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Three notable cannabis products, all with local roots

Top-shelf local weed

Legal weed just keeps getting better and better. It’s not perfect, and there are still some duds on the market. However, compared to a couple years ago, buying cannabis from a legal shop is no longer a constant gamble.

Here are a few of the notable products, all with local roots.

First Class Funk by Ghost Drops

First Class Funk is top notch, but pricey. Grown by JBuds in the Okanagan and released under the Ghost Drops label, it smells earthy and dank. The buds look good with tight trims.

First Class Funk is a high-THC (29.4%) cultivar, GMO and Jet Fuel Gelato cross. Total terpenes are 4.39%, dominant in Limonene, T-Caryophyllene, Terpineol, and B-Pinene.

Vaping is smooth with clouds at low temperatures. In the grinder, the buds break into a fluffy consistency and roll up well. It burns clean and smokes nice.

The jar is hot pink, unlike anything else on the market. There’s a Boveda pack in the jar to keep it fresh. Not that it will be sitting on shelves gathering dust. The first drop sold out fast—at a premium markup.

Even for great flower, the price tag hurts. I paid nearly $60 for my eighth.

It’s worth noting other brands have been bringing great quality buds from craft growers (including JBuds) under their labels at a more affordable cost for consumers.

Platinum Grapes by Organnicraft

Platinum Grapes is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and distinct smelling offerings yet.

This gem is grown by Organnicraft in Vernon. It is ripe with a fruity and gassy scent. There’s no keeping this weed a secret as the smell can fill a room just by opening the bag. The buds are beautiful. They have a stunning platinum tint and grind up it into lovely purple, green, and orange hues.

This is a high-THC cultivar at 27.66%. It also has 3.78% Terpenes, especially high in Trans-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Farnesene. There is a wealth of information on the package for the weed nerds, including the grower and a number of harvest facts.

This is one of my all-time favourites. My one hang-up is I’d like it to come in glass instead of a bag.

Blueberry Yum Yum by Cake and Caviar

Blueberry Yum Yum checks off a lot of boxes.

The Cake and Caviar cultivar stands out for its looks—deep greens, dark purples, with a silvery sheen. The rose-like buds are sparkly. It smells sweet, though not really fruity smelling or tasting like the name suggests. While it grinds nicely and rolls well, it burns a harsh black.

I found dry-herb vaping is the best way to enjoy Blueberry Yum Yum. It gives off nice clouds at low temperatures and the taste is smooth. This is 23.8% THC, with 3% terpenes, highest in Caryophyllene, Limonene, Farnesene, and Myrcene.

Cake and Caviar weed is grown in the Shuswap region of B.C. by Habitat using aquaponics, which is a pretty cool way to grow cannabis.

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Writer remembers smoking cannabis for the first time

My first joint ever

The first time I smoked a joint was during a Kris Kross concert at Canada’s Wonderland.

It was the early 1990s and I was a young teenager. A friend of a friend pulled out a badly rolled one-paper pinner during an intermission at the Toronto-area amusement park’s outdoor venue.

The sun was setting and Kris Kross was coming to the stage to get us to ‘jump, jump.’

I remember the weed’s distinctive smell. The three of us took some tokes—me, Aaron, and Neil.

I’d been smoking cigarettes for a few months before this, so I knew to inhale.
“Hold it in,” Aaron told me. I did. I recall the tickle and the uncontrollable urge to cough.

I remember laughing and jumping to hip-hop beats. I’m not 100% sure I felt high that night, but I do know I had a lot of fun.

The following years are a blur and I don’t actually recall the second time I smoked up. Or the third. Or fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh, really. I do remember enjoying weed, very much indeed.

Getting high feels like another plane of being. It’s sensory and messes with the perception of time.

Cannabis experiences also vary and evolve. Weed is personal. It runs the gamut of emotions and effects, everything from euphoria, confusion, enlightenment, inspiration, anxiety, fixation, space, comfort, healing, giggles, etc. Weed is a million different things to a million different people.

Like good days and bad days, we have good highs and bad highs. Back in the day, we didn’t have the overwhelming amount of weed options we do now or the in-depth information about THC, CBD, and terpenes. You just smoked what you had. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was bad.

If you’ve had a bad experience with weed, it doesn’t mean it will be like that every time. It helps to experiment and find what works. You can try a different way of getting high—drinks, edibles, oils, vapes or joints

There’s a strong consumer bent toward buying the highest THC percentage flower available at the cheapest possible price. Frankly, it’s bad for selection.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking high THC flower. I like to get a good buzz on with the best of you. What I’m saying is, not everything has to be over 20% THC. Lower THC cannabis and balanced CBD ratios are amazing for people who are new to weed or suffer from anxiety. There aren’t many high-CBD, low-THC (or even 1:1) flower offerings on the market.

I’m sometimes asked about what I think is missing from the legal market. That’s a no-brainer—more B.C.-grown craft flower that’s rich in terpenes and ultra-high in CBD. That’s the type of weed I would jump for.

David Wylie is publisher of the oz. In high school he played guitar and video games a lot while stoned. Reach him at [email protected][email protected]

Nearly 1 in 3 say they'll get high first thing on Christmas morning

'Wake-and-bake' Christmas

Nearly one in three people are going to wake and bake on Christmas Day.

