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Andrew Tate claims rape allegation was made up after he refused to buy a house

Tate says claim is fabricated

Andrew Tate has accused a woman of making up a rape allegation against him because he refused to buy her sister a house.

The 36-year-old former kickboxer has insisted he is innocent after he and brother Tristan, 34, were arrested in Romania last month over allegations of rape, human trafficking and setting up an organised crime group, and he's told judges in Bucharest that "it's time for this circus to end".

During a Court of Appeal hearing earlier this month, the 'Big Brother' contestant argued prosecutors had only considered "small snippets" of information relevant to the case.

According to local news outlet Gandul, Tate's defence claimed the woman asked to move to Romania with him and filed her rape allegation nearly six months later when he refused to give her money to buy a €200,000 home in Moldova for her sister and to "open a bar on the beach, to play in a television show and to become famous on TikTok".

Tate claimed he allowed the woman to move with him on her own but due to her drug problem, she was told to stay with his assistant, Georgiana Naghel, who has also been arrested in relation to the investigation.

While the court ordered Tate to remain in custody while the investigation continues, he has insisted he is innocent and no charges have yet been brought against him or his brother.

He said: "They know we have done nothing wrong.

"This file is completely empty. Of course it's unjust. There is no justice in Romania."

In December, the controversial influencer, his brother, and two Romanian female suspects were all arrested on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and forming an organised crime group.

They subsequently appealed against the seizure of belongings, as well as the prolongation of their arrest warrants.

However, after their appeal was rejected, police will continue to hold the suspects for their full 30-day period.

Hilary Duff is still 'optimistic' over Lizzie McGuire reboot

Hilary Duff still 'optimistic'

Hilary Duff is feeling "optimistic" about the idea of a 'Lizzie McGuire' reboot.

The 35-year-old actress became a teen idol by playing the title role in the Disney Channel show during the early 2000s and was due to return to the part for a new series by the online streaming platform Disney+ when it was scrapped in 2020 but is hopeful that the project could come to fruition in the future.

During an appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live', when a viewer asked her if she would agree to another reboot of the show she said: "Of course! Disney+ was very new and I think they were figuring out their...and we were figuring out our...I'm optimistic!"

The 'Younger' star last played the role of insecure teenager Lizzie in the show's 2003 cinematic spinoff 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie' - which included her hit single 'What Dreams Are Made Of' - and upon announcing the decision to cancel the reboot noted that it had been an "honor" to play her but noted how she would ultimately want any revival series to be ah "honest" representation of her signature character.

At the time, she wrote on Instagram: "I've been so honored to have the character of Lizzie in my life. She has made such a lasting impact on many, including myself. To see the fans' loyalty and love for her, to this day, means so much to me. I know the efforts and conversations have been everything trying to make a reboot work, but sadly [and] despite everyone's best efforts, it isn't going to happen. I want any reboot of Lizzie to be honest and authentic to who Lizzie would be today. It's what the character deserves," she continued. "We can all take a moment to mourn the amazing woman she would have been and the adventures we would have taken with her. I'm very sad, but I promise everyone tried their best and the stars just didn't align. Hey now, this is what 2020's made of."(sic)

Jay Leno left with broken collarbone, two broken ribs and two cracked kneecaps in motorbike incident

Leno in motorbike accident

Jay Leno has been left with a "broken collarbone, two broken ribs and two cracked kneecaps" following a motorbike accident.

The 72-year-old talk show legend was riding a vintage motorcycle in Las Vegas on January 17 when he pulled into a parking lot and was taken out by a piece of wire that had been strung across the roadway without any sign hanging off it to draw attention to it.

The injuries come in the wake of him being left with third-degree burns over his upper body and part of his face when a fire broke out during an automobile repair he was carrying out last November.

Referring to the 2022 fire in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, he said: "That was the first accident. OK? Then just last week, I got knocked off my motorcycle. So I’ve got a broken collarbone. I’ve got two broken ribs. I’ve got two cracked kneecaps. But I’m OK! I’m working.

"I turned down a side street and cut through a parking lot, and unbeknownst to me, some guy had a wire strung across the parking lot but with no flag hanging from it.

"So, you know, I didn’t see it until it was too late. It just clotheslined me and, boom, knocked me off the bike."

