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Depp denies spending

Johnny Depp has denied claims that his financial woes have been caused by out of control spending.

In January, the Pirates of the Caribbean star sued his former advisers Joel and Robert Mandel and their The Management Group (TMG) company, alleging fraud and negligence.

In a counter-suit, lawyers for the company alleged Johnny's out of control spending rather than mismanagement caused him to run up debts of more than $40 million.

In his first public comments on the matter he told the Wall Street Journal, "Why didn't they drop me as a client if I was so out of control? I've worked very, very hard for a lot of years and trusted a lot of people, some who've clearly let me down."

Johnny, who is seeking $25 million in damages, claims TMG managers collected fees he had not agreed to, failed to file his tax returns on time and loaned out his money without prior authorization.

The company's counter-suit details the star's spending, alleging his lifestyle cost him $2 million per month, with his outgoings including the $3 million he apparently spent on blasting the ashes of author Hunter S. Thompson out of a cannon.

Johnny claims his friend's explosive send-off actually cost him $5 million.

The star reacted angrily to details of his private life being dragged into the case, telling the newspaper, "It's my money. If I want to buy 15,000 cotton balls a day, it's my thing."

Johnny, 53, also went through a costly divorce settlement last year, paying $7 million to finalize his split from actress Amber Heard.

Sony Music cuts Dr. Luke

Sony Music executives have terminated the record label's professional relationship with producer Dr. Luke.

The 43-year-old musician has been embroiled in a legal battle with singer Kesha since October, 2014, when she filed suit, alleging he mentally, emotionally and sexually abused her throughout their 10-year musical partnership.

On Tuesday, it was revealed Dr. Luke, real name Lukasz Gottwald, has been axed as CEO of his Kemosabe Records label, a subsidiary of Sony, and company representatives assert he no longer has the authority to represent Sony Music in any way, according to The Hollywood Reporter. A page devoted to the producer has also been deleted from the firm's website.

Sony Music bosses partnered with Dr. Luke to establish Kemosabe Records in 2011 and the deal provided him with enormous creative control in exchange for exclusive rights to his production work. Although Gottwald churned out few chart-topping hits through Kemosabe, he was able to provide continuous success for the corporation with his work as a producer on singles such as Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball, Katy Perry's Roar, and Pitbull's Timber collaboration with Kesha.

Meanwhile, Dr. Luke's court battle with Kesha is ongoing - the Tik Tok pop star is still trying to convince a judge to release her from her recording contract with Kemosabe Records. After losing her case last year, she filed an amended lawsuit in January, but the amendment was also dismissed last month.

Luke, who has vehemently denied the singer's accusations, has filed a countersuit against Kesha, suing the Warrior star for smearing him through her various allegations.

Lawyers for Dr. Luke and Sony Music have declined to comment on the producer's termination.

Osbourne's are inseparable

Kelly Osbourne has been left disgusted by her parents' frequent make out sessions.

Ozzy and Sharon split in 2016 after news broke of the Black Sabbath rocker's infidelity. But after five months apart, Sharon and Ozzy rekindled their romance, with Kelly, 32, revealing the current state of their marriage during an interview with U.S. TV show Extra on Tuesday night.

"My mom and my dad are pretty much inseparable right now," Kelly said. "They remember how much they love each other all over again. It's the most romantic beautiful story.

"They won't stop making out and it's gross, I'm like stop doing that."

Kelly and her family's lives were previously documented on MTV show The Osbournes, one of the first reality shows that sparked a host of copycat programs. It ran from 2002 to 2005 and asked if it might be coming back for a reboot, Kelly coyly replied: "We've never had more requests for it than now. We don't know, we don't know."

Kelly was speaking as she attended a party celebrating her recent cover of Bella magazine and the debut of her new book There Is No F*cking Secret: Letters from a Badass B**ch.

And talking about the tome, Kelly insisted there was no subject off limit. But she did give her relatives an advance copy to check they were happy with everything she spoke about in the memoir.

"Whether it was my brother (Jack's) MS, mine and my father's sobriety, my mom's cancer, my dad's Parkinson's, my Lyme's disease" I gave it to my family to read before because I don't want to hurt anything. If they didn't want something in there, it was gone," she shared.


Depp a 'habitual liar'

Johnny Depp's former business managers say the star "is a habitual liar who denies responsibility for his own outrageous conduct" and "has himself to blame for his financial woes."