That’s according to a recent survey by CBD Oracle (https://cbdoracle.com/news/cannabis-consumer-trends-around-holidays-survey/) that found 28% of respondents were planning to get high first thing in the morning on Christmas.

“Smoking weed at Christmas isn’t the sort of thing you’d see in a Hallmark special, but our survey suggests 28.4% of people who’ve tried weed intend to do it just after waking this year,” says Oracle.

They asked in a survey of 2,000 people what part of the day (if any) is ideal for indulging on Christmas day. “Wake and bake” was the most popular answer, followed by after dinner.

Titled, ‘How Cannabis is Taking Over Christmas,’ the survey found about 75% of respondents would consider getting high with family during the holidays.

“This is really a sign of how far things have come over in relatively few years, with cannabis being increasingly substituted for alcohol both personally and in more social settings,” says Oracle. “Only 16.3% said they wouldn’t want to, with the remaining respondents not being sure.”

Office parties would be a lot more cannabis-friendly if the majority had their way, with 55% saying they want weed-infused treats at the company holiday shindig.

“Drinking at the office party is well established as a part of Christmas tradition, but our survey reveals that the majority of people who’ve used cannabis want weed to be involved in the office party this year,” says Oracle.

“The results show that 54.9% of respondents said they would really love it if their employer served cannabis-infused treats at their office parties. Another 14.3% said they didn’t care either way, implying that it at least wouldn’t bother 69.2% of the office. Only 20.5% said they didn’t think it should be served at the party.”

Just over half (53%) say they intend to replace booze with cannabis.

“When asked what their reasons were for intending to replace alcohol with cannabis, 52.9% said it was because cannabis is safer than alcohol, and 46.8% said it was because using cannabis makes them feel better than alcohol does,” says Oracle’s website.

“After this, the lack of a hangover – or ‘dopeover’ – was cited as an explanation by 38.9% of respondents.”

The study concludes that weed is here to stay for the holidays.

“The results of the survey show that the landscape of the ‘traditional’ holiday period is changing,” says Oracle. “While there will still be the family members who prefer to spend the evenings working through a bottle of wine, a growing number will be taking a little break to light up – possibly even with the new strain or bong they got under the tree.”

The survey polled nearly 2,000 US cannabis users on their cannabis consumption over the holidays. There was no margin of error given.

Key findings

47% would enjoy getting high with family during the holidays, with another 27% saying they’d like to sometimes.

53% plan to give cannabis-themed gifts, especially cannabis beverages and edibles.

48% feel more comfortable discussing difficult topics such as politics with family after smoking weed, and 61% feel more comfortable spending time with anti-vaccine family.

54% said they would love it if their employer served cannabis-infused treats at the office party.

65% plan to completely or occasionally replace alcohol with cannabis over the holidays, mainly because cannabis is less harmful than alcohol.

49% drive high but wouldn’t drive drunk, with 64% saying they feel safer driving high than drunk.

45% plan to abstain or cut down on cannabis use during January, with 27% aiming for a completely “dry January.”

48% don’t experience weed hangovers and feel productive and refreshed the next day.

51% say they’re more likely to stick to New Year’s resolutions if they’re using cannabis.

60% feel more physically active and productive after using cannabis, and only 18% say they feel less active and productive.

Christmas gifts under $20 for those who enjoy cannabis

Cannabis stocking stuffers

Thoughtful stocking stuffers are the unsung heroes of Christmas.

Over the past few years, more than a few family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances have stepped out of the cannabis closet smelling a little skunky.

Perhaps you find yourself struggling to buy gifts for one of these folks and don’t even know where to start. We’re here to help. (If you’re a seasoned stoner, forward this on to your mom.)

Here are four inexpensive and ubiquitous cannabis gifts:

Rolling papers

These are a staple for cannabis smokers. Rollies are perfect to slip inside a Christmas card. The most popular brands are Raw, Zig Zag and Elements. However, you can get really creative because rolling paper choices are myriad, including different colours, flavours and sizes.


Where there’s smoke there must be fire. Lighters make a great stocking stuffer. A multi-pack of lighters is useful for someone (like myself) who misplaces them all the time or forgets them in pockets or runs them through the wash. A big pack is relatively inexpensive and can also be distributed among your stoner friends.

Small canning jars

If you’ve ever made or received homemade jams, jellies or preservatives, you’ll be familiar with these little glass jars. They are also perfect for storing dried cannabis flower. Cannabis aficionados tend to have a bunch of small Bernardin glass jars with tight-sealing lids laying around, as they are essential for keeping flower from drying out quickly when you are saving some or have a surplus. The jars make great gifts. Bonus: Throw in some small humidity packs (Boost or Boveda) or a terracotta humidifying stone and you’ll be a Christmas angel.

Stylish vape-cart batteries

Vaping is an increasingly popular way to get high—basically you heat up cannabis concentrate into a vapour and inhale. You do this through cartridges, widely available and sold by a large variety of cannabis producers. The most common are ‘510-thread’ carts. They are threaded and screw into a pen-sized battery that’s required for it to work. Batteries come in different styles, and basic ones are not overly expensive. They are fun to collect, especially ones that have unique colours and patterns.

If you want ideas for more expensive presents to give the cannabis enthusiasts in your life, check out this list of awesome Canadian-made accessories on the oz. [https://okanaganz.com/oz/features/gift-guide-accessories/]

David Wylie is founder and publisher of the oz., a cannabis publication based in the Okanagan. Reach him at [email protected].

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