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I was quite surprised to see that 1/3 of the people ticked diplomacy.

Diplomacy: the art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations.

Isis is not a Nation.

There never will be a diplomatic solution when you are dealing with terrorists. Most countries in the world will not even reply to terrorists who kidnap nationals and demand ransom.

The Islamic terrorists, Isis, and their affiliates burn people in cages, drown people in cages, encourage suicide bombs, and murder anyone in their way.

You cannot stop that thinking sitting at a United Nations board table.

Ken Warren

Beach parking reduction

Boyce-Gyro Beach is Kelowna's second largest beach, jam-packed with families and all the toys and essentials they bring along to have a successful beach day. Despite the fact that parking in the area is already a zoo, city hall is now quietly reducing parking capacity by over 40% from around 200 stalls to 132. They are spending over two million dollars relocating parking stalls and then put up a for sale sign on the portion of the lot that would otherwise maintain current parking levels. In other words, they are restricting public access to this fantastic beach just to satisfy the adjacent trailer park that is deemed not quite big enough for another condo development. 

The city's spin at last Thursday's information session in the park claimed this plan would discourage use of the automobile. Sorry folks, but at this particular beach the family needs a car to bring along the kids, picnic supplies, inflatables and strollers. Taking the bus or riding a bike with toddlers in tow is a bit unrealistic. Another important reason mentioned for selling the land is to pay for the over two million dollar cost to rework the parking. Sorry again folks, but we already have 200 paid-for parking stalls in place and so the money from the sale of the land is really only being used to make it possible to build condos next door. Finally, they told us that for 8 months of the year the parking lot is not at capacity and only really needed for a few busy weekends. I beg to differ, but with that kind of logic I guess that Big White ski resort parking lots are also excessive because they're really only busy on weekends for about three months of the year. 

City hall is overwhelmed these days with so much going on, and so I am not certain if everyone on city council has fully analyzed this project. If you share my opinion then I would urge you to immediately make that known to council before the legal formality that requires putting up a For Sale sign expires and the lot is then sold to who we already know will be the buyer.
The remedy is very simple. Just don't sell the portion of the lot that is already perfectly sized and suited for parking. The neighbouring land owner that wants this piece may have to rethink their plan but I think it's pretty important to preserve the existing parking capacity needed to service Kelowna's iconic beach.

Michael Neill

Please stay off the water

Not everyone on the lake is a millionaire – please stay off the water!

I would first of all like to thank those boaters who were respectful to news requests, high water levels and stayed off the lake on the May long weekend. We have been waiting so long for Okanagan weather to arrive, and finally when it makes its appearance, boaters are asked to stay off the water. Torture. I get it.

I live on Okanagan Lake in Lake Country. Yes, I feel completely fortunate to be on the water – but I was within $5,000 of not being on the water. I am not a millionaire. I bought at the right time. Both my husband and I work full time, have kids in sports, and have bills to pay.

I am frustrated by boaters who are still on the water regardless of pleads to stay off. What you might not realize is that you were asked to stay off the water for many reasons, but one of my main concern is that it is eroding the vegetation along the lakeshore, eroding the shoreline, and many people's retaining walls are being destroyed by these waves now. What you might not also realize is that waves from one boat out in the middle of the lake is still creating enough wave action for waves to go over people's docks. This may destroy a dock. Boo hoo - I know. Waves from people's boats are also causing water to further seep into people's crawl space. Pumps are running as I type, people are sandbagging as I type.  Like others affected by flood damage – insurance will not cover any damage done by boaters, storms, or high water damage. 

For those who are about to respond…yes, I did help sandbag, transport, and help save people's homes on that stormy Thursday night down along Holiday Park. More volunteers would have been a welcoming sight.

Like I said, I am not a millionaire. I'm not looking for sympathy. But please be respectful and stay off the water.

I hope you enjoyed your boat ride.

Nicola Hopfner

Proportional ballot

On May 31st, our MPs will be voting on whether or not to adopt the ERRE/all-party committee’s report that overwhelmingly recommended Proportional Representation.
The Liberals campaigned and won the election on the commitment to ensure that 2015 would be the last time a federal election was conducted under the first-past-the-post voting system, a clear and unequivocal commitment to change the way we elect our MPs.
Some time later, Prime Minister Trudeau arbitrarily abandoned his commitment, insisting “a clear preference for a new electoral system, let alone a consensus, has not emerged,”
That was nothing less than a blatant lie, and when Liberals vote on this issue May 31st, their loyalty to the voters will be tested.
Will they deliver on their commitment to the people who elected them in good faith to change the way we elect our MPs - or – will they allow Trudeau to control their vote.
The consensus among MPs from all federal parties is that our parliament no longer functions: Our MPs are being controlled and manipulated like a bunch of useless pawns, and Question Period has become a perpetual disaster. It has been reduced to an uncivilized, disrespectful barking dog contest. Party discipline has crushed meaningful debate on all major issues, and destroyed the opportunity to function as a productive, consensus driven legislature.
A Proportional ballot will end Party Discipline.

There will be no more ‘fake’ majority governments representing only one-third of the people, and our MPs will finally be liberated to represent the people.

Andy Thomsen

Who is to blame?

According to an article on Castanet, the lake level is higher than in 1997. And there is apparently nothing that can be done about it. Well, in my opinion that is a bunch of BS. Nothing can be done now, but what about one or two months ago? 

I’ve lived in this city since 1979 and I can remember that this problem has happened several times and next to nothing has been done. Will anything be done this time? Very likely not.

You can go back year after year and the news is repeated almost word by word. The snowpack is below average, the snowpack is above average, we don’t have enough water, we have too much water, etc.

This is not rocket science. Maybe we did have a lack of snow at a time, but the long winter and the wet weather has dumped a big load of snow very late. It is also not the first time that it has been cooler than normal for some time and the spring is almost bypassed. From cold, it goes to hot in just a few days. And if it gets too hot too fast, we have a problem, it’s called flooding.

Now, here is my question – why didn’t we lower the lake level just after we got all that additional snow? We knew that it has to melt at one time and come down as water.

Two things we know for sure – history repeats itself and we never learn!

Roger von Dach

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