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Evest Funds' first two information sessions for a new Kelowna development were a smashing success, so they’re going to have another one later this month!

The Vancouver company is working on a project in the city’s Clifton Road neighbourhood called “Promontory.” It is located on the southeast slope of Knox Mountain, just five minutes from downtown. It is an exciting investment opportunity in a 120-unit townhome development at the corner of Highpointe and Boynton.

“We’re tracking great success,” Evest Funds founder and CEO Robert Fraser says. “A lot of people are subscribing, entering as a limited partner, but it is a large project, so we’ll probably be taking reservations for another two or three months.”

The minimum investment is $25,000, and being a limited partner gives the investor a five per cent discount as well as first choice on the best units should they decide to purchase one.

*“The project takes place over 24 months, and the projected return is at or over 29* per cent,” Fraser says. “It’s based on our strategy of acquiring land at a very favourable price at the right time and then turning it around, subdividing and then building a community.

“… So basically you’ve generated the return from $25,000—let’s say 29* or 30 per cent—plus you’re given the five per cent discount. This pretty much brings you to a down payment for a unit. It’s a nice way to offer the general public an opportunity to become an investor and property owner.”

Fraser is Promontory’s General Partner, and he has been responsible for numerous projects across B.C., from resorts to townhouses to single-family dwellings.

Fraser reports there is a large number of investors from Vancouver and Alberta, and that the project is expected to attract future retirees, young families and post-secondary students. The project is affordably priced and well located, which creates an excellent opportunity for everyone to make business as well as buy a home.

The next Promontory project presentation will be held in Kelowna at Coast Capri Hotel on July 25 at 7 p.m. We look forward to hosting and sharing this exciting opportunity with you. To sign up for the presentation or to get more information, please click below:

Register now!

Discover Promontory, a unique investment opportunity in coveted Kelowna! If you can't attend the project presentation, visit the website at www.investinkelowna.com.

*This disclosure contains forward-looking information is not complete and that complete forward-looking information is included in the Issuer's current offering memorandum. The forward-looking information is management's projections based on project planning and analysis using industry accepted assumptions and analysis techniques for the real estate market in Kelowna and the project area in particular. While management believes its assumptions and analysis are valid and reasonable, actual results may vary from the forward-looking information and there are a number of inherent risk factors, such as variability in real estate pricing, prices for construction materials, and government policy that could have a negative impact on the Issuer and could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking information. The Issuers undertake no responsibility to update their forward-looking information. This is not a public offering or solicitation of securities and is for informational purposes only. The reader is directed to the Issuer's current offering memorandum for a more full consideration of the risks, assumptions and forward-looking information, and should first consult with a qualified licensed investment advisor prior to considering any investment.


Special access to new ciders

The farmers of BC Tree Fruits Cooperative have been growing fruit in the Okanagan for more than 100 years, so it only makes sense that when they took those centuries of knowledge into the cider business the result was truly special.

What began as one apple cider in 2014 has since expanded to three distinct varieties: Broken Ladder Apples, Broken Ladder Apples & Hops, and Broken Ladder Pears & Peaches.

The industry has taken notice, and the cooperative’s ciders have won dozens of awards across North America.

But BC Tree Fruits is, of course, deeply rooted in the Okanagan. That’s why the cooperative has now found a way to give locals a special sneak peek at its newest creations.

As the cooperative’s Shannon Forgues explains, BC Tree Fruits’ Kelowna tasting room offerings have been expanded. It now boasts a whopping eight taps, allowing it to offer exclusive selections from its small-batch, cider-makers’ select series for both tastings and growler fills.

“The cider makers have been set loose and given free reign to play with new recipes, and they are creating some uncommonly delicious ciders,” Forgues says.

Visitors to the tasting bar, at 880 Vaughan Ave. in Kelowna's north end, now have a chance to discover ciders like the surprise hit Rose, Hibiscus, Double Hopped and others, including the soon-to-be-released Juniper. Every variety on tap is available for growler fills, a convenient way to take home freshly tapped cider. Growlers are available for purchase in the tasting bar in one- or two-litre sizes, or cider lovers can bring in their own growlers.

“People are loving the fact that they can come in and fill their growlers and choose from not only the three core ciders but also a selection of our select series,” Forgues says.

While the three core Broken Ladder ciders are available in four-packs at liquor stores across the province and Alberta, the cider makers’ select varieties are the only ones available at the tasting room.

The small-batch ciders keep to the BC Tree Fruits philosophy. They’re made right on site at the Vaughan Street cidery, using 100 per cent Okanagan fruit.

