Local found dead in Alberta

A former longtime resident of Penticton that was reported missing earlier this week in Alberta has been found dead.

The Drumheller RCMP says Candace Deleeuw, 40, was found deceased Friday in a wooded area near the community northeast of Calgary.

Police appealed to the public for information on her disappearance Thursday, saying she was last seen at the Drumheller Hospital at about 9 p.m. on September 7. She was reported missing on Sept. 16.

Deleeuw lived in Penticton for decades before losing connection with many people who knew her locally, eventually leaving the area sometime this summer. 

RCMP say they are working with the coroner to determine Deleeuw's cause of death.


Power outages possible

The District of Summerland is advising residents to be prepared for intermittent power outages next week. 

The municipal electrical department will be making system changes to accommodate FortisBC maintenance at the Trout Creek substation.

“Some of our customer’s electrical supply will be transferred from the Trout Creek substation to the Prairie Valley substation,” the district said in a notice. “This may result in intermittent outages throughout the week at your residence or business.”

The district is asking that customers that lose power to contact 250-494-0431 or email [email protected] with their address and a description of the problem.

“We appreciate your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience,” the district said.

Fundraiser for grieving kids

LocoLanding Adventure Park and Lickity Split Ice Cream are hosting a fundraiser Sunday in support of counselling services for grieving children. 

Up until June 2018, Susan Kast ran a children’s grief counselling program at the Penticton Hospice. But when she left the hospice to work in private practice, the program folded.

With the program being the only one of its kind in the South Okanagan, a large void was left in the region. 

While the program was running through the hospice, Kast said LocoLanding would always host an end-of-season annual gathering for the kids and their families. 

Discussions then started earlier this year about reviving the group, and with a sponsorship from LocoLanding owner Diana Stirling, the children’s grief group began meeting monthly again in March.

Kast says she and some other volunteers have “made a commitment” to get the group meeting regularly again, “if that means volunteering my time — but I also know I have to make this sustainable.”

She said an anonymous volunteer recently stepped up to pay for the upcoming year’s rental fees for a meeting space at the art gallery. 

On Sunday, LocoLanding will open its doors with full proceeds between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. going to help pay for the counselling. Lickity Split Ice Cream will also be open from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. raising money for the cause. 

“These are vulnerable kids going through a really painful loss and the program I’m looking at running, it’s not a huge and costly program, but the impact it has on kids when we are looking at their long term wellness,” Kast said, is massive. 

She said they typically get around 10 children attending the monthly meetings. If you would like to get involved, contact [email protected]


No more wasting compost

Plans to have an organics composting site in the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen inched forward this week when the board voted to allot $50,000 for a study as to the best location. 

The study will look at both Campbell Mountain landfill and Okanagan Falls landfill as possible sites. The aim is to reduce potentially compostable items being dumped along with garbage. 

"Food waste and other organic materials accounts for approximately 40% of waste going to landfills in the RDOS," reads a report from staff. 

A previous study on whether the RDOS should invest in a compost site found multiple benefits.

"Extending the life of landfills, reducing GHG emissions by limiting methane production and creating food waste based compost for agricultural production," reads the report.

The lowest-cost option to the region was determined to be a facility serving the entire area within 30 minutes drive from Penticton, capable of composting food waste, yard waste and waste water treatment sludge from all jurisdictions.

Both Marion Valley and the District of Summerland landfills were previously proposed options which were ultimately rejected after public outcry. 

The board voted to move forward with a study on the Okanagan Falls landfill site as well as the Campbell Mountain landfill site, the latter of which is already the site of a biosolids management study undertaken by the City of Penticton. 

"Should the board approve the aforementioned study, the RDOS will work with the City of Penticton to create a scope that investigates the triple bottom line for each option," reads the report from staff to the board. 

"Time is of the essence as the City of Penticton will need move forward with its own biosolids composting facility should a combined facility fail."

The board voted to move forward with studies into a region-wide compost facility and will hear results at a later meeting. 

A survey is also underway through the RDOS website here to help them understand how and why citizens use the Campbell Mountain landfill.

Students talk climate strikes

Chelsea Powrie

Friday marked the beginning of a week-long global movement of climate change rallies and strikes, during which some students, including in Kelowna, will be walking out of classrooms in protest against current climate change policies. 

Castanet went to Penticton Secondary School Friday to find out whether our local students are planning to participate. 

Overwhelmingly, the answer was no. 

"I don't think so, just because it is my Grade 12 year, want to get everything done nicely, don't want to cause any trouble," said student. 

"I'm not sure yet," said another.

"Sounds like skipping class," another added. 

Still, many professed their interest in the cause, and said they find the issue of climate change an important one. 

"I know that it's a bad thing that's happening right now but I don't know much about it," a young woman said. 

"The weather is changing so drastically now it's crazy how much it's changed," her friend added. 

"I see all the strikes happening around and I think it's a really cool event that's taking place and it will raise awareness," another student said. 

A public climate rally is being planned in downtown Penticton on Sept. 27 at noon. 

Do you have thoughts on the matter? Let us know at [email protected]

Judge suggested settlement

It was a judge that decided the City of Penticton should pay out a man who had his bag stolen from the library, says the city’s chief financial officer. 

Jim Bauer says the Municipal Insurance Association of B.C. was mostly managing the July 8 claim filed in small claims court by Raman Singh.

Bauer said the insurance association initially opted to decline Singh’s claim, which sought close to $20,000 in expenses after his bag was stolen from the library’s security desk in Nov. 2018. 

“When it went to a conference, in front of a judge, the judge looked at all the facts and through that process there was a conclusion reached that there were some costs that he felt the city would and should be liable for,” Bauer said.

At that conference, the city settled for $3,674.

Bauer acknowledged Singh left his backpack at the security desk “and it was not watched.”

“I guess when the judge looked at it all, maybe he viewed that there was some responsibility on the city’s part for that,” Bauer said.

He explained they typically let the Municipal Insurance Association handle smaller claims like this one, while city management are more hands on with larger lawsuits. 

Phoney DPA emails alert

The Downtown Penticton Association is advising members and residents of phishing/spoof emails that are impersonating the organization. 

The phoney emails are designed to look like they originate from the DPA or its staff.

“Unfortunately, they are not coming from us or any of our systems and we are unable to stop them,” the group said in an email Friday. 

“Should you or someone you know receive a suspicious email that contains an unexpected invoice, request to join a parade or special holiday event, or is from an email address that does not originate from our domain name: @downtownpenticton.org, please delete/block it without clicking any links.”

Anyones with questions is free to contact the DPA by phone 250-493-8540.

Can you spot a phishing/spoofed email? Google has an online test here.

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