Driven to distraction

Re: the story Earbuds land driver ticket

OK, you know things are beyond ridiculous when ... two hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, and “here is your distracted driving ticket, sir."   

This is right up there with spilling coffee on yourself and suing because it is hot. Words just simply cannot describe someone who is so lost on common sense.  

Riddle me this: I’m in my car, the car is in drive, I’m stopped. I reach out the window to grab a bag of food with one of my hands. Yes, only one hand on the wheel and my eyes are off the road, I pull the bag in the window, place it on the seat beside me.

God forbid I stick a hot French fry in my mouth. 

Can you imagine driving, looking down at your radio, tuning it with one hand off the wheel? That would be going just way too far, folks.

I just love how so many distracted driving tickets are handed out to people stopped at a red light. Yes, I know someone driving through the opposing green might get in an accident, launch his car in the air right towards you and in that fleeting moment, because you were NOT distracted, you shoulder checked, switched lanes and avoided imminent death by flying car. I mean that could happen, right?

When was the last time someone caused a serious accident or death stopped at a red light looking at the radio?  How about their device?  

OK, I’m not a fan of missing the left-turn green because the person in front of me had to text 'What about pizza?’ ... but really, that is what my horn is for. Believe me, it works great.  

Can we refocus our hard-earned tax money on policing of things like murder, theft, or what about the panhandler standing under the sign that says: City Bylaw 123, No Panhandling allowed? 

Put me in a coma and wake me up when autonomous driving cars are everywhere, so I can sit back and be distracted by my French fries.

Chris Frey


Trudeau the real criminal

Sorry but Jody Wilson-Raybould's recording was not illegal.

Wernick was not her client.

And if letter writer Dale Dirks is so upset about her recording, why wasn't he just as upset when Butts recorded conversations? Or is it OK if the Liberal Party does it, but not Raybould?

The scary thing for me is people are still trying to defend the obstruction of Justin Trudeau and his PMO.

I'm even more proud of JWR for doing this. It shows us how corrupt this Liberal government truly is.

Trudeau is the real criminal for removing both women from caucus without a vote.

Keith Gossen, West Kelowna

Want the oil or not?

So our provincial Attorney General David Eby says he is ready to go to court over Jason Kenny's threat to cut off the oil supply to B.C. in retaliation for B.C. blocking the building of a new pipeline that would bring Alberta oil to the coast.

Is this just a bit hypocritical? Does B.C. want Alberta oil or not?

Eby claims that turning off the taps would be an unconstitutional act. Well, blocking the building of the pipeline that was approved by the federal government affects the Canadian economy, which affects every Canadian, so that too is not great for our constitution.

Eby says discussion is the best way to resolve differences between provinces, but discussion hasn’t helped Alberta get its oil to world markets, which has forced it to sell to the U.S. at greatly reduced prices because the oil is landlocked thanks to the BC NDP.

Even if Eby were to win in the courts, what makes him think Kenny would adhere to it? Our federal government approved the building of the pipeline, and our provincial NDP government continues to defy that ruling. Even when the federal Liberals do something right, they end up being blocked by our NDP.

What a mess, that costs all Canadians.

Even though it will cost me at the pumps, as it will every other British Columbian, I do hope Kenney follows through and turns off the taps. Maybe it will wake enough voters up to change our provincial government to one that cares about the economy in the next provincial election.

The last poll results I saw showed 57% of British Columbians were in favour of the pipeline. Is our government not elected to represent the will of the voters? Apparently not.

Maybe Jason Kenny can help us get a more economically responsible government in B.C.

Guy Bissonnette, Lake Country

A cautionary tale

I always love Make a Will Week.

My father passed away almost eight years ago, and he had a will.

But when greed and jealousy rear their ugly heads, things can take a course that my father would not like to have seen.

They didn't even have the decency to put his ashes where he wanted them.

Every rule of power of attorney was broken, and four siblings can't get a straight answer.

Why should I have to hire a lawyer to find out what really happened?

Be very diligent when making a will.

Leo Salvas

Rare quality in politicians

In response to Dale Dirks' letter "Recording was illegal," I would point out the following:

It is legal to record a conversation in Canada, specifically ones related to concerns over workplace performance or where there is a dispute in the workplace and the employee wants to have an exact record of what was said.  

However, can you make the recording without the other person knowing? The simple answer to that question is yes, but only if the following apply: 

  • You are a participant in the conversation and consent to the conversation being recorded.
  • You are an employee, not acting as a member of management. 
  • You were intended to receive the communication.

In this case, I do believe all of the above apply.

Dirks makes reference to attorney-client privilege, but that does not apply here as it was not a client who called her. 

No, Justin Trudeau is simply upset because he was caught in a lie and needs to own it.

In my opinion, this whole issue sheds light on Trudeau’s lack of integrity, and he needs to go.

Although I have never been fond of the Liberals and their perpensity to squander our tax dollars, I could be swayed if Ms. Wilson-Raybould became the party leader, as she has shown us all what integrity looks like.

A rare thing with politicians these days, in my opinion.

Ken Quesnel

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