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What year is it? I'm pretty sure it is 2017. 

How long have insurance corporations been operating in Canada? Is one to assume that in the year 2017 an insurance corporation is unable to properly manage their finances?  ICBC has proven that the corporation is nothing more than a ponzi scheme.They have been collecting funds for a specific purpose only to have the funds misappropriated by individuals that feel the funds are better used for other purposes. Now that the funding necessary to operate an insurance corporation are spent, the corporation is looking for ways to renew its funding by means of the current insurance payees.

There are specific individuals that have misappropriated the funds. Those individuals that have misappropriated the policy holders funds should be held criminally responsible. 

ICBC is government run corporation. All decisions made within this corporation have legal documentation. Individuals that have misappropriated the funding should be charged with a criminal offence.  

Wayne Whatley


ICBC problem easily solved

Simple, End ICBC's monopoly. 
Allow private insurance companies to sell all kinds of auto insurance in British Columbia and the problem would be fixed for BC taxpayers and motorists alike almost over night.

ICBC has never operated like a REAL insurance company because they were a misguided political football from their inception over 4 decades ago. With competition, one of two things would happen to ICBC; they would either go out of business, or they would begin to operate like a real business to survive. (Realistically, since ICBC has no idea how to compete, the former option is far more likely than the latter.)

It would also be good for the greater BC economy because most motorists would have more free cash to spend on other things rather than overpriced insurance premiums. 

Drew Bryant

Dreams of a small business

A lot of people are saying small businesses will go under but who's fault is that really? 

If you can't afford to run a business and pay your workers a decent living wage then should you really be in business? Should the worker suffer and make less so the business owner can fulfill their lifelong dream of owning a business? Is it the responsibility of the minimum wage employee to suffer financially so the owner can continue?  

If you want to be a small business owner then it's best to remember it is not the responsibility of others to suffer financially so you can thrive. (Coming from a previous business owner.)

Bethany Wright


RE: No to private insurance

I read that letter and there are a lot of points that cannot be denied. However, having a monopoly on something has never been good and somewhere I heard it is not even legal. Don’t quote me on that one. Again, there are a lot of positive points but can somebody show me one government run institution that runs the way it should? It might in the beginning and according to a lot of people, ICBC was the best insurance with the best rates, etc. etc.

But also do not forget governments are governments, operated the same way in probably most countries. They do not see all the different piles of money sitting around, dedicated for this and that. They think it is okay to take a little from the large pile and put it on top of a smaller one. I am even going so far out that I give them the credit that the taking was only temporary. It never was, we all know by now and it never will be and we all know that as well.

What I would like to know, is there a way to fix that problem? Very likely not and that is the sad part. Before it can be fixed we would have to change quite a number of things and that will never happen.

Looking at the poll in regards to ICBC a couple of days ago showed that the votes against have been three times higher than the votes for. I think the first bunch of votes came from an older generation and then the younger generation came in later. I compare this a little bit with the poll results and opinion letters on the price of gas. I am convinced that all letters in that regard have been written by older folks and the younger people just don’t give a damn. My reason, how can you complain about paying $1.10 for a litre of gas, then go inside and buy half a litre of water for more?

But to go back to the issue of ICBC, my first new vehicle I bought in Canada in 1979 was a GMC half ton pick up, with an 8 foot box and a Canopy for $7500.00! Yes it was a basic truck to haul up to three people in the front and a lot of stuff in the back. Now such a basic vehicle is not available anymore, period. Today's vehicles cost more than I paid for my first house. 

So how can anybody expect to have the insurance rate from yesteryear for today's vehicles? But a lot of people say that they drive a 10 to 15 year old car or even older and have to pay more every year. That is because you are not paying for your car, you're paying for all the others that are way newer and way more expensive to buy and to fix.

Roger von Dach

Car inspections not needed

Sorry, all you anti-personal vehicle types. I am old enough to remember when Vancouver had a comprehensive private vehicle inspection program. It was administered by a public entity, but was rife with abuse. 

If you were a younger driver with an older car, you were subject to the most ridiculous nit-picking that had nothing to do with vehicle safety. If a test had only the criteria of safe steering, stopping, basically good body integrity, good lights and horn, that would be fine. Unfortunately, such an inspection would go to the private sector who's main objective, just like the old "AirCare" program, was to fail vehicles through unreasonable criteria and generate profit for the private operators. Don't get fooled, AirCare started off gently at first and then they started "moving the goalposts" to increase the failure/retest rate. 

Realistically very few, if any accidents are caused by an actual private vehicle component failure anymore. With all the modern safety monitoring equipment in vehicles these days brake and steering failure are nearly impossible. Even older vehicles have redundant braking systems. 

When most vehicles die, they simply end up at the side of the road waiting for a tow, no danger there. Commercial heavy trucks are a far greater hazard, concentrate the inspections on them. 

Andrew Kiesewetter

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