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Predator Ridge adding to long list of amenities with outdoor rink

Predator Ridge building rink

Predator Ridge homeowners hoping to skate out of town this winter will now be able to skate on an outdoor rink that will be installed in the community in early December.

Since the U.S.-Canada border is closed and will likely remain that way for an extended period of time, more Canadian snowbirds will be spending their winters in the white stuff. In an effort to make the season more enjoyable for them, Predator Ridge is making sure there will be plenty to do to make time fly.

The outdoor rink is yet another amenity for Predator Ridge homeowners, visitors and resort guests. The target opening date is Monday, Dec. 7, and it will be built using state-of-the-art portable refrigerated technology that will maintain the ice up to an outdoor temperature of 10 C. That will provide a reliable and consistent ice surface all winter long, and it will be the only Okanagan community to offer a refrigerated private skating facility for residents and guests.

“We’ve always been a four-season community,” Predator Ridge marketing manager Dekker Mende says. “We really wanted it to be special this winter.”

If skating is not your cup of tea, there will still be plenty of fun to be had at Predator Ridge this winter. One of the biggest attractions will be the Sim Lounge, which will feature four golf simulators that can be used for lessons and league play on a variety of courses. Food and drinks will be available in the lounge for players to enjoy while hitting the links.

The long list of activities for Predator Ridge homeowners, visitors and resort guests also includes tennis and pickleball, whose facility is open year-round, snowshoe trails, the fitness centre and a wide range of culinary events, like food-themed days of the week, Sunday brunch, cooking classes, cocktail classes, chef’s dinners and wine dinners.

More information about Predator Ridge amenities can be found here.

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Craftsman Collision going extra mile to keep customers safe

DrivePur offers more safety

Every time a vehicle enters a Craftsman Collision location, the goal is to transform so it leaves in the condition it was in before it got banged up.

And now, thanks to an innovative cleaning system, those vehicles are leaving the shop with an extra layer of protection against enemies that cannot be seen.

Craftsman Collision is now offering the DrivePur treatment, which was invented 12 years ago by a Texas car dealer who suffered a staph infection from bacteria in one of his used vehicles and nearly died.

The treatment is a two-step process that starts with a registered, organic disinfectant called Fresch that eliminates on contact 99.9% of the germs, viruses (including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19), bacteria, fungus and mould that is found on surfaces throughout a vehicle’s interior. Then the DrivePur spray, which consists of titanium dioxide, sodium chlorite and water, is applied to the vehicle’s interior, trunk area and high touch points on the vehicle’s exterior. It is an antimicrobial coating that actively fights to protect against germs, viruses, bacteria and mould from adhering to surfaces for up to six months.

Many are concerned about safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, so offering the DrivePur treatment was a natural move for Craftsman Collision president Rick Hatswell once the world got moving again. The optional service is available at all Craftsman Collision locations for $49 until Jan. 1, at which time the price will increase to $99.

“The beauty of it is that this DrivePur formula of titanium dioxide leaves a layer on your vehicle that interacts with sunlight and keeps cleaning for up to six months,” Hatswell says. “It’s something that continues to protect your vehicle.”

The Craftsman Collision locations in Kelowna, West Kelowna and Rutland have performed the DrivePur treatment on all of its replacement vehicles that customers drive while their own rides are being repaired. It’s all in the name of safety, which has never been more important for people than it is today.

“Now with the pandemic, with everyone so concerned about their safety—not only of the car repair but also what can’t be seen on the inside of the car and what it will do to me—it just kind of fit in perfectly, actually, for safe, proper repairs,” Hatswell says.

“We’re making sure that everything we do delivers back a car that is safe for the customer.”

The treatment is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and has no fragrance. It leaves a fresh eucalyptus scent in the vehicle for a short period of time following its application. The aroma eventually fades, but the DrivePur treatment keeps working.

“It’s us continuing to perform safe, quality repairs,” Hatswell says, “and making sure that cars are delivered safely back to customers.”

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Orchard City Games looking to create game-playing community

It's all fun and games here

If the words Tarmogoyf, Ugin and Shockmaw mean anything to you, there is a “gathering” place in the Okanagan you might want to visit.