Leno and his friend Dave Killackey had been working on repairing a fuel line on his 1907 White Steam Car when the vehicle burst into flames. Luckily for the television personality Killackey leapt on top of his pal and wrapped his arms around Leno, smothering the fire and putting it out.

The former 'Tonight Show' host - who presented motoring series 'Jay Leno's Garage' from 2014 until 2022 - was taken immediately to the Grossman Burn Center in West Hills Hospital in Los Angeles where he was treated for third-degree burns and spent 10 days receiving treatment, which included skin grafts from a skin bank.

Recalling the terrifying moment in a previous interview, he shared: "The fuel line was clogged so I was underneath it. It sounded clogged and I said, 'Blow some air through the line,' and so he did. And suddenly, boom, I got a face full of gas. And then the pilot light jumped and my face caught on fire."

Leno is recovering well from all his injuries and is set to make his return to the stage on March 31 at the Encore Theater at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas.

Sam Smith 'spat at' by stranger after changing pronouns

Sam Smith spat at

Sam Smith was "spat at" by a stranger after publicly changing their pronouns.

The 'Stay With Me' star came out as non-binary and adopted the gender pronouns of they/them back in 2019 and the singer has now revealed they were bombarded with abuse and even harassed on the street after bravely made their true identity known - and Sam says the constant hatred was just "exhausting."

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Sam said: "I think all the only negatives in the struggle have been in my public life and my job. And just the amount of hate and s******** that came my way was just exhausting.

"It was in the f****** news. Someone spat at me in the street. It's crazy. What I find hard about it is it's like, if that's happening to me and I'm famous, I'm a pop star, can you imagine what other kids, like queer kids are feeling?"

Sam added: "It's just so sad that we're in 2023 and it's still happening. It's exhausting and especially in England."

However, Sam is adamant they have no regrets because changing pronouns helped them feel "comfortable."

They went on: "So we've got two sides, really. My personal life and then my public life. And in my personal life, there's not one negative.

"My family, they can communicate with me. They always did. But they communicate with me now in an even better way. My love life has become better from it. I feel lovable. I feel comfortable in my skin, but I wear what I want to wear.

"Since changing my pronouns, it felt like a coming home. I wish I knew what the words were when I was in school, because I would've identified as that in school. Because it is who I am and it's who I've always been."

Bernie Taupin to lift lid on career with Elton John in new book

Taupin to dish on Elton days

Bernie Taupin is to lift the lid on his career with Elton John in a new book.

Elton has previously written about their songwriting partnership in his 2019 autobiography 'Me' and now Bernie is to tell his side of the story in 'Scattershot: Life, Music, Elton, And Me' which is described as a 'nonlinear' recollection of his time in the music industry and is due for release in September.

Bernie said of the book: "It was never my intention to write a traditional A to Z autobiography. I began a few years back composing essays and observations on my life that ultimately gained momentum and started to look like a book. From then on, it became a long, arduous task that was both exhilarating and liberating. It was also a lot of fun and immensely beneficial in blowing the dust off a lot of what I’d forgotten about."

He added of the finished product: "Hopefully, there’s something in it for everybody. It’s contemplative, self-assessing, and attempts to stay off the beaten path in not regurgitating what’s already been written. Nonlinear, it’s an exploratory trip bouncing back and forth along the decades."

His publishers added in a statement: "Readers visit Los Angeles with Bernie and Elton on the cusp of global fame. We spend time in Australia at an infamous rock ‘n’ roll hotel in an endless blizzard of drugs and spend late-night hours with John Lennon, Bob Marley, and Frank Sinatra. And beyond the world of popular music, we witness memorable encounters with writers like Graham Greene, painters like Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali ...

"And of course, even if they’re not famous in their own right, they are stars on the page, and we discover how they inspired the indelible lyrics to songs such as ‘Tiny Dancer', 'Candle in the Wind', Bennie and The Jets', and so many more."

Amber Rose vows to stay single and never have sex again

Amber Rose swears off sex

Amber Rose has vowed never to have sex again.

The 39-year-old model - who previously dated Kanye West and was married to Wiz Khalifa - has struggled on the dating scene in recent years and now insists she's completely disillusioned about finding love, so she's planning to stay single indefinitely.

