Attract bears, get fined

Re: bears getting into garbage

The people who leave their garbage out and not secured should be fined a large fine to deter this from continually happening.

It is not the bears' fault. We live in their country, and they are only doing what they know.

If people remove the food source, they will just move on through.

Rhonda Hunt


Homeless have rights, too

People are upset about Penticton's sidewalk sitting bylaw because it is against the charter of rights that protect us all – not just those who "deserve" protection, but all of us.

So, if this bylaw is OK, what about those with "nasty" tattoos or lots of piercings, or the LGBTQ? Who is to say that 10 years from now bylaws won't be created to ban them? Laws are supposed to protect all people, not just those you find acceptable. 

It is a slippery slope, and I for one will not stand by and keep quiet.

No one sets out with the goal of becoming homeless. As a society, we have enabled governments and policies that created these problems. It is our responsibility to find viable solutions, not hurtful, shameful and illegal ones.

I am hoping someone purposely forces the city to enforce this bylaw so they can take them to court and have the whole thing overturned.

The problem with vagrants, homelessness, drug use and the like is that all have their beginnings in bad government policies. They have forced the mentally ill onto the streets, created a housing market that only the rich can afford.

I see the problems the homelessness issue causes, and I can understand why people are concerned. But this is not the way to fix the problem, it just creates a new one.

Shame on you.

D. McIntyre

Housing project horror story

Since the two supportive housing facilities opened within 1,000 yards of Mills Road, things have changed.

Drug deals take place across the street. It is OK to use in a wet house, but you can’t have drugs delivered to the property. I have seen overdoses, discarded needles and prostitution from my front window.

Addicts wander up and down the street with nothing, and then we see them riding bicycles, chopping and repainting them, and dragging loaded shopping carts.

I have seen a numbered company purchase the home of a deceased neighbour and let it become so neglected that it shows they want no part of being a good neighbour. Addicts are using it as a hideaway and not caring what damage they do. They leave carts and trash from one end of our street to the other.

I have confronted many, and we now have a target on our backs because we care about our home and our street. Apparently, police receive over 100 calls regarding illicit behaviour on our street weekly.

I want to make it clear that this is not a ‘not in my backyard’ issue. I truly believe that we need to help those who require it.  

With that being said, these two facilities were supposed to be self-policing.

We were told that these facilities are only being built in areas that have the resources to support them. The only things around these facilities are hotels, a liquor store, a few restaurants and the homes of hard-working individuals.

This is not working. These places are only ‘transition’ in name. We see no incentive to become a functioning member of society.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, how are we supposed to see it as a moose?

Those concerned about the project on Agassiz Road should take a minute and drive by the garbage dump the mayor and council sent our way.

Mike Craigdallie, Kelowna


Self-checkouts, still talking

I understand people think it’s taking jobs away from people, but it is very hard to get staff who want to work.

We can’t get staff where I work, and I see lots of jobs advertised, but people are not applying. 

I like self-checkouts as it's faster to get out. I hate waiting in lineups if I don’t have to.

Kim Porter

I refuse to use the self-checkouts  for two reasons: I will not volunteer at a store so the corporations can make more money; and I will not take away someone's livelihood.

Anita Meldrum

Just shows you how replaceable humans are. The business that uses these self-checkouts doesn’t have to pay medical/dental/pensions.

Maybe self dentistry is coming soon – guide a little sharpie inside your mouth to scale your teeth.

For goodness sake, let a robot do it! Maybe the same robot can remove your diseased appendix.

Marjorie Vetrov

Self-checkouts are not convenient and are doing people out of jobs.

Employers should realize that having employees in the area of the exits is also a way to keep folks honest, and I feel the shops owe the customer the courtesy of some contact.

Vern and Pennie Dean

Perhaps you should have rephrased your poll question. Do I use self-checkouts? Out of necessity,  yes.
Do I like using them? No!

Gordon Kaltenhauser

He'll never waiver

Re: Jan Nistor's letter, Keyboard warrior rant, June 3

A keyboard warrior is someone who hides behind the computer and posts their personal beliefs and ideals on public forums, but when confronted in person would never hold that same point of view when face to face.

I am not a keyboard warrior. I will stand firm to that point of view in person and stick up for what I believe in no matter what the situation is.

I am not naive to the fact that we all have our own point of views and the right to say what we want. I do not believe most people my age don’t want the death penalty.

When the folks who wanted to chop off people's arms for stealing or publicly humiliate them for minor crimes  started to write in to Castanet, I felt the need to share my point of view on why I felt that is archaic and barbaric.

The fact that you took time out of your day to reply makes me elated as this sparked something in you and got you to chip in. So, for that, I am happy. I hope this gets a debate going and makes people realize taking a human life is not right, no matter what the situation is.

I'd be glad to have this conversation over coffee and show that not only am I not a keyboard warrior, but I have pretty open views on a lot of subjects. But being wrong for taking a human life is one I will never waiver from.

Jesse Nicholson, Vernon

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