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Flat world means sore feet

Maybe the world is flat?

Your home, businesses, the sidewalk, schools, and places we shop and exercise are mostly flat surfaced. The 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments in our feet can become tired and sometimes even painful from doing the same movements and receiving the same pressures repeatedly.

Additionally, if your feet have any alignment issues or structural changes due to a trauma, sports injury or disease process that affect the feet, the discomfort and pains may onset more easily.

A pedorthist at OKAPED can help to determine if a conservative treatment to alter pressures or motions of the feet could be helpful. These options may include footwear changes, modifications to footwear, stretching and strengthening recommendations, custom or non-custom orthotics, bracing or also referring to another health care professional once the biomechanics and alignment have been analyzed.

Since 1997 OKAPED clinicians have found often that inappropriate footwear caused or contributed to ongoing foot pain. Simply put, footwear can be medicine or a menace. The two basic categories of footwear are functional and fashion. Often when these categories merge, feet fall victim to the shoes’ “look” and their lack of functional support.

Using the appropriate shoe for the task can make all the difference when combating the effects of hard, flat floors and surfaces. One example of this is athletic footwear. This footwear is sub-categorized by how supportive or cushioned it is. Having a pedorthist assess your foot alignment and gait pattern will help you to determine what your feet require.

It is a myth that supportive footwear weakens your feet. If that were the case, hockey players, figure skaters and ski racers who spend thousands of hours in almost rigid footwear would have weak feet. They do not.

Over-supporting a foot is not ideal, either, and can in some cases cause injuries to occur. Another common source of discomfort is an improperly fitted shoe. At OKAPED we help fit feet outside the average shape with orthopedic modifications and, in some cases, specialty footwear.

Feet are complicated, and the lack of variety within an ever-growing flat world complicates our foot comfort even more. To be seen by one of our pedorthists for an assessment, call any of our five offices listed at okaped.com.


Mission looking for sponsors


The sound of businesses speaking up about the homelessness issue in Kelowna keeps getting louder, and it promises to be one of the primary talking points of the municipal election campaign leading up to Oct. 20.

Kelowna’s Gospel Mission would like businesses to know they can do something about the issue before they head to the ballot box. They can get involved and sponsor a program that will aid in the fight against homelessness.

“I would like to see companies come on board and actually take ownership of these programs,” Gospel Mission director of development Mike Morrison says.

The first program in which Morrison is looking for sponsorship is outreach, where Kelowna’s Gospel Mission staff move about the city, offering services to the homeless and inviting them to come to the shelter.

“I feel that businesses would be keen to support and sponsor a program that helps the homeless who are just outside their doorstep,” Morrison says. “They can be a part of the solution. Homelessness is in the eyes of the whole community, and it is only increasing. We’re just a piece of it, but we’re the piece that has been there for the last 40 years."

The second sponsorship opportunity is with the Gospel’s dental program. It would help not only the homeless but the city’s underprivileged as well.

“This is an exciting program and reaches further than the homeless. We help a portion of our community that cannot afford dental care,” Morrison says. “It’s a program that not only assists our guests, but it’s great because it also covers the whole city. There’s a lot of people that don’t have dental coverage.”

The final focus for Kelowna’s Gospel Mission is their women’s supportive housing, which it has been running for more than 22 years.

“This program is focused on the recovery needs of women in crisis,” Morrison says. “It’s a program that leads to independent lives.”

To sponsor a program, visit Kelowna's Gospel Mission sponsorship page.

Party at Centra Windows

It’s time to party and celebrate with the entire family at the neighbourhood block party, hosted by Centra Windows.

In celebration of Centra’s brand new showroom, Centra Windows is inviting you and your family to 2350 Acland Rd. in Kelowna on Saturday, Sept. 22, for free lunch, free consultations about the design of your home and a bouncy castle for the kids. Mamas for Mamas will also be on hand to accept donations of new or gently used toys or children’s clothing and new diapers.

