Horoscope: April 23-29

Make an attempt to smooth ruffled feathers on whatever level is lacking. This is needed to move things forward.

Some tend to hold grudges from imagined slights; don’t let this grow legs. Lay everything out on the table Monday with input from all who will be affected by any decisions.

Those emotionally impatient will leave early. Some will be looking at alternate positions, personally or work wise. Be careful not to jump into something you don’t really want out of spite.

The new moon Wednesday is pivotal to any changes influencing finances or the markets; double check all the data. Look at what is driving this behind the scenes. Brilliant solutions can be found on some level.

ARIES: Contact over distance or out of the blue connects you with your past. Pick up where you left off.

TAURUS: Take the lead when the facts need to be rolled out. You like to showcase where benefits are.

GEMINI: Meet behind the scenes to hammer out details and how they will work with rules or regulations.

CANCER: Discuss your needs with those in a position to do something about it. Be clear on what to do.

LEO: You can have your way by carefully navigating situations or mixed emotions. It can work out well.

VIRGO: Be adaptable to circumstance without sweating the details. Find ways for it to flow along easily.

LIBRA: Re-write deals or agreements letting them float temporarily. This affects personal or business.

SCORPIO: Your plans and ideas will benefit you as well as those who support you. Things will unfold.

SAGITTARIUS: You have luck attached to home or property matters. Adapt to opportunities or other.

CAPRICORN: Visits or invitations affect relationships. Mutual interest grows and should be acted on.

AQUARIUS: Being in touch personally makes things run more smoothly on all levels. Compare info.

PISCES: Show others the way to succeed on the present path or venue. Explain the details carefully.


Horoscope: April 16-22

Overview for all signs

Toss around bright ideas that create an air of optimism. The majority want to see things move forward.

Shake hands across the isle, it time for a break. Settle into new or enhanced positions that have been confirmed on some level. Be confident in the choices, at least for now.

Relationships developed in connection to work or business can extend to personal levels with one enhancing the other. Relax into the cloak of responsibility placed on shoulders.

Don’t complain and don’t respond to those who criticize, it will pass. Discuss matters privately. Announcements should be short and sweet. Deals are made and problems solved.

It's time to move on or step aside.

ARIES: Use leverage to take plans or projects in a different direction. Brush aside those who are stuck.

TAURUS: Changed ideas with those involved will influence agreements. Check wording before signing.

GEMINI: Use your natural charm to get results. Being aggressive will only cause delays or cancellations.

CANCER: Sudden opportunities can see you considering alternatives in career or personal areas now.

LEO: Avoid delays by making sure funding is in place. You feel driven toward your goals at this time.

VIRGO: Put the past behind you. Don’t resist change that will be good for you down the road. Relax.

LIBRA: There is only so much you should do beyond the call of duty. Others need to step in to assist.

SCORPIO: Give the reins a tug to get everything back on track. Those who object need a time out.

SAGITTARIUS: Adapt to changing circumstances; wing it if you have to. Cut to the chase with ease.

CAPRICORN: Don’t get caught up in others' problems. Lay out solutions for them to run with solo.

AQUARIUS: Others step back as you demonstrate your abilities or expertise. Follow tried-and-true path.

PISCES: Emotional showdowns make or break the status quo. Check out alternate avenues to go.

Horoscope: April 9-15

Overview for all signs

Some start the week off in a grumpy mood; do what makes you feel better, even if it's just temporary.

Mercury turns retrograde, so be prepared to do repairs or redo on more than one level. Avoid signing anything binding unless it's already in motion. Completing things is fine. Watch driving.

Words come out wrong, so double check all communications for accuracy. This period lasts about three weeks. The full moon adds an emotional edge as well; be extra vigilant. Try a different approach here.

Cut ties that no longer serve you or them. Seek a more independent path that makes better use of your abilities or ambitions.

Find ways to freedom.

ARIES: You shock or surprise others by shifting gears in mid stream. It can still work out for everyone.

TAURUS: You are able to pull things together in unexpected ways as you have the groundwork already.

GEMINI: Meet with others in private who have the power to assist you with your plans. Agree to this.

CANCER: Sudden changes affect your status or ambitious goals. Be willing to roll with circumstances.

LEO: Opportunities to travel could see you becoming interested in unusual places or attending events.

VIRGO: Connections to the past can be lucky for you now, near or far. It may affect finances or security.

LIBRA: Emotional actions or reactions bring about changes with relationships, work or personal areas.

SCORPIO: Unexpected rug pulling will shift the pecking order. Others look to you for direction now.

SAGITTARIUS: Influential individuals lend a hand or connect you to benefits. You feel lucky. Can win.

CAPRICORN: Your positions is stronger. Circumstances work in your favour. Others like your ideas.

AQUARIUS: Your star is shining brighter, near or far. Take independent action to move things along.

PISCES: Look deeper for areas of benefit or compensation. The proof is there to be found with this.

Horoscope: April 2-8

Overview for all signs

Taking time out allows some to drift in daydreams of prosperity or a better world. The trick is to follow through on that with positive actions.

Be helpful or inspiring; creative juices flow in productive ways while fulfilling usual duties or responsibilities.

Dig deep for extra energy to endure. Avoid pie-in-the-sky ventures or speculation that can take you off course.

Relationships need grounding or bonding to keep them flowing in the right direction; get together. Those not suitable for each other will drift apart.

Ego issues cause some power struggles, personal or business. There are those who like the tension because it is a distraction from what is really going on. Don’t be fooled.

ARIES: Some head butting over how things should be done can influence the pecking order. Discuss it.

TAURUS: You push harder to have your way near or far. You are not ready to let other lead or control.

GEMINI: Sort out who has final say over how to handle touchy situations or negative moodiness now.

CANCER: Seek the support of those who can help you overcome blocks or delays. Locations affected.

LEO: Follow your intuition if you have to make sudden changes of direction or other adjustments. Wait.

VIRGO: Do not go out on any risky limbs this week. There are other influences to consider. Negotiate.

LIBRA: Its time for decisions in personal or business areas. A showdown works as some sort of trigger.

SCORPIO: Information you get from behind the scenes allows you to bring closure where it’s needed.

SAGITTARIUS: Hold steady on the tried and true in all areas. Patience will get you to the finish line.

CAPRICORN: Show your strength in quiet ways. Jump in if emergencies arise or you save the day.

AQUARIUS: Your intuition guides you to better levels of power or control. Navigate emotional waves.

PISCES: When implementing restrictions, lay out a different path to success and expected gains.

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