Speaking on the 'Sofia with an F' podcast, she told host Sofia Franklyn: "It's [the dating scene] worse than ever. They're [the men] pretty disgusting out here. They're f****** gross. Like, I wanna be single for the rest of my life."

Amber - who is mother to a son with Wiz Khalifa and another boy with her ex Alexander Edwards - went on to add: "I don't want to share my house or my life with anyone. I don't want anyone around my kids. I don't want to have sex ... It's so gross. I don't want it ... I'm very happy to not be in my bed with anyone."

Amber's last serious relationship was with music executive Alexander. They became parents to three-year-old son Slash Electric before parting ways in August 2021. She is also mum to nine-year-old son Sebastian with Wiz Khalifa.

Alexander recently hit headlines after it was revealed he now dating pop superstar Cher.

The 76-year-old singer opened up about their romance during an appearance on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show', admitting the relationship with Alexander, 356, is going well despite the 40-year age gap.

She explained: "On paper, it's kind of ridiculous. But in real life, we get along great. He's fabulous. And I don't give men qualities that they don't deserve ... He's very kind, very smart, he's very talented, and he's really funny. And I think he's quite handsome."

Kelly Clarkson’s stalker re-arrested after violating restraining order

Clarkson stalker arrested

Kelly Clarkson’s stalker has reportedly been re-arrested after she allegedly violated the terms of her permanent restraining order.

The 40-year-old ‘A Moment Like This’ singer had been granted protection last week against Huguette Nicole Young, who is said to have been caught by police on Wednesday night at the star’s $5.4 million mansion in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.

TMZ also reported on Thursday the alleged breach means Young would have broken her restraining order terms 12 times.

The outlet said Kelly’s security team found her wandering around Kelly’s house around 9pm and called 911, leading police to come and arrest the obsessed fan.

Insiders also told TMZ Kelly is now so worried for her safety she has banned the two children she had with her 46-year-old ex-husband Brandon Blackstock – daughter River, eight, and her six-year-old son Remington – from going outside the gate of her house at night.

It has been reported Young, who had a habit of leaving gifts for Kelly, has a 10-year history of stalking the singer after she first tracked her down at her home in Nashville before following her to Los Angeles.

Kelly last week obtained permanent restraining orders against two people who continued to show up at her home uninvited and caused “disturbances” – one of whom was Young.

She had an order granted on January 20 banning Victor Fernandez from making any type of contact with her or her children, and both he and Young were told to stay at least 100 yards from the star.

Fernandez had allegedly appeared at the ‘American Idol’ star’s home multiple times since Thanksgiving, according to legal documents viewed by TMZ.

The outlet added papers showed Young has shown up at Kelly’s home at least 18 times since the end of October and left items including dog toys, stickers, plants, notes and seeds on her porch.

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey couldn't include Tigger

Blood, Honey, no Tigger

'Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey' isn't allowed to include Tigger.

A.A. Milne's beloved characters are being given a horror twist in the upcoming slasher helmed by Rhys Fake-Waterfield after the characters entered the public domain and became open to interpretation on the big screen.

However, the filmmaker told SFX Magazine: "Tigger, for example, isn't in the public domain. So he wasn't allowed to be used in the story."

Tigger's first appearance was in 1928 children's book 'The House At Pooh Corner', which hasn't yet entered public domain.

When it came to crafting the story and choosing which characters they could use, the director was keen to create something "distinct."

He explained: "When we were coming up with this, we knew that we would have to be really careful about what elements we used.

"We couldn't be influenced by the Disney version at all, so I consciously didn't watch anything by them.

"I went through the book and I purposefully tried to make our Pooh and Piglet as distinct as I could."

Meanwhile, Frank-Waterfield is also looking to make two movies giving a darker twist to 'Peter Pan' and 'Bambi'.

The movie will follow Winnie as he loses his love for honey and instead craves human flesh.

He and Piglet are struggling after Christopher Robin leaves for college, and they have to take care of themselves by going to sinister lengths.

The film will see Craig David Dowsett and Chris Cordell as Winnie and Piglet respectively, while the cast also includes Nikolai Leon, Amber Doig-Thorne, Maria Taylor, Danielle Ronald, Natasha Tosini, and May Kelly.

The controversial movie is set to hit the big screen on Feb. 15.