It’s a great opportunity to bring the family, get to know your neighbours and visit the new interactive showroom Centra Windows has to offer. There will be consultants on site who can answer questions about your home and provide suggestions while illustrating how to maximize the level of comfort within your home.

Lunch and snacks will be provided for the whole family, and there will be plenty of activities for the kids. It’s an opportunity to learn about the potential of your home, support a great cause and spend quality time with your fellow community.

You will also have a chance to donate unused diapers and gently used toys and clothing for a local award-winning charitable organization that supports mothers in crisis, Mamas for Mamas. The charity is actively engaged with the development of a poverty reduction plan with representatives of Kelowna, the Central Okanagan and the province of B.C. Centra Windows has served the Kelowna community for more than a decade, and it continues to make an impact around the area.

If you are serious about getting the best quality, best energy-savings and best value in today’s window replacement market, then you need to visit the new showroom. Centra is more than a window company; it is a leader in building envelope education and takes great pride in sharing its knowledge with the local community. Come out to the brand new showroom to understand the differences in product design, and how you can save energy and money.

You will also have a chance to meet the team at Kelowna’s classic rock station, K96.3—Kelowna's Classic Rock. The team will be live on location, speaking with families and providing music and entertainment throughout the day. Come and say hello, have lunch and experience the brand new showroom from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Centra Construction Group is the only local B.C. window manufacturer, supplier and installer that is in more homes than anyone else in the province. It views the house as a system and understands how each part must work correctly to maximize the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

Centra Windows is 100 per cent employee-owned and committed to giving back to each community where it serves.


Fresh Air helping women

The 35th annual Fresh Air Women’s Run has a fresh feel this year, but it still might be a little familiar to some.

The five- and 10-kilometre event is moving back to its original start/finish location, it is in a new spot on the calendar, and the focus is entirely on women.

“We decided if we were going to change it up, let’s completely change it,” Fresh Air’s Amie Olar says. “Let’s revamp it a little bit.”

This year’s race will be held on Sunday, Sept. 30, and it will start and finish at The Vibrant Vine on Pooley Road in East Kelowna. In recent years the start/finish line was set up at City Park, and the event was held in June.

“We’re going to go back to our roots, basically,” Olar says.

Organizers used to hold a YMCA Strong Kids race in conjunction with the women’s run, but this year they want the focus to be entirely on women. Fresh Air is still conducting YMCA Strong Kids races, but just at different times of the year.

Proceeds from the event’s silent auction—another new feature this year—will benefit the Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society, whose primary mission is to support and empower those affected by sexual abuse, exploitation or violence.

“If you’re going to choose a run,” Olar says, “choose this one, because you’re giving back to the community.”

The silent auction will be held on Saturday, Sept. 29, at Fresh Air Concept, where participants will pick up their packages. Some of the silent auction items include ski-and-stays from Big White Ski Resort and SilverStar Mountain Resort, a golf-and-stay from Predator Ridge, not to mention packages from Smartwool and TWP Fitness.

“This year we decided to put some emphasis on these bigger prizes that we are going to get and let’s raise some money for the charity,” Olar says.

Saturday’s package pick-up will also serve as an expo, with running and fitness companies displaying their wares, and a bottle of wine will be the featured goodie bag item for each participant. There will still be draw prizes, as in previous years, and a pair of New Balance shoes will be given away to one of the first 100 registrants.

The five- and 10-kilometre runs aren’t competitive events, although small prizes will be given to those who finish first, second or third.

“There’s a few people who turn it into a little bit more of a competitive event, but it’s open to anybody,” Olar says. “If you want to come and walk it you’re more than welcome to come and walk it. It is timed. Everyone’s going to get a timing chip, but it’s not going to get you to Boston.”

No, the Fresh Air Women’s Run is all about having fun, getting some exercise and raising money for a deserving women’s charity.

“We’ve got great numbers so far,” Olar says. “I’m really impressed by that. And a lot of positive feedback saying, ‘Yay, we’re so excited to go back to southeast Kelowna, especially at that time of year, through the orchards.’ ”

The entry fee is $50, and registration can be completed here.

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