The statement from Management Group spokesman David Shane is the latest volley in a public battle between the actor and his one-time management team.

Depp sued the Management Group and attorneys in January for more than $25 million, charging fraud and negligence. The Management Group countersued, saying Depp spent lavishly on homes, private jets, art and memorabilia in spite of its warnings.

In comments to The Wall Street Journal for a story published Wednesday, he questioned why he wasn't dropped as a client by his managers.

Shane responded by saying Depp was 'involved in every significant business decision during the 17 years TMG represented him."

Jenner considering politics

Caitlyn Jenner would "seriously look at a run" for office.

The 67-year-old reality star has been hitting headlines in recent weeks for her scandalous revelations in her new memoir The Secrets of My Life. But if Caitlyn has her way, she could be following in the footsteps of U.S. President Donald Trump by making the move from the small screen to the political world.

Caitlyn was speaking at the 92nd Street Y community center in New York City on Tuesday at an event called Imagining Men & Women: Caitlyn Jenner on Transgender Identity and Courage when she made the revelation that she would consider running for office if that would mean she could do more good for her charitable foundation as a politician.

"Over the next year or two, I would look at where I can be more effective to helping my community," she told the crowd. "Am I going to be more effective on the outside, raising money for my foundation? Doing things, being places, being critical of the administration when they screw up?

"Or, at some point, would I be better working from the inside? If that is the case, in another year or two, I would seriously look at a run. It just depends where I could be more effective."

Caitlyn's political stance has caused controversy recently, with the revelation that she voted for Donald Trump to win last year's presidential election.

However, she insists that while she did back the former host of The Apprentice to run America, she has been disappointed with what he has done since coming to power.

"I certainly have always been on the Republican side. I believe in things like the Constitution and limited government. I lean towards the Republican Party because they are closer than the Democrats to staying to limited government " although I've been very disappointed with them over the last several years," she said

"My loyalties are not with the Republican Party. My loyalties are not with Donald Trump. I'll come after him and come after Republicans when they start screwing up my community. And I got a voice and they'd better listen, because I will come after them."

Caitlyn isn't the only star to consider a move into politics. Scarlett Johansson recently revealed she would think about running for office when her daughter is older, Kanye West previously announced his intention to run for president in 2020, while Dwayne Johnson stated that Trump's victory had inspired him to think about a career in politics.

Adam Levine leads tribute

Adam Levine performed a heartfelt rendition of Hey Jude as The Voice paid tribute to late contestant Christina Grimmie on Tuesday night's show.

Christina was 22 when she was fatally shot by gunman Kevin Loibl on 10 June at the Plaza Live venue in Orlando, Florida, where she was signing autographs at a meet and greet following her concert performance. Loibl later took his own life.

Maroon 5 frontman Adam was Christina's mentor during her time on the program in 2014, which saw her come in third position, and couldn't hide his emotion as he remembered his protege.

"God, I loved her so much. I am talking to you guys specifically, I'm talking to everybody," Adam said, as he referenced Christina's family, parents Albert and Tina and brother Mark, in the audience.

"I miss her. It's unfair she is not here. We're going to sing a little song tonight, and I'm going to be singing every word to her, in her honor. Thank you guys for being here. Christina, we love you."

Adam was then joined by Jesse Larson, Lilli Passero and Mark Isaiah, his team members on the current season of the program, to perform a touching version of The Beatles' 1968 ballad.

In addition to the musical tribute, The Voice host Carson Daly revealed to the audience and viewers at home that a foundation has been set up in Christina's name.

"As you know, family is very, very important to us here at The Voice and last year we tragically lost one of our own, the incredibly talented and beautiful Christina Grimmie," he explained.

"Tonight, in memory of our good friend and along with Christina's family, we're honored to help announce the creation of the Christina Grimmie Foundation, benefiting those impacted by gun violence and families just like her own affected by breast cancer," he added about Tina.

After the camera panned to Christina's relatives in the crowd, Carson then continued: "Thank you for letting us be a part of this very important moment. And Christina, we feel your spirit here at The Voice every single day and we love and miss you dearly."

Madonna criticizes biopic

Madonna has slammed the filmmakers behind a new biopic, insisting she is the only one that can tell her story.

