Fuhr silent on issues

Re: the letter Mind your own business

Like the rest of the Liberals, MP Stephen Fuhr is silent on Stats Canada wanting access to our banking info.

Whatever their leader wants, their leader gets. Where was Fuhr on the groping allegations? Where was he on the pipeline purchase? Where was he on the illegal border crossers? Where was he on the $20 million of taxpayer money given to the Clinton Foundation?

Where was Stephen Fuhr when Sheikh Shafiq Huda gave his speech calling for the extermination of all Jews? Our tax dollars are being given to this man so he can indoctrinate even more.

Like all the other Liberals (and NDP) he's remained silent.

Keith Gossen, West Kelowna


Reconsider Trump facts

Re: the letter Lies and misdirection

Unfortunately, you are getting a great deal of slanted news from your chosen source.

I really do not know what you expect.

President Trump has, in two years in office, a higher rate of employed people than in the last 50 years, more blacks working than ever before in history, almost two million people off food stamps, and the U.S. given the rating of highest economy in the world at the present time.

These are documented facts.

Perhaps you should reconsider your scathing comments.

Martha Cantarini

What is city thinking?

I cannot believe that the city would actually put a "wet facility" in a high-end neighbourhood.

Why don't the mayor and council members allow one in their own neighbourhood?  

You can be sure that would never happen!

If I owned property in the area, I would be furious that the city is even contemplating such an idea.  

I, too, am in favour of supportive housing – but they need to choose another area.

Trudy Hurst, Kelowna


Something's broken

Re: the letter Lies and Misdirection

You need to quit watching the news on TV. The Canadian mainstream media is not what you would call real news. They're as bad or worse than the U.S. media. 

If you want to see lies, just listen to everything Justin Trudeau says. He's much, much worse than Trump.

If we had a simple two-party system, our current voting method works. When you have more than two parties, it doesn't.

When a party can get just 35 per cent of the vote but get total control, something's broken.

Keith Gossen, West Kelowna

Not confused, voting yes

After the debate between Premier Horgan and Opposition Leader Wilkinson, it was abundantly clear that Wilkinson is very confused about the proposed proportional systems.

He repeatedly stated STV is not included, when in fact it is the main component of the rural-urban (RUP) ballot.

What he probably is trying to say is that STV is not a proportional ballot, but that is not a problem, as the dual-member (DMP) and multi-member (MMP) ballots are both open-list proportional ballots that allow voters to rank candidates.

A dual-member ballot will elect MLAs closer to home, while multi-member ballots give voters more candidates to chose from. And it also opens the doors to more parties and people to get involved in our political process, which is one of the main reasons it is more popular.

I am not confused, and I am voting yes to change our electoral system. 

Andy Thomsen, Kelowna

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