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More than 60 new cars are on display at Orchard Park this week

One stop new car shopping

If you’re thinking of buying a new vehicle but don’t want to spend your weekend driving all over Kelowna to visit 18 dealerships, the Kelowna Automobile Dealers Association has exactly what you need.

KADA will once again be conducting the Kelowna New Car Dealers Auto Show this week at Orchard Park Shopping Centre. The four-day show begins today (Wednesday) and concludes on Saturday.

The city’s 18 dealerships will be putting more than 60 new vehicles in the public areas of the mall, allowing shoppers to kill several birds with one stone. They can grab that new pair of pants and check out the latest in vehicle luxury right outside the store.

“It’s a good opportunity that not a lot of people necessarily get unless you’re in a big metro city,” KADA president Jamie Kaban says. “If the weather’s crappy, you can shop in the warmth.”

Kaban, who is Kelowna Toyota’s general manager, said his dealership will be taking five 2020 vehicles to Orchard Park, including a Tacoma, Highlander, RAV4, Supra and Corolla.

Some of the dealerships will have representatives at the mall and will be able to provide information on the new vehicles or set up test drives.

“A lot of people are able to see the cars that maybe they wouldn’t have checked out otherwise,” Kaban says. “There is no better opportunity to be able to see so many different brands all in one convenient place."

The Kelowna New Car Dealers Auto Show will take place during Orchard Park Shopping Centre hours, which are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday.

The Property Masters bridges gap in housing market to get results

Sell your home quickly

As you know, selling your home traditionally doesn’t always work, and often it can be extremely difficult. Securing traditional financing for a home is also very challenging for many, which can make for a trying combination.

And that is why The Property Masters exist. They bridge the gap. They offer creative ways for people to enter into—or exit—home ownership.

The Property Masters owner, Richard Provost, has been buying and selling homes for 10 years, five of which have been in the Okanagan, and he said he saw the current landscape coming. 

“I’ve met with and have spoken with many couples and families who were being turned away for financing over the past few years,” Provost said. “I realized there was a way we could help bridge the gap. It’s a vicious cycle and a huge challenge for prospective homeowners.” 

Qualifying for financing is very challenging for many Okanagan families. However, the desire for home ownership in the Okanagan remains strong. Thousands of hard-working, self-employed buyers are finding themselves in a dilemma, where they have good income and good credit, but they don’t have 15 to 20% to put down. They are left with the only alternative—the rental market.

Jared Waldroff, The Property Masters’ acquisitions manager, said approximately 80% of their buyers are self-employed and have trouble securing traditional financing. Those who use The Property Masters don’t have to go to the bank right away, they don’t need perfect credit and they don’t have to put down 20%.

“We have close to a hundred interested buyers for every home at any given time,” Provost says. “Our goal is to ensure a successful purchase. It must be beneficial for all involved. We do require money up front. We help people get into our homes without having to go to the bank right away.”

The bottom line is it’s becoming more difficult to secure financing for couples and families, and Provost foresees this will become only a bigger issue as the local economy continues to transform.

That means it may take longer to sell your home the traditional way. The Property Masters offers excellent solutions to overcome these hurdles, and they get it done quickly.

“Simply put, we help homeowners sell their homes by buying them,” Provost says.

Our typical seller is someone looking to downsize, relocate for work, they’ve outgrown their home, they’re experiencing financial difficulties or there’s been a change in their personal relationship status and they need to sell now.

Many times The Property Masters can purchase homes for full market value, even sometimes helping the sellers with move out costs, sometimes utilizing the pre-existing financing the sellers have in place.

The Property Masters can purchase homes in less than seven days. It’s a very attractive alternative than having your home potentially sit for months, sometimes years. Buyers are given the opportunity for home ownership, and sellers don’t experience any uncertainty.

There are multiple ways in which The Property Masters will buy your home:

• Lease with an Option to Purchase: A purchase price is mutually agreed upon, and then the property is leased between one and three years. The Property Masters will then buy your home outright at the end of the term. This allows the seller to receive the price they want with a higher than average rental payment over the term. During the term, the seller’s mortgage continues to decrease, often resulting in $20,000 to $50,000 more for the seller. This will also allow the seller to move on now rather than waiting with uncertainty on whether a sale may or may not happen.

• Owner financing: Essentially, you sell your home and carry back the financing. You’d be collecting monthly payments from your equity and not dealing with tenants.

• Cash offer: You’d sell your home to The Property Masters and be compensated for the home in a timely manner.