Executives at Universal Pictures have picked up the rights to Blonde Ambition, which held the number one spot on last year's Black List - a countdown of the film industry's best unproduced screenplays. The movie was written by Elyse Hollander and the story will be set in 1980s New York. It will focus on the pop sensation's rise to fame.

It is unclear when the movie will go into production, but the Material Girl singer is not throwing her support behind the project.

"Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen," she writes on Instagram. "Only I can tell my story. Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool. Looking for instant gratification without doing the work. This is a disease in our society."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the biopic will center upon the difficulties the singer faced while pursuing a career in a sexist industry and will chronicle the creation of the hitmaker's groundbreaking first album, Madonna, which was released in 1983.

The film will also recreate the megastar's iconic performance of Like A Virgin at the very first MTV Video Music Awards in 1984.

Blonde Ambition is Hollander's debut screenplay. She previously worked as an assistant to Birdman filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

Blonde Ambition was also the title of Madonna's 1990 world tour, which she launched following the release of the album Like A Prayer. The controversial tour was chronicled in the behind-the-scenes 1991 documentary Truth or Dare.

Elton thanks fans for support

Elton John has thanked fans for the "avalanche of kindness" he has received following his recent hospitalization for a bacterial infection.

The Rocket Man singer became "violently ill" after contracting a "harmful and unusual" and "potentially deadly" bacterial infection during his recent South American tour and he was admitted to hospital immediately after he returned from Santiago, Chile last week, where he spent two days in intensive care.

He was released from the facility on Saturday and he scrapped his entire April and May run of The Million Dollar Piano shows at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to give him time to recover at home.

Since the news broke on Monday, Elton has received an outpouring of support and he took to social media on Tuesday to thank fans for their messages.

"Woke up this morning to an avalanche of kindness and well wishes. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude," he wrote across all his accounts. "Thanks so much to everyone for reaching out. I'm resting well, getting stronger every day and looking forward to getting back on tour in June. #EltonTour."

The 70-year-old is expected to give his first live performance in Twickenham in England on 3 June.

A statement issued earlier by his publicist read, "Thankfully, Elton's medical team identified this quickly and treated it (the infection) successfully. He is expected to make a full and complete recovery" and assured fans he is currently "comfortably resting at home per doctors advice".

The singer added in the statement: "I am so fortunate to have the most incredible and loyal fans and apologize for disappointing them. I am extremely grateful to the medical team for their excellence in looking after me so well."

Brie Larson feels guilt

Brie Larson feels guilty when she splashes out on luxury purchases.

The actress mostly grew up in Los Angeles with her mother and her sister, where she admits that money was often tight, and the trio were frequently forced to share a bed in a studio apartment.

While Oscar winner Brie has since found success with movies such as Room and Kong: Skull Island, she still struggles to come to terms with the wealth her career has allowed.

"I'm trying to understand what my sense of style is now. I still refuse to pay a lot for clothes," she told Vanity Fair magazine, adding that she only purchased her first car last year and recently paid $2,000 to fix her hot tub. "I felt really guilty because a hot tub's a luxury item to me."

The 27-year-old was mostly home-schooled by her mother, and even when her first big break into the acting world came in the late 1990s, she was still careful with her money. She even used to scour thrift stores for pre-owned school uniforms to wear.

"It was easy because they were all the same color, and you spend less time making a decision, so you can spend that time on other aspects of your life," she explained, also admitting that until a few years ago she was "living off the food in the film-festival welcome gift bags".

Going forward, Brie hopes to incorporate some of her personal experiences when she plays Captain Marvel in Marvel's upcoming movie of the same name. But the star shares that she didn't rush her decision to play the character, and took her time to reflect on what she could bring to the role.

"It took me a really long time," she added. "I had to sit with myself, think about my life and what I want out of it. Ultimately, I couldn't deny the fact that this movie is everything I care about, everything that's progressive and important and meaningful, and a symbol I wished I would've had growing up."

Tom Hardy citizens arrest

Tom Hardy reportedly made a citizen's arrest on a moped thief after chasing him down in London on Sunday.

The 39-year-old actor is said to have switched into "superhero mode" when he witnessed two people stealing a moped before crashing it into a Mercedes at a busy junction in Richmond, south west London.

While one of the thieves was caught in seconds, the other made a run for it - which is when Tom reportedly began his pursuit.

