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UBC Okanagan women's soccer schedule announced for 2017 Canada West season

The Heat women are heading into this season with their first postseason appearance under their belt in 2016 and will be hunting for playoff spot this year.

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Canada West Heat men's soccer schedule for 2017

Heading into this season with a 2016 postseason appearance under their belt, the Heat side will be hunting for a playoff spot this year.

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Congratulations to the Heat Graduates of 2017

26 members of 2016-17 Heat teams were a part of the Convocation ceremonies celebrating UBC graduates this Thursday and Friday June 8-9, 2017.

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Heat Cross Country Gives Back To Community

Heat Cross Country is giving back to the youth in the Okanagan. A number of members of the team are participating in a fundraising campaign to raise money and awareness for Foundry Kelowna.

Read more: http://goheat.ca/general/2016-17/releases/20170609xcgivesback

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