Spend tax dollars at home

Each year, more so each year, we seem to have a losing battle with natural disasters and forest fires but struggle to complete the fight. Our military, army and air force are still bombing, destroying and killing in Iraq and in Afghanistan. To date more than $30 billion Canadian tax dollars have been wasted over there doing just that: destroying and killing and one dead child is one too many.  

Our army and air force could train much better at home without the killing and destroying if they concentrated on Canadian work i.e. forest fires for bombing and logistics, floods and other disasters for off season work. An air force pilot can train much better at home on forest fires where he will not be shot at and the army will be in familiar territory doing their work fighting fires from the ground. Just think of the valuable training each year and the reaping of good results from this work. 

Are we involved in killing and destroying in Afghanistan and Iraq to “please” Uncle Sam or do our armed forces “need” this fix of destroying and killing to make them feel needed? Spending Canadian dollars overseas to destroy and kill is not what Canadians want especially if Canadian mothers and fathers could see their own children killed by foreign bombs and bullets.

Another question: will Canada spend more Canadian dollars cleaning up the mess they have made in these two nations? No they will not, they do the same as the Americans, leave and someone else will clean up after their fun and picnic. There have been no concrete “gains” made in either country so why do we continue?

Bring our boys and their toys home, after we have cleaned up of course. 

Jorgen Hansen

Balloons over London

I find that it is disgusting that the Mayor of London who at one time defended the 9/11 terrorists who killed over two thousand people in the USA in the 9/11 attacks being allowed to float these baby Trump balloons over London during President Trumps official visit to Great Britain.

It should not matter, whether you like the man or dislike the man, he is the Leader of a very powerful country on an official visit to Great Britain, and should be shown the respect that his office holds and not your personal dislike of the man.  

Thomas James McLuskey

Re: NATO must dismantle?

“NATO must be dismantled, because it is a tool of war and domination, because it is part of an existential nuclear threat…” 

I’m not sure where people get their information but first NATO is a peace keeping group and not a tool of war and does not dominate anyone! They are there to help. 

Secondly, NATO is not a country and does not own any nuclear weapons. They also can't approach any one country and ask for that country to release their arsenal and attack another country!

But I guess everyone is entitled to their own point of view. 

Bill Ferguson


Re: why is my pool brown

These are not my words, but the information is out there.

"If you remove the algae without adjusting the pH, it will quickly return. Clean the pool  as much as possible to break up the algae using a brush, leaf rake and vacuum. Run the filter and backwash it to move additional debris. Shock the pool with chlorine and then add an algaecide made for swimming pools."

Jon Kyogre

A very serious problem

I recently hired a local contractor to do home renovations. After paying thousands of dollars, we got a terribly
mismanaged and incomplete project. Attempts to get the contractor to meet his commitments were
ridiculously futile and frustrating.

I had three options: continue the confrontation, use the legal system, or pay up. I would not pay the full invoice because the wrong product was installed and the job wasn't finished. I had to hire qualified people to finish some of the work. I still don't understand why it is so easy for a contractor to do a poor job, then apply a
property lien when his payment demands are not met.

These kinds of very problems are common but seldom made public. People are bullied, intimidated, feel lost
in, or can't afford the legal system, so they quit fighting. As I reached out for help and support, I received
many emails and phone calls from people who experienced similar, or worse, nightmares.

Here are two powerful examples:
This contractor cost us an additional $25,000.00 to repair his damages and incompetence.
I am an 84 year old woman, I didn't get the dream kitchen I wanted, I am out an additional $25,000 and I have a lien on my place. I don't know what to do. The stress is terrible!

After our own struggles, my wife and I decided we might help others avoid unexpected and unwarranted
trouble. So, we created due diligence guide to protecting our money and our health by choosing a reputable
contractor, and monitoring the work done on our homes.

Bob Dawe

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