Horoscope: Feb. 23-29

OVERVIEW: Some start the week slowly as they are feeling a bit dreamy. The new moon in Pisces increases the chance of making emotional decisions. It will become necessary to produce a practical plan. Mercury is still retrograde so it could take a little longer to get organized; leave option open. Make sure there is real value or profit, otherwise funds are wasted. It's time for feet on the ground. Sort out who is best suited to assume a role or leadership in all of this; listen to one with experience. Draft letters or proposals to be considered. Discuss critical details between key players. Avoid low class relationships and escape negative or manipulative ones. 

ARIES: When climbing the ladder of success, take it rung by rung to reach your goal. Don’t skip.

TAURUS: Keep your hands on the financial reins in order to move your agenda in right direction.

GEMINI: You have the ability to change lanes very quickly to adapt to games others are playing.

CANCER: The new moon highlights matters that you want to influence. Work with authorities.

LEO: You don’t have to be a one-man army by doing others' work for them. Organize your job.

VIRGO: Sort out what you need compared to what you want. There can be a new arrangement.

LIBRA: A change of location or venue can work for you even if it was not your first choice, etc. 

SCORPIO: Adjust relationships to make them clearer concerning what is business or personal.

SAGITTARIUS: Establish security in your power base. Build on what you have accomplished. 

CAPRICORN: Be the one to take the lead or instruct others so they feel like they are included. 

AQUARIUS: Let out information on a need to know basis so others can absorb it in stages. 

PISCES: Step into the limelight with the new moon in your sign. Convince others to join you.

Horoscope: Feb. 16-22

OVERVIEW: The week starts off under mercury turning retrograde, so be ready for things to stall or back up. It's best not to sign anything that is not already decided. This happens close to Neptune so there is a lot of talk fudging the facts or masking the truth. Go back over messages or documents, etc., to see what is really being said. Those who avoid coming forward may have to be pressured to do so. Keep personal relationships private to avoid influencing the outcome of events. Don’t post things that could be misinterpreted or used to expose. Plan to get away to a neutral or out of the way place to brainstorm on the best way to handle things now. 

ARIES: Focus on what you really stand for and make changes in that direction. Release the past.

TAURUS: You can pull a rabbit out of the hat while others are looking around to find a solution.

GEMINI: Become the director in a situation where those involved don’t know they are just players. 

CANCER: When trying to act independently you may have to call in some back-up to get moving. 

LEO: Showing what you can do attracts praise or offers of support from those who are watching.

VIRGO: Current agreements should be taken to the next stage to protect others and avoid issues. 

LIBRA: You can be the star on the job or when making arrangements for others. Take it easy now. 

SCORPIO: Break from confining relationships in a way that is win win for all involved. Reconsider. 

SAGITTARIUS: Private meetings have promising results during talks to get on the same page.

CAPRICORN: Try a new approach and you will have more influence. Others get out of the way.

AQUARIUS: Look at where your strength is with finances or assets. It will all add up pretty good.

PISCES: You can feel like an actor in a movie as you watch how your words get some reactions. 

Horoscope Feb. 9-15

OVERVIEW: The week starts with waning energy from the moon's full position during the night. Egos should be cooling allowing for some dialogue. There is no need to be a wrecking ball, as no one wins when everyone’s house is flattened. It's better to convince others to give you the keys. Adjust to changes along a natural timeline. Take what is yours and leave the rest. Pick new contact numbers or security codes, etc. Be bold in standing up for what you know is right even if others don’t stand with you. It's time to show true colours. Settle into a new routine or set of responsibilities. Be the leader or handler to bring situations on track or from the brink.

ARIES: It’s OK to spend a little on your appearance or new wardrobe. Others expect you to dress up.

TAURUS: You hold the reins even if others are not aware of it right now. They like your usual results. 

GEMINI: Surprises work to your advantage if you are paying attention. Keep your eye on the ball, etc. 

CANCER: Status changes even if it's temporary. Go with the flow until you can feel a comfort level.

LEO: Be adaptable to changes with duties or filling in for someone else. You can multitask easily.

VIRGO: Keep a lid on things until you get results or know the plan going forward. It all works out.

LIBRA: Avoid letting financial differences interfere with relationships personally or in your business. 

SCORPIO: You get the royal treatment so enjoy it while it lasts. Plans blossom between you now. 

SAGITTARIUS: Look at the value of what you have or are able to generate. It will unfold properly. 

CAPRICORN: Make decisions or assist those who rely on your experience. Things move along.

AQUARIUS: Hob nob with power people behind the scenes. Your participation makes them happy. 

PISCES: Keep deals private temporarily. You can do the grand entrance or dramatic finale now.

Horoscope: Feb. 2-8

OVERVIEW: Talks of unity carry over from last week, affecting personal or global matters. The key will be to empower what is right and true. Calm the waters of division as everyone needs a break. Discuss mutual areas of benefit. Make meetings more social; provide coffee and goodies. Look at alternate ways to handle stress; add some humour. Solutions that seem off the wall can work to some degree at least to break any deadlocks. Faith in the future needs to be restored. Tit-for-tat control issues are in the media more than usual. Subtle power plays are exposed; seek some wiggle room. Emotions intensify towards full moon on the weekend late. 

ARIES: Take time to weigh your options before jumping at the first one. You know you can do better.

TAURUS: Look at the long-term end game as you slowly bring about changes that will be beneficial.

GEMINI: Stand with those who stand with you. Refresh agreements in personal or business areas. 

CANCER: Discuss the details before signing anything. Follow through would be expected to happen. 

LEO: Others like to be around you as you are always willing to lend a helping hand. Just be you.

VIRGO: Decisions can be made to ease your situation. It seems most of this is possible with funds.

LIBRA: Your natural charm lightens the mood for others around you. They gather to listen or play. 

SCORPIO: You enjoy being in a position of control especially if those against you are not aware. 

SAGITTARIUS: You can teach or put forth information that others want. You are an authority, etc. 

CAPRICORN: Plans could involve ways to improve your finances or security. Check practicality.

AQUARIUS: Your power behind the scenes grows as others want certain information you have.

PISCES: Chat with associates who are on the same page and you can pull a plan together now.

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