"BC Tree Fruit ciders are truly orchard to glass,” Forgues says. “They’re free of added water, sugars, colours and artificial flavours, so people know they’re getting something both pure and delicious.”

She adds: “Our cider makers are so excited to share their new blends, but they are made in small batches and supplies are limited, so we encourage cider lovers to stop by frequently and to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @BCTFCider to learn about upcoming releases."

Copper Beech thinks green

A new 26-unit, four-storey condominium at the corner of Ethel Street and Saucier Avenue is named in honour of a 100-year-old copper beech tree with an amazing shade of purple leaves that sits on the property.

The tree is so significant to the city’s natural history it’s registered with the city of Kelowna.

Developer LiWell has shaped the building to not only save the tree, but to use it to create a more inviting place to call home.

“Balconies of the units that face the tree are curved to allow the copper beech to continue growing while also providing some welcoming shade in the summer,” Letnick Estates Group JP Letnick said. “Copper Beech is all about ‘Enjoying life’ and ‘Live well.’ We want to be a part of a greener future, and we embrace an active lifestyle.”

Copper Beech is a short walk to the downtown sports, shopping, dining, arts and cultural districts, to the wonderful beaches of Okanagan Lake and to the bustling Capri-Landmark area.

It also sits in the middle of the $12-million Ethel Street upgrade that will transform the already beautiful neighborhood into a corridor of pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, protected bike lanes, parks and park benches that will connect you from the downtown beach district to the hip South Pandosy neighborhood, Kelowna General Hospital, parks, schools and more.

As much as Copper Beech recognizes its history, the building is being built with a firm foundation for the future. It is a high quality and meticulously designed building aiming to provide homeowners with maximum comfort, bright spaces with a chic interior to relax in after work or to entertain friends and families. Copper Beech owners will also enjoy the benefits of substantial energy saving and quality security with some of the latest state-of-the-art SMART home technology and green appliances. Car-charging stations are to be installed to contribute to the reduction of carbon footprints.

Steel frames and concrete will replace wood, and cutting-edge technologies are inside and outside. Homes built using steel are healthier since it is fire, pest and mould resistant. They are also quieter, stronger and have lower maintenance costs since steel won’t crack, warp or split.

Embracing healthier eating and supporting the world-renowned local agriculture are all part of ‘Live Well’ at the LiWell Properties smart condominium. Steam microwaves, wine coolers and VIP memberships to organic farms and wineries are only the beginning of the LiWell ‘Live Well’ story. 

To register for this project, visit http://CopperBeechBC.com.

Content provided by the Letnick Estates Group, a Kelowna Realtor Team.

Perfect time for a Getaway

Craft beer lovers in the Okanagan are about to get what many of them have been wanting for quite some time.

Prohibition Brewing Company has been producing craft beer in Kelowna since 2014, but this summer it is adding 473-millilitre cans to its production line in two of its most popular flavours: Getaway Session Lager and Bootlegger Amber Ale.

“We are very proud to directly serve high quality products to those craft beer lovers throughout the Okanagan Valley,” Prohibition director Dan Allen says.

Prohibition launched four years ago with 650 ml bottles, which the company found could be a little too much in one sitting for some consumers. Instead of going with your basic 355 ml can, Prohibition believes it has hit a home run with its 473 ml offering, which is a popular size among beer drinkers these days. The result is a little bit more flavour, a little bit more mouthfeel and a proper, pint-sized pour.

Getaway Session Lager had been available exclusively on draft, notably at The Keg and Gulfstream Lounge and Grill, but it became so popular that consumers demanded it be brought to market in a can. It will launch next week and be available at most liquor stores in the Okanagan. It is described as a nice, easy-drinking North American-style lager.

Bootlegger Amber Ale was also extremely popular among Prohibition fans, so the company decided to put both of them in cans. It is best described as an easy-drinking, full-flavoured, full-bodied, North American-style amber.

Getaway Session Lager, which has an alcohol content of 5 1/2 per cent, is the perfect alternative for those who want something a little more than your generic lager. Prohibition’s mission is to make a working-class, full-flavoured craft beer so that people can have something to transition out of multi-global, big-box brands.

You won’t have to go far in the Okanagan this summer to find Getaway Session Lager and Bootlegger Amber Ale. Prohibition Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator Cassandra McColman will be blanketing the region with samples for everyone to enjoy, including the Tasting Tuesdays event on The Hotel Eldorado Boardwalk on July 31 at 5 p.m.

“Prohibition brings something unique to the current craft beer market here in the Okanagan,” McColman says. “Careful attention is given to each batch that is brewed, providing consumers with a product that we are really excited to see finally come to life.”

Getaway Session Lager and Bootlegger Amber Ale will be available in single cans and in four-packs.

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