A higher and better use

Re. FOR SALE – Zoned high density.

I was astounded to see the For Sale sign on the old RCMP site in downtown Kelowna.

Really – is this the best that City Hall can come up with? Is there no leadership or vision for utilizing this last remaining parcel of city-owned land in our civic centre?

The land is on the city’s books at a reduced 1960s value – it was sold by the Kelowna Saw Mill for the city’s use – hence the location of that era’s Community Theatre.

While It was not part of the 1946 Simpson Covenant, it is in a prime location and has such enormous potential to become a statement piece of architecture and a much-needed community amenity, on land the city already owns. 

I am astounded that City Hall is selling it (likely for a condo development) and has no aspirations for enhancing our community by finding a higher and better use for this unique parcel of land.

I’m sure I’m not alone in expecting more of our civic leaders!

Sharron Simpson, Kelowna


Fed up with Tolko smoke

Tolko, please leave the Okanagan Valley.  

Your pollution might be within a weak guideline set by the government, but I witness the smog emanating from your Kelowna mill wafting down the valley.

I’m so fortunate to live in Kelowna, but I am sure your emissions effect us all.  

In the weak government guidelines, the emissions caused by the hundreds of semi trucks coming and going from your plant are not considered.  

Now and for too many years, the semis are responsible for traffic congestion and accidents on our highways.  

I feel for the workers, but it’s time to go. It's strange that protesters don't consider the smog from this plant an issue of grave concern.

G. Levy, Kelowna

Build a pool, not a rink

Watching the Kin Racetrack being demolished was a hope that Vernon would see a pool finally come to life.

This does not seem to be the case. Instead, I have heard that the pool has been "put on ice." 

An outside rink ... really?

May I suggest those in favour go for a swim in our pool. Watch as toddlers and parents squeeze into the tiny area provided or try to breathe, with all the chlorine needed to keep such a confined space clean, you will choke out.

This cannot be good for lungs young or old.

Unfortunately, our lakes have endured flooding and E. coli, so those options are not always there nor do they help in winter.

Please reconsider the need for our young families and elderly to have a healthy place to exercise, learn how to swim and get out during those long winter months.

Skating is a wonderful recreation, but swimming is as well – except knowing how to swim may save a drowning in those summer months.

What do we want and need more? I don't think it will be more ice.

L. Hill, Vernon


Trudeau and his lies

Let's go back to the last election: first past the post is finished – a promise Trudeau didn't keep. 

Then, we have the SNC scandal. Trudeau says he did not pressure the attorney general to give SNC-Lavalin a pass to cheat and defraud. Deny, deny and more denials. 

Then, he hires former judge Anne McLellan to whitewash anything she can, using our tax dollars. 

The ethics commission reveals the fact that Trudeau broke the rules. He says, thanks, but I will decide what is right. Keep lying to us, and we can remember this at the fall election. 

Trudeau has been too close to Trump ... stupidity is contagious. 

This behaviour by the PMO is the reason Canada needs proportional representation in some form to prevent a prime minister having such powers to do whatever he feels his friends want him to. 

It is time for a change in Ottawa.  We need someone able to keep an eye on the crooks. 

Jorgen Hansen, Kelowna

Time the traffic lights

Re: traffic in Kelowna

Time the lights, time the lights, time the lights.

Why is this so difficult?   

I recall reading that they can't because pedestrian crossings will interrupt the timing.

Whose time is more valuable – the people idling their cars at the red light or the individual wanting to cross the street?

Even if the lights were timed only during rush hour it would help. They could post signs at the crosswalks, informing pedestrians they may have to wait.

Also, lower the speed limit between Water and Richter streets during rush hour to accommodate the timed lights. 
Then raise the limit the rest of the way. 

Ken Magly

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