Horoscope: March 24-30


With mercury and Neptune joining forces there will be some wool gathering or imaginative ideas or speculation.

Those going down any rabbit holes should pack a lunch and carry a flashlight. Talks should be kept private until there is proof of truth or actual facts to present.

It’s not much fun having to do sweep up in hindsight. These influences do enhance creativity and unusual intuitive thoughts.

Mercury resumes forward motion on Thursday, righting things and clearing the air. Hang on until then to make major decisions or signing anything binding.

Romance can be different or interesting; it's show and tell time. Plan travel or moves. Clear the decks.

ARIES: Arrange to get together in cozy or secluded settings. Soft peddle your approach with them. 

TAURUS: A demonstration of affection can thrill or surprise you. There is more to explore together. 

GEMINI: Your natural charm raises your profile in the eyes of others. Take a prominent position now. 

CANCER: Sudden travel could find you in a special or unusual place with unique, creative people.

LEO: A closer look at finances or assets will show there is more value than you were first aware of. 

VIRGO: Others show how much they care and this creates a stronger bond between you and them. 

LIBRA: Your personal efforts are rewarded as you advance your goals. Enjoy the praise you get.

SCORPIO: A connection or date can spark interest and hope for the future. Check out what works. 

SAGITTARIUS: You have luck with home or base of operations. You confidence is growing easily. 

CAPRICORN: Your intuition is in high gear and can startle others. You say what they are thinking.

AQUARIUS: You have personal and financial luck now. Look at ways to gain the advantage or win. 

PISCES: Your magnetic attractiveness makes you the number one choice in any selective process.


Horoscope: March 17-23


Take extra time to go over data before heading to the office this week.

Consider how far you want to commit to a deal or arrangement. Explain the details or strategy in ways that others will see the benefits of it in the end game.

Reluctant agreements can be reached. If negotiations drag on past work hours move to a restaurant or other social setting to maintain the flow.

Be assertive with some humour to ease the situation. Present facts or evidence that is fair by the full moon on Wednesday.

Some will need time to adjust to what is expected of them personally or in business.

Plan travel or check out locations when considering changes.

ARIES: Watch the wheeling and dealing to time the moment you want to jump in with your own plans.

TAURUS: Responsibilities shift and you can feel a sense of freedom as others take up the slack. Invest. 

GEMINI: Others applaud the way you navigate choppy waters in personal or business. Find good spots.

CANCER: Hitch your wagon to those of power or position in order to get things done. Get a settlement.

LEO: Your intuition and instincts are sharp and give you ways to navigate circumstances to make gains. 

VIRGO: Sudden or unexpected travel gets you going. This could be on behalf of others or to help them.

LIBRA: The full moon in your sign gives you the final say in important matters with extended influence. 

SCORPIO: Decide if you want to continue putting money into something or take it out for other reasons.

SAGITTARIUS: Generous words or actions on your part will be helpful to those needing your influence.

CAPRICORN: Teach or show others what they need to know. This will benefit you down the road also.

AQUARIUS: You are admired by others and this can trigger benefits or other positive results from them. 

PISCES: You say or do the right thing to break deadlocks or make others feel they are worth your time.

Horoscope: March 10-16


Rely on your intuition when deciding on a line of approach. Some have their guard down and can be influenced to take sides. There has to be benefits for them as well.

An easy route is preferred over having to figure things out. Strong leaders get more attention as they lay out reasonable plans that those involved would be able to agree on at some point.

Avoid combative dialogue as this only works to delay the outcome. Back up determination with expertise and timing; promises must be delivered.

Consider new or fresh ideas. Words have power and can turn the tide.

Travel is fine as long as its not just as escape or running away. Stay in touch.

ARIES: You pull strings behind the scenes and this will shore up support. Take on leadership roles.

TAURUS: Those loyal to you let you know they have your back, near or far. Call in outstanding IOUs.

GEMINI: Brainstorm with powerful individuals behind the scenes. Their influence affects reputation.

CANCER: Align with those in authority as there needs to be an official approach to your situation.

LEO: You have more influence than you think. You are seen as a stable force. Very dependable.

VIRGO: Seeking a stronger base or connection could require looking at locations. Take your time. 

LIBRA: Free time may be limited as important matters need your attention. Dig in to get this done. 

SCORPIO: Unite with others when making power plays; there is strength in numbers. Strategize. 

SAGITTARIUS: You cut through workload to get ahead. Take command over matters needing it. 

CAPRICORN: A pact of loyalty with a select few benefits all of you in the long run. Discuss info. 

AQUARIUS: Your charm brings added luck your way. Income increase overcomes opposition. 

PISCES: Step in where your expertise is useful. Others will be happy with your quality results.


Horoscope: March 3-9


Feelings are all over the map as the week begins.

Take a break or go for a walk. Thinking time will be important to avoid jumping any guns.

Try to sense where you really fit in at work or with relationships. If this continues to be uncertain, consider your options, even if a move is required.

Mercury turns retrograde this Tuesday, adding to the mixed messages, reversals and clumsiness.

Avoid signing anything binding for the next three weeks, unless it is already in motion. Changes are likely. A good time to sell or get rid of stuff instead.

Drive carefully. Follow a solid path or rules that are understood by everyone.

Plant seeds for the future harvest.

ARIES: An epiphany causes you to change course in pursuit of ambitious goals. Positions altered.

TAURUS: Private meetings with important people will see plans coming together where forces unite.

GEMINI: You pull out all the stops to charm others to your way of thinking. Go over past successes. 

CANCER: Get more involved with matters over distance. Plan to travel if you need to meet in person. 

LEO: Others are willing to support or back you where it counts. They see you as a winning horse now.

VIRGO: Relationships take a cozy or magical turn in ways you had hoped. Make secure future plans. 

LIBRA: Negotiate terms for a new start or position that would suit you better. Timing will be important. 

SCORPIO: You have the Midas touch in almost any area. Do necessary research before any choices.

SAGITTARIUS: You have luck with home or property matters. Discuss pros and cons of any deals.

CAPRICORN: You teach or otherwise impart information to others. They like what you have to say.

AQUARIUS: Financial luck connects to the past or private matters. Others are available to assist. 

PISCES: You attract attention from many as your magnetism is strong. The selection will be natural. 

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