Racism and stupidity

Re: 'Disappointed' in candidate 

Racism and stupidity.

BC NDP candidate Nathan Cullen’s latest ‘transgressions’ as it relates to alleged racism begs the question: What exactly is racism?

According to ‘experts’, it’s when individuals or groups of people are singled out or segregated based on their racial, ethnic, or cultural differences, for the purpose of denying or awarding them special treatments or considerations, including quota hiring legislation.

According to Premier Horgan the BC NDP has a rule that ‘prioritizes women and people of colour in ridings where white men retire’.

That is nothing more and nothing less than blatant racism.

Andy Thomsen


The left hates free speech

In response to your article,"Free speech rally crashed", it seems that the left has now openly do not support free speech.

Example No.1-Twitter's action of not allowing the NYP's article to be not retweeted or shared.

Example No.2, the counter-protesters who attacked a peaceful demonstration. And whoever wrote the second line, "attacked by critics" should be fired for being lazy of not finding out who attacked Team Save America. It seems that reporters do not care or are lazy about the background of the stories. It seems that a story comes into the news room and they just copy it for us. No background or investigations into the story.

P.S. Do you think the counter-protesters were just KKK members or members of the Proud Boys? Haha. You can bet your booties that some troll (or some commentator on MSNBC or CNN)will come up with this conspiracy theory.

Doug McNair, West Kelowna

Naramata isn't suburbia

I am writing to you to voice my concerns over the proposed Spiller Rd. develop site on the Naramata Bench.  After residing in Vancouver and North Van for 34 years. my husband and I decided to move to a quieter, more peaceful, unpopulated area, with more green space, less traffic and more property space, and purchased a 4-acre vineyard in Naramata.

We have enjoyed our 13 years here so far, but have noticed way more traffic on our only single lane Naramata Road., loss of green space when looking east up into the hills above us, and less wildlife sighted.

The thoughts of having to contend with a very large subdivision on the Bench, more cars and people, road work, unsightly view, etc. is not what I want here.  Now the orchard at 880 Naramata Rd. has been replaced with unsightly hills of dirt for the last 2 yrs. But who knows why. A winery with vineyard would be acceptable or back to its original orchard property, but certainly not 340 homes and at least double the cars. 

Heaven forbid we Naramatians have to pick up and leave in case of a forest fire in our area, with only our one lane road to evacuate us.  We would never get out alive.  Also delays if anyone in Naramata needed an ambulance from Penticton to Naramata and return and be stopped, delayed or detoured due to any major roadwork for this site, not to mention displacement of wildlife. Also, during hot, dry summer months when water is rationed and in short supply, where does the developer intend to get water from and to this huge development?

I hope the Penticton Mayor and Council Members now take a good look at this new proposal and see how this will impact us Naramatians in a very negative way.  Currently, there are now close to 10,000 who have petitioned against this development proposal. I urge Mayor and Council Members to seriously re-evaluate this ridiculous scheme.

Let's keep the Naramata Bench beautiful, and peaceful with its green hills and bluffs, and not 'suburbia' or a concrete sub-division.

Barbara Smallwood, Naramata


Support for barber

Re: Heated barber shop dispute

I came across the "heated barber shop" story on Castanet and can not believe how absolutely absurd and disrespectful Sue Gerrard of Dirty Hairy's Barber Shop is. Going into someone else's business and verbally abusing him is beyond disgusting behaviour.

Surjit has just as much right to be in Canada and make a living as the people who were born here. To say "in a country like that" is absolutely ridiculous. I hope that you loose clientele due to your unprofessional and unpleasant behaviour to a fellow barber.

I am so sorry to Surjit you had to deal with this disrespectful behaviour by a not so fellow Canadian.  

Ingrid Firley 

To all the anti-maskers

I am curious to know what the issue is with having to wear a mask, social distance, and quarantine when needed to reduce the spread of Covid 19.

It seems to be a real issue with some individuals, there have been rallies to protest this.

If you do not want to wear a mask, that is your right, just like I have every right to wear one if I choose.

If I wear one though, there is no harm to you so why would you harass me over it?
But, If you are requested to wear a mask when you enter a privately owned or run facility, you should honour that request, whether you agree with it or not.

People seem to believe this in infringing on your rights, well it is not. It is protect you and me.

If you ask me not to smoke in your home, are you infringing on my rights as a smoker? Of course not, it is your home, your rules apply.

It is no different if you go to the doctor, dentist, or shopping mall. If the rule is to wear a mask, then you should oblige.

Unless there are underlying medical reason that you can’t, then you have to provide a doctors note.
I was reading an article in Castanet about the first anti mask protest rally held at the Art Gallery in Vancouver in September.

Lead organizer of the rally, Ryan Kulbuba lauded the Vancouver Police for preserving the groups right to protest, as they should.

Ryan stated, “They have been nothing but accommodating to us. They are here for our safety”.

Is that not what wearing masks, social distancing, and quarantining is all about, for everyone's safety?

Nobody enjoys having to do these things but it is necessary to keep people safe.

All of our lives have been changed is some way because of Covid 19.

We all need to do our part to control the spread.

Brian Godfroid, Lake Country

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