Horoscope: Oct 20-26


A lot of chit chat gets the week going at a faster pace. It seems everyone has something to say or do.

This will evolve as a personal spin is put on things. Take it all with a grain of salt until facts or evidence is provided.

Settle any differences about who owes whom. Loyal and trustworthy ones will show themselves.

Romantic thoughts drift into areas of fantasy, communicate clearly. Those who really want to be together need to make concrete plans before hand to avoid jealous reactions.

Let go of what you don’t really need as there is always more to replace it.

Join others getting on track toward the future. Choose a worthwhile path to get you there.

ARIES: Speculation pays off for you in more than one area. Private deals provide a needed advantage.

TAURUS: Avoid making snap decisions regarding relationships or legals. Allow for a natural process.

GEMINI: You are a star on the job and others discuss your talents or abilities and offer their support.

CANCER: Your personal interest in others deepens and could involve communications over distance.

LEO: You are treated to gifts, perks or special invitations. Enjoy the attention any way you can get it.

VIRGO: All your hopes and wishes seem to be heading in a desired direction. Stay on course now.

LIBRA: Seek a raise, promotion or new job with ease, but keep the negotiations private until settled.

SCORPIO: Step out from the shadows and take a stand. Your very presence is commanding.

SAGITTARIUS: Grand plans are discussed behind the scenes. Others see your wisdom and agree.

CAPRICORN: Your ability to soldier on is admired as you overcome or blow past obstacles.

AQUARIUS: Others promote or flatter you even though they would like to be in your place. Smile.

PISCES: Important or influential people become your fans. Your reputation precedes you. Engage.

Horoscope: Oct. 13-19


Efforts to be inclusive will be appreciated by all. Use softer words that neutralize any feelings of anxiety to get things done or shift the pecking order.

Most will be relieved by the end results. Some were not comfortable in their position anyway; accept promotions or transfers for the common good.

Certain influential individuals or authority figures overrule objections.

The full moon will focus on these matters at beginning of the week. Those who want more or something different should move on.

Strong egos need their own stage and should go find it. Their complaints fall on deaf ears.

Update resumes with proof. Covert information come out.

ARIES: The full moon shines on relationships of all types. Make them work or act independently of them.

TAURUS: Allow some time to take care of what must be done, including looking after others who need it.

GEMINI: Work around obstacles or gossip to maintain the status quo. Your achievement is recognized.

CANCER: Organize a time line in co-ordination with others. Set aside differences to reach a conclusion.

LEO: Separate yourself from tensions around you at home or work. Bring out your Leo charm to gain.

VIRGO: Others appreciate your extra efforts even though they wish they had done it themselves now.

LIBRA: Make your needs known and the extra income or perks expected. You’re on the right track.

SCORPIO: Your firm grasp on the situation makes others feel comfortable as they seek involvement.

SAGITTARIUS: Your generosity is repaid in alternate ways. Those jealous agree to the terms anyway.

CAPRICORN: Your natural ability to take charge shines through and others naturally give you ground.

AQUARIUS: Private talks are carried on over distance. Sort out the details so everyone is on board.

PISCES: Your big ideas will unfold in ways that others can’t block. Have faith in procedure or rules.

Horoscope: Oct. 6-12


Sudden communication glitches cause confusion. Check equipment or wording before taking any action on speculation.

Some like to say or do things for shock value and are entertained by how others react; it is immature. Those reaching the end of road or being blocked need to move on.

Trying to make up won’t work this time in personal or business relationships. Infatuations can be temporary distractions but not likely to turn into what you want; try to stay in reality.

Avoid being “out of it” making matters worse. Emotional tensions are extreme so be on guard.

Observe surroundings. Stay away from those known for perverse or bad behaviour.

ARIES: At this point arguing over who owes whom becomes a lose-lose situation. Bide your time now.

TAURUS: Relationship matters are extremely tense and need a practical plan to reach a solution.

GEMINI: A shake-up behind the scenes connects present issues to the past. Dance around details.

CANCER: Others have some say over where you will be or how relationships affect moving forward.

LEO: Avoid showdowns of all types as reputation could be affected by attitudes. Cool your heels.

VIRGO: Trying to change the status quo could be a fruitless pursuit. Renegotiate with them instead.

LIBRA: Settle outstanding matters even if you have to give a little. It’s worth the sense of relief etc.

SCORPIO: Divide up the power base as both sides want their way. Sit together to work it all out.

SAGITTARIUS: Confidential or secret activities draw you into strange situations or power games.

CAPRICORN: Let others know where you really stand so they don’t take action without your input.

AQUARIUS: Be prepared to stand up and be counted. Its time to take on another position or job.

PISCES: Sudden opportunity causes you to shift gears. Investigate who or what is really involved.


Horoscope: Sept. 29-Oct. 5


Be patient with any situations where there is emotional stalls or lockdown. Cautious expectations are needed on various levels.

Wait to see how things shake out so feelings of jealousy or resentment can be put to rest; it’s not worth it.

See relationships as they really are and move forward. Respect each other’s boundaries.

Keep a tight circle of action to get things done. Don’t leave any details to the imagination. Handle some matters at a distance from each other to avoid arguments. Be extra careful with confidential info on any media.

Make a note of where you put things as things can seem a little scattered at the moment.

ARIES: You may have to make a choice affecting carer or how personal life affects your reputation.

TAURUS: Deal with important or official matters over distance. Save yourself some travel time.

GEMINI: Be extra cautious where you may want to take a chance or go out on a financial limb now.

CANCER: Make deals or check the rules regarding property or residential matters. Get an OK, etc.

LEO: You rock at work or play. Others compliment you even though they may be a bit jealous.

VIRGO: Your benefit from shared luck or good will. Take time to list the details and expectations.

LIBRA: You surprise others with a show of strength that they did not know you had. It is calming.

SCORPIO: Talks or meetings behind the scenes provide clarity on confidential information. etc.

SAGITTARIUS: Stand by your assessments of how things should unfold. You hold the cards.

CAPRICORN: Others rely on your strength and expertise. Take the reins and steer the action.

AQUARIUS: Secret or covert connections like what you say or do and consult with you about it.

PISCES: Pooling money, assets or resources with others becomes a win-win situation for all.

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