Akon shocks fans by ranting men are 'divine kings' to be worshipped by women

Akon's bizarre rant

Akon has ranted men are “divine kings” and “gods” who should be served by women.

The 49-year-old ‘Lonely’ rapper – said to have nine children by four wives – shocked fans by adding science had rendered females redundant in the baby-making process and saying Americans needed to understand the way women treat their men like a “king” in Africa.

He said on a recent appearance on ‘The Joe Budden Podcast’: “(Men are) gods, we are the ones that create life... the women (in Africa) treat you like a man, like a king.

“They aren’t competing with you or fighting for equality because they understand that men and women could never be equal. They understand their roles.

“The roles there and very defined and very clean, here even if you say the word role to a woman.

“If I say, ‘If you play your role and you play mine...’ – they say, ‘What the f*** you mean play my role? What role?’

“Everybody has a role that is infrastructure to life and if her woman doesn’t understand her position that she plays in life, everybody is confused.

“How can a man and women play the exact same role, where’s the balance? In Africa it’s very clear, the woman plays the role of the woman.”

Adding how he believes women were created to endure pain for men, Akon went on: “God installed love, emotions and compassion in a woman because as a motherly figure, those things have to be instilled.

“This is why women catch feelings so quick and why they can endure so much pain, because that loyalty comes naturally.

“As a woman, her role is to support the man. The men are the kings and the divine of this universe, a woman can never to compare to the man. They have to understand that here in America.

“Women don’t create life, they support the creation of life. We’re gods, we are the ones that create life.

“Let me tell you the science of it. A man right now can create life without a woman, but a woman cannot create life without a man.

“If I wanted to do it right now, I would shoot my sperm and put it in an incubator and give it nine month, even maybe less with today’s science, and a baby will be born.

“A woman can’t do that. So men we are the creators of life in actuality.”

Akon added he preferred the more “defined” gender roles of the 1950s, and added: “Men have lost the idea of the power they actually possess and passed it to the women. Here in America the men are afraid of their power

“Until the man man’s up, the woman has every right to take your role and say that she is equal to you.”

Akon – real name Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam, and who recently showed off the dramatic results of his hair transplant – has been slammed as “sexist” over his remarks, and also shocked fans in December when he told Sky News anyone offended by rapper Kanye West’s anti-semitic rants not to “take things too personally.”

Sir Mick Jagger launches line of harmonicas

Jagger launches harmonica

Sir Mick Jagger has announced his own line of harmonicas.

The Rolling Stones frontman has a penchant for playing the mouth organ, and now he has his own collection going on sale on February 8, after teaming up with Lee Oskar Harmonicas on a set available in 10 major diatonic keys.

The 79-year-old rock 'n' roll legend - who plays the harmonica on the likes of Stones tracks 'Midnight Rambler' and 'Gimme Shelter' - said: “Always loved Lee Oskar harmonicas, and now I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with them on a harmonica of my own.”

Lee Oskar was the original harmonica player for rock-fusion legends War.

Priced at $60 (£49.99), the harmonicas boast both of their names and come in a "Mick Jagger branded custom case to keep it safe."

Meanwhile, the Stones have just joined TikTok.

The iconic band's back catalogue is now available to soundtrack clips on the video-sharing platform for the first time.

Mick has also opened his own personal account on the app.

The band's page comes with a guest playlist curated by the band featuring 44 tracks, including 'Start Me Up', 'Angie', 'Beast Of Burden' and more.

The 'Satisfaction' rockers have also launched the hashtags #TheRollingStones and #RollingStones.

Before they even joined the app, the hashtags #TheRollingStones and #RollingStones had garnered more than 500 million views.

TikTok has now made #TheRollingStones the official hashtag for the group.

Guitarist Keith Richards joined TikTok back in 2021.

The latter recently teased new music is "on its way".

In a belated Happy New Year message to fans, the 79-year-old rocker wrote on Instagram: "Hi guys, here we are again.

“Wishing you all a belated Happy New Year and there’s some new music on its way and hopefully we’ll get to see you. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.”

Late drummer Charlie Watts is set to feature on the band's next album, Ronnie Wood recently revealed.

He spilled: "We are recording the new album now and we are going to LA in a few weeks to carry it on and finish it off. Charlie is on some of the tracks and drummer Steve Jordan."

