings through work or other sources. Proceed independently.

LEO: Sudden decisions make you consider location changes. They should be practical and timely.

VIRGO: Spruce up environment and price out renovations or upgrades to wires and electronics.

LIBRA: Moves affect you or those you care about. Collaborate with others regarding final choices. 

SCORPIO: Pull rank, speak or teach in ways that surprise others. Shake things up a little now. 

SAGITTARIUS: Finances get a boost in unexpected or unusual ways. Keep some details private. 

CAPRICORN: Intuition is strong and prompts you to steer your agenda in ways that others like.

AQUARIUS: Sudden attention puts a brighter spotlight on you. Make explanations entertaining.

PISCES: Praise or compensation will be in different forms than originally expected or agreed on. 

Horoscope: Jan. 6-12


An unexpected shift causes sparring between those with strong egos or axes to grind; they are tired of waiting. Shooting from the lip can trigger other events or reckless behaviour; watch driving.

Make sure this will be worth the fall out.

Start the year on a better footing. Chain reactions could have an eight ball on the end.

Navigate circumstances with care. Reach across the aisle personally or in business; there is room for negotiation. Power plays come down to a show of strength and unity. This is not the time to be wishy washy as too much is at stake on more than one level.

Support leaders with the right expertise. Keep it real now. 

ARIES: Get tests done or collect other information. This is best handled privately. Get hard copy. 

TAURUS: Make sure promises are backed up or you have a plan B. Work with a secured position.

GEMINI: Walk a fine line when it comes to rules or judgments of status. Others influence this.

CANCER: Pulling rank with those of equal or greater power creates an interesting dynamic now. 

LEO: Neutralize competition to keep things running smoothly. Expectations don’t match actions.

VIRGO: Avoid taking a chance just to prove a point. Private arrangements will work out better.

LIBRA: Show downs over differences affect home, office or location. Make sure solutions work.

SCORPIO: Take time out to escape to neutral territory. Go deeper into important matters etc. 

SAGITTARIUS: Handle finances or assets in a business like manner. Larger gains are made. 

CAPRICORN: Move things around or explain where they should go. Deal with separate agenda.

AQUARIUS: Much goes on behind the scenes. Meet with those in the know or having authority. 

PISCES: Private meetings with influential individuals will show who can be counted on so far.


Horoscope: Year of the Pig

2019 is ruled by the number 3 as it is the total of the numbers reduced to a single digit.

The year of the Pig/Boar will begin on Feb. 5 as their year follows a lunar calendar. Start date is different every year. It occurs at sunset following the second new moon after the winter solstice. 

The Pig personality is quite chivalrous in behaviour, wearing their heart on their sleeve. They have strong feelings and passions and are all for love.

This year will be a time to restore decency, honesty and prudence. Pigs believe in the basic goodness of mankind. We will see who ends up as bacon from their trusting nature.

It will be a year to face the treatment of the innocent and restore faith on some level.

The Pig is the last sign in the Chinese Zodiac so it will be a time for endings to restart the year after. The new moon solar eclipse on Jan. 5 will see the process of some prominent individuals who will be eclipsed out of the limelight or their position one way or the other.

Some unbelievable situations or events will have some saying “when pigs fly” as they unfold. Air fares affected as well. 

Some will be stunned by those coming from behind to take over or win in unexpected ways. Be ready for all things to occur.

Some will try to show good will by lavish displays or gift giving with extravagant overtures. Global business will advance affecting industry with a focus on wealth and abundance.

Those seeking the easy way can get off track lurching toward what looks like opportunity. Get all the facts before investing or signing on to anything. Swindlers abound looking for the bacon and to hog it all. There will be regrets for impulsive behaviour.

Set goals with a clear path toward them. Keep your snout to the grindstone. Seek security in the tried and true. Be happy with the basics. Wallow a little with placid relaxation such as spas, mud and beauty treatments etc.

A greater focus on diets, weight and the pork. Some may joke about putting lipstick on a pig.

There will be more interest in charity and feeding the hungry. Entertainers step up to raise awareness and to help with fundraising etc. 

Marry or start a family; seek domestic bliss. Renovate or clean up the pig pen. Reconnect with others. Little pigs love to love with their innocent little hearts.

Freedom of expression will see a lot of squealing and mud slinging. There will be recordings or videos to back some of this up. 

Trade will still be an issue along with the wall and inflation fears. A correction in the markets will occur. Guard hard earned income or assets; don’t be duped by those at the trough looking for easy money at the expense of others.

Pig-headed behaviour will be challenged with the removal of the ring leader or other trouble makers. Coups or overthrows will be on small or large scales. 

Scandals will continue to unfold from last year and some will be in the pen.

The planet uranus will be in the fixed sign of taurus. This will bring great stress to the earth which is ruled by the sign of Taurus, so there will be a lot of shaking, rattling and rolling in known or new areas. Be prepared.

This influence will also shake up the status quo and how things are run, in government and other levels.

Curling will reach higher popularity and curls in general. 

Some other No. 3s:  Kelowna, May, Nashville, England, Qatar, New York, Mafia, Mary, Jane, and swine flu. 

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