• Vendor Takeback Mortgage: This allows for the seller to receive the highest market value sale on their home. This also gives them most of the purchase price in cash while leaving a smaller piece of their net equity in place on the title of their home. The seller would receive a monthly payment with interest, while being fully secured with their remaining equity which will be paid off in a couple short years.

More information for sellers and buyers is available on The Property Masters website.

Kelowna company will provide road map to better home efficiency

Egnite will lead to efficiency

You would like to retrofit your home to increase its efficiency, improve your comfort, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money at the same time.

You are just uncertain how to go about implementing the most effective method, what rebate incentives are available and how much you would actually be accomplishing in the end.

This is where Brendon Gray and Kelowna's Egnite Sustainability will step in and make the process simple to understand. Egnite provides energy efficiency consulting services that will get the ball rolling on your quest for increased performance and efficiency.

“As certified Energy Advisors licensed through National Resources Canada, we provide EnerGuide home evaluations and renovation upgrade reports that detail potential retrofit options that are available to homeowners,” Gray says.

Egnite will come to your home and perform an on-site assessment, after which it will designate your home with an EnerGuide rating. The lower it is, the better it is for the environment and for your pocketbook.

“Detailed feedback is broken down in an easy to follow roadmap to assist in providing homeowners with education and awareness in implementing energy retrofit improvements to their home," Gray says. “We also break down all the rebates that the homeowner would be eligible to apply for if they were to perform those upgrades.

"Usually, on average, with those evaluations that we do we try and target doing a 30 to 50 per cent energy improvement to the home, and a lot of times homeowners are seeing a range of anywhere between $4,000 to $8,000 in home renovation rebates just for doing those.”

The best part is the province and the City of Kelowna both provide rebate incentives that cover between 50% to 75% of the EnerGuide home evaluation cost.

After all, 40% of Kelowna’s greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings. Homes built prior to the year 2000 that operate natural gas furnaces and hot water heaters can typically produce as much as five tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year. The city’s goal, based on provincial greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, is to retrofit 1,617 residential units per year achieving a 30% improvement in energy efficiency in each of those units.

Egnite Sustainability will be attending the Kelowna Spring Home Show on Feb. 22 and 23 at Prospera Place. Gray invites everyone and anyone to come over to his booth to chat about the topic of home energy efficiency and how they can take advantage of the available home rebate incentives being offered.

Attendees will be able to enter into a draw to win a Nest Smart Programmable Thermostat and other giveaways. Those who can't attend the home show can send an email to Gray at [email protected]

Penticton company picks up prestigious North American award

RPR reaches elite status

Penticton’s RPR Heating & Air Conditioning is just the third Canadian firm to capture a Circle of Champions Award from Bryant.

RPR Heating & Air Conditioning received the award last May in Indianapolis in recognition of its commitment to quality, leadership and excellence in the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) industry.

To be eligible for the Circle of Champions designation, a Bryant dealership must first exemplify the highest of technical HVAC excellence and superb customer service levels, achieving factory authorized dealer status. Bryant FADs who have demonstrated superior performance across a number of select scorecard categories are then recognized as Circle of Champions designates.

It was a banner year for the Penticton-based heating and cooling contractor, as it captured the 2019 Business of the Year award from the Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce in October.

The Circle of Champions Award is designed to encourage Bryant dealers across North America to strive for superior technical acumen, high levels of customer satisfaction and serve as an honourable contributor to their communities. Bryant is perhaps most proud of the ongoing humanitarian and philanthropic efforts carried out by owners Terry and Heather Olfert. They annually aid the less fortunate and non-profit organizations both in the Okanagan and in developing countries.

“Terry, Heather and the RPR team continue to raise the bar year after year, providing quality heating and air conditioning solutions designed to meet the specific needs of homeowners and businesses in Penticton and surrounding area,” Carrier Enterprise Canada president Mike Gonsalves says. “Fuelled by their dedication and commitment to technical and customer service excellence, Terry, Heather and the RPR team were recognized with the prestigious Bryant Circle of Champions award for their industry and market leadership.

“But while being the best in the heating and air conditioning business is what RPR does, it’s Terry, Heather and the team’s commitment to supporting the communities where they work and live that defines who they are. From countless volunteer hours to supporting multiple charitable organizations and always being there for those in need, it humbles us and makes the entire Bryant Carrier Enterprise team proud to be partnered with Terry, Heather and their outstanding and inspirational team.”

To learn more about RPR Heating & Air Conditioning and its heating, cooling and refrigeration products and services, call 250-492-3677 or visit www.rprheating.com.

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