New sticksman Steve replaced Charlie on the drum kit for their 2022 'Sixty' tour, which marked six decades of the band.

The new album will be the first LP to feature new compositions by singer Sir Mick Jagger and Keith since 2005's 'A Bigger Bang', although they did release single 'Living in a Ghost Town' in 2020.

The band's last album release was 2016's 'Blue and Lonesome', which was comprised of cover versions.

Razzie Awards bosses apologize to Ryan Kiera Armstrong and announce rule change

Razzie Awards apologize

Razzie awards bosses will no longer include under 18s in their shortlists.

Organizers of the ceremony - which is formally known as the Golden Raspberry Awards and gives tongue-in-cheek recognition to the worst of the film industry over the last year - have issued a formal apology to 12-year-old Ryan Kiera Armstrong after facing a backlash for nominating her for Worst Actress for her performance in movie flop 'Firestarter'.

Razzies co-founder John Wilson has confirmed the youngster will no longer feature in the nominees alongside Bryce Dallas Howard ('Jurassic Park: Dominion'), Diane Keaton (Mack + Rita'), Kaya Scodelario ('The King's Daughter') and Alicia Silverstone ('The Requin').

He said: “Sometimes, you do things without thinking, Then you are called out for it. Then you get it. It’s why the Razzies were created in the first place.

"The recent valid criticism of the choice of 11 year old Armstrong as a nominee for one of our awards brought our attention to how insensitive we’ve been in this instance.

"As a result, we have removed Armstrong’s name from the Final Ballot that our members will cast next month. We also believe a public apology is owed Ms. Armstrong, and wish to say we regret any hurt she experienced as a result of our choices.”

And in acknowledging the "mistake" in nominating the young actress - who followed in the footsteps of a then-16-year-old Brooke Shields and Jake Lloyd, who was eight when he was shortlisted for his portrayal of Anakin Skywalker in 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace' - John vowed it won't be repeated in the future.

He added: “Having learned from this lesson, we would also like to announce that, from this point forward, we are adopting a Voting Guideline precluding any performer or film-maker under 18 years of age from being considered for our awards.

“We have never intended to bury anyone’s career. It is why our Redeemer Award was created. We all make mistakes, very much us included.”

He explained they had made the decision because the organization's motto is "Own Your Bad" and so “we ourselves must also live up to it.”

The winners will be announced on 11 March.

Michael Buble felt less of a superhero after son's cancer diagnosis

Buble on son's diagnosis

Michae Buble felt like less of a "superhero" when his son was diagnosed with cancer.

The 47-year-old singer told how he "changed in a big way" when his and wife Luisana Lopilato's eldest child Noah, now nine, was diagnosed with liver cancer at the age of three in 2016 because he had to shed his famous "alter ego".

He told the new issue of Red magazine: "That, of course, changed me in a big way – it changed what mattered to me, it changed how I saw life.

"For most of my life as an entertainer and, especially on stage, I'd become my alter ego. I'd become the superhero I always wanted to be.

"Then my wife and I went through this unthinkable thing, and I lost that alter ego."

The 'I'll Never Not Love You' hitmaker married Luisana in 2011 and he believes the key to his strong relationship with the 35-year-old beauty - with whom he also has Elias, seven, Vida, four, and Cielo, five months - is giving one another the time and space to find "fulfillment".

He said: "More than anything, my wife and I understand that each other's fulfilment is important…

"I'm not saying we're perfect – nobody is – but we both have that understanding.

"I won't be touring for certain months next year because she'll be filming a movie, and so I'll be Daddy on set, and then she'll do the same for me. We don't care what we do – being together is the goal."

Michael recently claimed he would have been more successful if he had not started a family, and thinks about what could have been ‘all the time’.

He admitted: “You can’t do both successfully. Relatively, you can have success, but I think one always suffers.

“It’s funny, if you talk to my manager, he’s a beautiful guy, but he’s managed a lot of big careers. He’d say flat out, ‘If Bublé didn’t get married and have those kids he’d be a bigger star, easily, truthfully… my manager always says to me, 'It isn’t tough to make the decisions kid, it’s tough to live with the consequences of those decisions.”

The full interview with Michael is available in the March 2023 issue of Red, now on sale.

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