According to witness Arun Pullen, Tom dashed after the culprit, chasing him through gardens and a building site before catching up with him, patting him down for concealed weapons and making a citizen's arrest.

"It was mental " like he'd switched to superhero mode in an action movie. Two boys on the (stolen) moped had jumped a red light and smashed into a car," Arun told Britain's The Sun newspaper. "Tom must have been walking down the road. He went off like a shot in pursuit and looked furious."

After catching the thief, Tom is said to have hauled him into a nearby bus stop, where he kept hold of him until police arrived. And when officers made an appearance on the scene, Tom apparently proudly told them: "I caught the ****."

"The kid looked wrecked and in shock," Arun continued. ""Tom Hardy's clearly not a man you'd mess with. I think he even checked the kid's ID before cops took over.

"I asked Tom what happened and he told me he chased him through my back garden and caught him around the block - but the route was like an assault course."

Tom is also reported to have told another onlooker: "This little s**t nicked something and now he's got himself a broken leg."

Both thieves were injured in the incident, and two suspects are now facing charges of theft.

Tom is no stranger to completing high-octane stunt scenes in his movies, having previously starred in films such as Inception, The Dark Knight Rises and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Elton John recovering

Elton John has been hospitalized with an illness that has forced him to scrap a series of Las Vegas shows.

Reports suggested the Rocket Man singer was battling poor health following a recent medical procedure and needed time to rest up, but now it appears the situation is much worse.

His entire April and May run of The Million Dollar Piano shows at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Sin City has been cancelled, together with a planned 6 May gig in Bakersfield, California.

A spokesman for the ailing rocker tells Variety Elton became "violently ill" after contracting a rare "potentially deadly" bacterial infection during his recent South American tour, and he was admitted to a hospital upon his return from Santiago, Chile last week, where he spent two days in intensive care.

He was released from the hospital on Saturday, and is now "comfortably resting at home per doctor's advice", according to the representative, who insists he is expected to make a full recovery.

"I am so fortunate to have the most incredible and loyal fans and apologize for disappointing them," a statement released by Elton on Monday reads. "I am extremely grateful to the medical team for their excellence in looking after me so well."

Elton's previously scheduled Las Vegas shows on 28 & 29 April, 1, 4 & 5 May have all been scrapped. He will return to the stage in England on 3 June, after taking a month off.

His release from the hospital came on the 10th Record Store Day, when he was feted as the annual event's first ever Legend.

Elton marked the occasion by re-releasing his 1971 live album, 17.11.70, with added tracks.

The exclusive Record Store Day edition of 17.11.70+ included six new songs, including a version of Amoreena, which had never been released on vinyl. The album also features live versions of Take Me to the Pilot, Your Song, I Need You To Turn To, and My Father's Gun.

Stefani and Shelton 'numb'

Singers Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have become "numb" to the constant tabloid speculation surrounding their romance.

The No Doubt frontwoman has been dating Blake since late 2015, following the collapse of her marriage to rocker Gavin Rossdale and the country star's divorce from Miranda Lambert, and their romance has been a constant headline grabber for 18 months.

In the early days of their relationship, Blake used to dismiss unfounded gossip via Twitter, but he admits the rumors have become so widespread, they have both learned to just ignore all the speculation about marriage, babies, and other nonsense.

Asked if the media appetite for news about their romance has calmed down, he told breakfast show Today, "God, I hope so. Please, I hope so."

"I don't think it's mellowed out, really," Blake continued, "I think we don't pay as much attention to it anymore; we're numb to it. Anytime we see a story about us, it's either that it's a fake relationship, or that we're already married, or that we're going to get married, or that she's on her second set of twins... (sic)."

"Or, you know, that I'm sneaking behind her back to eat meat!" he laughed about his reported eating habits now he's dating a strict vegetarian. "I eat meat right in front of her face, let me tell ya (sic)!"

Blake addressed the intense press attention during a group interview with his girlfriend, Adam Levine, and Alicia Keys, his fellow judges on the 12th season of talent show The Voice, and although he is annoyed by the tabloid drama, he can understand why people are so fascinated by their unexpected coupling.

"In people's defense," the singer began, "I think that it's so hard for people to wrap their head around why Gwen would want to be with me, I don't blame them."

Shaking her head in response, mother-of-three Gwen suggested she didn't agree as she smiled and simply replied, "You're crazy."

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