Crack down on criminals

For far too long, property crime has been dismissed as a minor issue.

Many years ago ( in the early 1990s) in New York City, the crime rate was skyrocketing. The then mayor, Rudy Guliani, enacted a strict crackdown.

(If) you jaywalked, you got rousted, ticketed and charged. Every night, the subway trains that were graffitied were painted over. Mobile booking buses were put in service and all crime was dealt with harshly. Miraculously, the violent crime rate dropped and people began to feel safer in their city.

I personally don't care if the person who breaks into my house had a difficult childhood or if their dog died or any other sob story. Build a nice big prison camp and send them "away" for a good long time.

Do it again and (the prison term is) twice as long.

(Perpetrators of crime) will get with the program or or learn to enjoy three squares and some unpleasant companions.

These (people) who are smashing windows daily and breaking into coin vending machines are parasites on society and don't care a bit about the pain and suffering they cause.

(It’s) time for them to have a "time out".

Jeff McGeorge


Medical exemption

I was stunned to read Ricky Daytona’s response to Jenine Tepsa’s (letter) about giving unvaccinated Canadians a wide berth, lest she get infected by them.

Part of my shock is that Castanet would actually print an opposing opinion.

The concept of someone actually questioning the (government’s) overreach of its authority, frightens many who see vaccines as an insurance policy against all evil. However, insurance policies demand a premium and it comes usually in monthly instalments. The Covid “jab” program is only starting and with many variants currently being brewed, the “jab” is not going to be a one/two and then happy-days-for-everyone scenario.

The pot of gold at the rainbow’s end, in the form of an all-clear travel passport, is a fallacy and will require constant booster updating to comply as they have a built in expiry date.

As for me, I have a medical exemption due to three-year-long recovery from Legionnaires disease which left my pulmonary system compromised. My healthy God-given immunity system would be severely compromised by recycling fetid bacteria-laden air, day in and day out. I have also been tested for Covid and was given a clean bill of health without complications. So, I am not an ignorant, scofflaw that you have seen in a store and subject to hostile stares and vitriolic comments. My medical exemption badge was issued by my doctor and my life and health depend on it.

However, Ms Tepsa’s has nothing to worry about as she already has had both injections. Therefore, she should not need a mask, no need to separate or social distance either as she has her Kryptonite shield so her world should be normal again and the government would never lie to us.

Ricky’s letter (well done and written) is only one of thousands that many learned and concerned Canadians would be glad to contribute if only there was a unbiased and open media forum for them to do so. So, thank you Castanet for allowing one to be printed.

Brian R. Mellis, West Kelowna

Anti-vax 'tunnel vision'

RE: RH Thompson's letter Majority rule, minority rights (Castanet, Sept. 23)

I honestly can't believe your tunnel vision.

How many times has it been explained over and over again and proven over and over again. Just look at the Covid-19 positive patients in the hospital shoving out all other patients and denying them their operations because they have taken over.

If this was just about you and affecting nobody else but you, no one would care.

You and other anti-vaxxers shut out all other information because you don't want to hear it. You don't care about the general public at large and spreading Covid-19 to others. That's why you're selfish.

Beverly Ryder


Traffic problems

At only 13 years old (opened in 2008), the William Bennett bridge linking West Kelowna and Kelowna has taken on the vehicular personality that you find in much larger centres like Vancouver or Seattle.

Huge congestion coming into Kelowna from the west, massive traffic backups when there are vehicle incidents in the bridge, speeding, and road rage incidents.

The eastbound bridge traffic (and the idiotic traffic lights at Kelowna’s west entrance) has become a bottleneck that was once concentrated during morning commutes, but occurs now throughout much of the morning and afternoon. Afternoon “rush hour” commutes going east are not much better, with traffic often backing up long before the first traffic light at Highway 97 and Boucherie Road.

Who, in their infinite wisdom, thought it was a good idea to only have two eastbound lanes when this bridge was constructed? It does’??t take a rocket scientist to realize that this was a bad idea.

What has happened to discussion and planning for a second crossing I wonder? It appears as though plans for a second crossing are either shelved or dead in the water.

The Kelowna and West Kelowna cities are growing at such an exponential rate that there needs to be some serious planning and action into what is guaranteed to occur in the future with vehicular gridlock. It’s already here (gridlock) at times and is a source of frustration for residents of this area.

Don’t just ask me, talk to residents of our fine cities and they will tell you the same thing. No one who is being honest would say we do not have a traffic problem in this area.

Sometimes it seems as though there is no thought to traffic issues. Sure, more bike lanes and multimodal roads are being built, and that is all well and good. But that has very little to no effect on the sheer volume of vehicles running through Kelowna on the Highway 97 corridor.

Has anyone heard of overpasses, a highway bypass, or anything like that being constructed? I didn’t think so.

Obviously the traffic congestion on the bridge and in the city won’t be an issue until the road network totally collapses under the strain of metropolitan overgrowth.

Trying to wish the problem away by building more bike lanes, walkways or the like won’t cut it. People won’t change their behaviours that much.

We love our vehicles and the area is growing too fast to see that this is going in only one direction. It isn’t good and and it won’t be pretty in the very near future.

Duane Arthur, W. Kelowna

Liberal spendthrifts

Re: Krupas Big Facebook Ad Buy

Well I cannot imagine why anyone would have voted for (Kelowna-Lake Country Liberal candidate Tim) Krupa.

Clearly (he) has no concept of budgeting.

If this is how Krupa spends money, just think how he would spend our tax dollars if he were elected.

Of course he might have been attempting to imitate our "fearless leader" Justin Trudeau, who spends our tax dollars faster than money can be printed.

This whole election was a waste from the get go and we as tax payers get to flip the bill of $600 million dollars.

Any voter who supported the Liberals has lost all sense reality.

WIlma Van Vliet, Penticton

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