We pay - and clean up

I was astounded to learn that last year Interior Health gave out almost 400,000 free needles to addicts. 

The addicts then use the needles and drop them wherever they happen to be. 

Even worse, addicts are able to walk in and pick up as many needles as they wish.  

Because there is no cost, they have no value, so they are tossed wherever. What is wrong with implementing a 'one needle out for one needle in' program?  

The safe injection sites are supposed to be the end all, be all to provide a pathway for the addicts to recovery.  Instead, addiction has become an epidemic.  

Now, some lucky addicts will be treated to a brand-new apartment, complete with drug use materials and a safe place to buy, sell and use their drug of choice.  

In what universe, does providing addicts with free supplies, a nice place to get their high on, and no worries about overdosing because assistance is close at hand, give them an incentive to get clean and sober?

So we taxpayers are paying – and please take the time to pick up and safely dispose of all the drug users' discarded needles. 

I do not approve of my tax dollars being spent enabling and assisting in self-destructive behaviour instead of quicker, easier access to rehab and mental health facilities.

V. Napora, West Kelowna


Time for youth to stand up

In 1961, I was on Canada’s European line of defence, flying jet interceptors to help protect the West against a vicious system of government called communism. 

Under communism, Russia, China, Eastern Europe, Cuba and several other countries murdered many millions of their own people to forcibly keep power. They committed unconscionable atrocities. Their economies failed, their people starved.

They promised that their governments would provide every need for the people but did not tell them about the absolute brutal force they would employ to keep power. They did not tell them about forced labour and that their families would be separated. They did not tell them they would control the press and political debate, disarm the people and remove their right to choose their own education, businesses and occupations. 

They did not tell the people that all political opposition would be viciously eliminated. Their political promises of utopia were deceptive lies, and they crumbled after intense suffering by their citizens.  

Do we now live in a day of unconscionable lying by politicians, such as were the communists? 

I submit to you that we do, and that our current government is founded on such lies and deception.

Consider: recently signed open-border UN Migration Pact – it will destroy your country and if you verbally oppose it you can be imprisoned; promise of a $10 billion infrastructure deficit; spending now approaching $60 billion, yet billions funnelled to anti-west organizations; massive media funding only to media that agree with Liberal policies (to control your news and thoughts); deceptive massive (carbon) taxes; secret directive to banks to provide the government with your personal information.   

You youth have the power to use your vote to stop this anti-democratic government. I am older now, so it will not be my concern for very long. You need to take the torch and run with it before your great blessing of freedom slips away under current government ideology. 

Garry Rayner, West Kelowna

Gender nothing to do with it

Re: the news story 'Jailed for touching child'

This is shameful reporting and should have caught before publication.

The fact the woman being charged is transgender has absolutely nothing to do with this story. This is blatantly biased and possibly transphobic reporting.

Yes, the person changed their name. Simply saying "Riley Carlson, formally Jeremy Carlson" would have been sufficient. Instead, this reporter has 'outed' this woman.

Yes, she has been found guilty of a heinous crime, but her sentence has been decided. Putting her in danger once she's back in out public is tantamount to vigilante justice.

Taysha Jarrett


Leonard says get the shot

I think everybody over six months old should have a flu shot.

I have had a flu shot for many years, and still not had the flu.

Leonard Kassian

Legit refugee or not?

Apparently, 18-year-old Rahaf Alqunan was locked up in her room in Saudi Arabia and badly mistreated by family, but she still managed to have an expensive cell phone to stay in touch on social media.

At the same time she was locked up by her mean-spirited father, she somehow obtained a passport and had the tens of thousands of dollars required to book a flight to Australia with a stop-over at an expensive hotel in Thailand.

Australia's not so dumb. They've been stung by scams like this before, so before this spoiled little rich girl even landed on Australian soil, they said whoa, she isn't coming here to pull the refugee scam.

Now Canada is taking her in and granting asylum. Wonder what this one's going to cost the taxpayer?

Jim Sutherland, Kelowna

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