Or if you simply like being entertained or playing games with friends, this spot will make you happy, too.

Orchard City Games is a new business in Westbank that is hoping to bring together a community of game players. It is already big into Magic: The Gathering, a popular 1993 game that features cards with the unique names mentioned above.

“We’re trying to build a safe space that is non-judgmental with all walks of life welcome,” says Marie Justin, who owns Orchard City Games with her husband, Ken. “All of our staff is very welcoming, very friendly and very knowledgeable.”

The business features everything from role-playing to tabletop to war-playing to card games. Orchard City Games, for instance, is the only location in West Kelowna and Westbank in which single cards for Magic, or MTG as it’s known, can be purchased, and that makes it a natural gathering spot for those who play it. The cards can also be purchased through the Orchard City Games website.

Orchard City Games plays host to Friday Night Magic every week—with COVID-compliant protocols, of course—in its location at 110-2230 on Highway 97, just behind White Spot. Dungeons and Dragons is another game that will be prominent at Orchard City Games.

“We have a game-playing space, and then we have our retail space,” Marie Justin says. “We have a section devoted to having that gaming community coming in and playing and sitting at our tables and chairs.”

The store held its soft opening on Sept. 30 and opened officially earlier this month. The Justins are planning to hold a grand opening close to or on Halloween weekend. It is also teaming up with Castanet to give away a board game package, worth approximately $200, through a contest that can be entered here. People can enter simply by liking the Facebook page as well.

Game players of all kinds are encouraged to check out its Facebook page, where Marie plans to posts quizzes and games for those who cannot make it into the store or are looking for some fun when the business is not open. Participants will have the chance to win discounts off their next purchase, and some will just be for fun.

The Facebook page also has to the ability to become an online meeting place that Orchard City Games will lead to in-person gatherings at their location.

“We’ll do all types of games as our gaming community grows,” Marie Justin says.

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Total Restoration Services quick to give back to Okanagan Valley

Total Restoration local, loyal

When disaster strikes, it is best to have your restoration company just down the street.

That is where Total Restoration Services is—and has been since 2002. And it is not going anywhere.

“For any kind of emergency disaster situation, it’s imperative to act quickly,” Total Restoration general manager Marisa Wilson says.

That is just one of the many reasons why Total Restoration prides itself as being the Okanagan's and Shuswap’s go-to company for restoration services. The family-owned business has been serving the valley for nearly 20 years in more ways than one. It can respond to large, catastrophic losses just as well as the national brands, but it also keeps money in the Okanagan and supports a wide range of community events and organizations.

Total Restoration employees are your friends and neighbours. They know the Okanagan, and they know you. That kind of care, attention and empathy can be found only with a company that has deep local roots. When clients call after hours they will get the company owners, too, so they know their needs will be met.

“Our reputation is everything for us,” Wilson says. “We’re here in the community. Our warranty is stronger than anybody’s because of that. It keeps the money here.”

Just how local is Total Restoration? Well, it is the only company that has an office on Big White Mountain, and it doesn’t get much more Okanagan than that.

They do not just have an office at Big White, however. A percentage of revenue from Total Restoration’s work in the town goes to the Big White Mountain Community Development Association, and it allows the group to use its office for meetings.

“They can’t do their fundraisers due to COVID-19,” Wilson says. “We heard that one loud and clear, and it’s a way for us to help them up there grow their community and make things better for them.

“That’s what local businesses do. They support their community.”

Total Restoration is a major sponsor of the Kelowna Rockets, West Kelowna Warriors, Kelowna Chiefs and Big White racers, and is trying to help as many local groups as possible to help them through the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also be taking part in an initiative to help the Central Okanagan Food Bank this holiday season.

And all the while Total Restoration will be there when troubles arise. It is the most certified company in the Okanagan and Shuswap, as its 60 employees include a master water restorer, a master fire and smoke restorer, and a master textile cleaner.

It’s never been more important to shop local during these uncertain times, which is why if you have a fire or a flood, your first call should be to Total Restoration—that company just down the street.

This article is written by or on behalf of the sponsoring client and does not necessarily reflect the views of Castanet.

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