Are you dining in at restaurants frequently amid the pandemic?

Poll: Eating out amid COVID

As the pandemic drags on and COVID-19 measures at B.C. restaurants become routine for some, others have been taking out their frustrations on servers and hostesses.

West Kelowna Kelly O'Bryan's owner operator Brad Shave took to Facebook Thursday exasperated over how his staff has been getting treated by some patrons.

"Please be aware of something, we are all stressed. Further, we don't make the rules. There is no reason to accuse staff of being 'unreasonable' for following the rules that they have no control over," he said.

The six-person per table limit, set by the government, has been one of the largest point of friction between staff and customers. 

"If you have six people plus a baby, guess what, that's seven," adding he's also not able to let people get up from one table to visit another.

"We are doing all we can to stay open at limited capacity... we are only trying to follow the rules so we don't get closed."

Shave's social media reminder comes the same day as Premier John Horgan shared some strong words for people who disrespect servers in the province.

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