Fighting all the way

As I review the polls, it is becoming quite clear that every seat will matter and there are possible permutations of seat counts that could give rise to a Conservative government.

We all know polls could change. Many are going to vote either Liberal, Green or NDP. There are also some Liberals who say that they will not vote because they dislike Justin Trudeau.

The most recent polls for this riding show that it is extremely tight, and there is a significant chance of a Conservative victory. In other words, one more seat for Andrew Scheer, which means he would be one step closer to being able to implement his:

  • $53 billion in spending cuts. 
  • Tax cuts for the wealthiest.
  • The proposed system of tax credits, which are of very little use to people on lower incomes and only benefit those with higher incomes.
  • Cutbacks on projects like the Mill Creek flood control $24 million, West Kelowna water upgrades of $20 million and funding for UBCO of $64 million.

So, possible Liberal abstainers, NDP supporters and Green supporters, how would you feel if you voted according to your affiliations and the Conservatives won Kelowna-Lake Country, and we perhaps ended up with a Conservative government?

It would be much simpler and safer, this time, to vote tactically for Stephen Fuhr or Mary Ann Murphy. Then, if the worst did happen, you could look at yourselves in the mirror and say with a clear conscience that you did everything you could to stop a Scheer government.  

We're going to fight a Conservative government, going to fight it all the way.

Ally Turner, Kelowna

Mortgaging our children

Too much focus has been placed on climate change this election.

I am not in climate change denial, just a realist.

The world population is 7,300,000,000, and Canada makes up 37,500,000, which equates to .48% of the global population. So, no matter what we do here in Canada, unless the larger polluters buy in, we won’t make a noticeable dent in climate change.

China has a population of 1.379 billion, they are still building new coal-fired power plants. India, another big polluter has a population of 1.324 billion.

For Canadians concerned about climate change, look at your own personal carbon footprint. Do you own a boat or an RV, do you fly to vacation destinations, do you drive your kids to school or let them walk?  

Justin Trudeau justifies using two jets flying his entourage back and forth across the country, saying he purchased carbon credits for them. How does cash help clean up the CO2 emissions created by these aircraft? it doesn’t, and Trudeau is a hypocrite and probably the biggest personal C02 contributor in the country.

Government should encourage new green technology by providing tax incentives for companies that research and develop these new technologies. Collecting a carbon tax on fuel that is not invested in cleaning the environment is just a cash grab.

This is like a David Copperfield illusion where he makes an elephant disappear. He gets you to focus on one thing while he manipulates another. Trudeau is running an ad saying how this election isn’t about him, a distraction dreamt up trying to put his scandals out of the voters’ minds. 

The ethics commissioner convicted him of violating the Conflict of Interest Act twice, once for a $200,000 bribe in the form of a private family vacation and then recently for the SNC-Lavalin affair, which he fixed by firing the whistle blower. No, Mr. Trudeau, it is about you and your unethical and illegal behaviour – and it’s time for a change.

Trudeau mocks and laughingly jokes that if elected, Andrew Scheer would make cuts. Someone has to show the courage to curb the spiralling debt that Trudeau wants to add to like a drunken sailor on payday. Contrary to what Trudeau says, the budget will not balance itself, and he certainly won’t.

Making up less than half of one per cent of the global population, Canada can’t control climate change, so I’ll be using my vote to put the party in power most willing to control something we can – our spiraling debt.

I love my children and grandchildren too much to pass on this ever-increasing burden that the current government is all too willing to add to in order to bribe you into voting for them by offering goods and services we can’t afford. They are mortgaging our young generations' future. I’ll be voting Conservative.

Guy Bissonnette

Why is Bloc even on ballot?

If politically correct could be condensed into one word, it would have to be stupidity.

It has succeeded in denying us open and honest debate on very important issues like immigration, climate change, and countless claims for lands, rights, and compensation for our native Canadians, while it has allowed us to call each other racists, bigots, and Nazis when we disagree on any of those sensitive issues.

On the issue of climate change, adding two billion more people to the global population over the next relatively few years, will have a huge impact.

To grind Canada’s economy into ground zero, while billions of people and huge Third World economies between Australia and Japan are producing and choking on massive amounts of pollution with virtually no restraints seems like a serious disconnect from the world we live in. 

Global industrial polluters must be compelled to participate in a massive global environmental cleanup.

Stupidity and more taxes are not the solution.

Private broadcasters are at liberty to be selective about content and presentation, as they are accountable only to their shareholders, but the CBC is a Crown corporation and public broadcaster, owned and operated by and for the benefit of 37 million Canadians, and has a statutory obligation to include every single candidate fairly in all pre-election programming.

To arbitrarily and randomly exclude three of the six federal party leaders like the Green, the People’s and the Bloc Party leaders from parts of the public pre-election debates and daily commentary on CBC National is beyond comprehension, as all candidates have legal and moral rights to equal exposure.

It would be easier to entertain, however, if the media was reluctant to include Mr. Blanchet in the debates and commentaries because the Bloc Party has no party members or MPs outside of Quebec, and is probably better defined as another provincial party, with seats in our federal parliament.

During the televised debate, Blanchet made it abundantly clear that his only interests are in the federal equalization and other federal programs that benefit Quebec.

Hypothetically, if he became the next prime minister, whose interests would he be representing then?

Why is his name even on the ballot?

Andy Thomsen

Close-minded, hateful

I am disheartened to have read the letter from Ms. Gibbons about the Drag Queen Story Hour at the library.

To think that someone can be so close-minded and hateful against people is just mind blowing.

I have known several people who dress quite often in drag, and they are some of the nicest and most wonderful people in the world. 

Our world is filled with far too many people who use the phrase "contrary to our religious beliefs" to excuse hate.

I have never heard of a religion that dictates what a person can or cannot wear.

Perhaps Ms. Gibbons should attend a reading and actually meet the people giving up their time to sit and read to a group before she passes judgment.

Pretty sure something along those lines is in most religious texts ... judge not, that ye be judged.

Don Wilson

So much for safe driving

I recently renewed only my optional collision and comprehensive portion of coverage through a private carrier – under $500 for a year.

I had the agent compare that to ICBC, wich was over $1,200.

So, thanks a lot, ICBC, for the so-called new safe driver pricing discounts. Where are they?

My advice to all like myself, with longtime safe driving, is to get your insurance agent to check out the option of going private.

Robert Service

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