Too dramatic for kids

When I read of this decision, I had my issues with it to but not for the same reasons, I wondered about 11 and 12 year old's (from grade 6) moving on to middle school where they will be surrounded by kids much older than them and exposing them to things that they are far to young to have to deal with.

The same applies to the tweens moving on to high school. At these ages, they are emotionally pliable and susceptible to outside influences and are (most, not all) ill equipped to handle a lot of it. In the lives of young people, a year is a long time. They change dramatically in short periods of time both physically and emotionally.

Virtually all of the kids affected must be in shock, having been preparing for the transition to middle and high school a year later than what they now are being told is the case. It’s traumatic enough transitioning from grade school to the bigger schools and having to do it a year early will be making some of them sick.

I wonder if any of the school trustees gave a moments thought to the emotional toll it is going to take on many of them? Shouldn’t the parents have had a say in this? Shouldn’t they at least have been notified that this possibility existed? Last thought here, portables suck.

Peter Haslock


Proposed tax

My husband and I have raised 6 fabulous, very successful children and spent most of our summer vacations and many winter ski holidays in  beautiful B.C. We love the area so much that 18 years ago we bought a waterfront condo. Now, not only my husband and I, but all of our children and grandchildren enjoy the beautiful area. As I am writing this, one of my sons and his family are enjoying the condo, skiing, buying groceries going to restaurants, supporting local services.

If this tax goes through you will not have this boost to the local economy. Our holiday condo is used by all of my children and grandchildren (two of the families are B.C. residents). Throughout the year we support many local businesses from sporting goods stores to home improvement stores. We were so upset and insulted to hear that our neighbours and fellow Canadians were going to treat us like this. It is not a very well thought out way for a government to get out of a hole as I truly feel it will totally backfire. What will happen if we cannot handle the increase in taxes and pull out of your fabulous province? So many of the local businesses will be adversely affected.

Us fellow Canadian citizens who love to enjoy our most western province are not the problem. Please rethink this terrible tax bill and try find a workable solution to your financial problems, over taxing  some of your biggest supporters in not very sensible. From a very concerned fellow Canadian.

Patty Metcalfe

A change of management

I just read about a law suit between ICBC and the owner of a Ferrari. After reading the news article, it is obvious to me that the staff at ICBC has dropped the ball and failed their customer. Ferrari had a value of $696,000 as established by an arbitrator in 2014. That was 4 years ago and now ICBC claims the damages exceed the value of the car. It's no wonder the car owner dad to hire a lawyer to fight them. Does the owner have the car back? Probably not.

My point is that since ICBC has been under the microscope, I have heard lots of excuses as to why ICBC is a huge black hole that sucks money from our pockets. I have heard that the cost of injuries and the cost of new car parts have skyrocketed. Now they want to put a cap on minor injury payouts which is good. I want to know why nobody in charge have pointed their finger at the management that runs ICBC? I still think there is way too much waste in the management of ICBC. Everyone knows all employees get every other Friday off with pay. Do you?

So here we have an article in the news about a customer and his car that is not happy and had to hire a lawyer. I just completed the online questionnaire and it seems the questions were asking my opinion about their ideas that may or may not have been implemented. "Do you think it is more fair to penalize poor drivers and credit good drivers equally" Meaning that the change would have a net result. No cost or savings to ICBC.

Mike Bell


Support Hedley

I have to agree with a previous comment from Laura about all the controversy surrounding Hedley. My friends and I have been fans of the group for years and continue to support them to this day. We’ve attended many of their concerts in Vancouver, which are always fun for the group because they get to play at home and they love the home crowd so much they tend to play long into the night for those fans.

The poor groups reputation has been torn to pieces simply because of some unproven comments online. To have both their opening acts drop them on their current tour, along with their management and the JUNO awards is disgusting. Sure they may portray a party lifestyle on stage but from what I understand they are quite involved with their communities off stage. You can’t tell me that groups from 20+ years ago weren’t doing way worse things than what has been reported here, but because of this online environment now it’s easier to simply ruin someone without any proof.

My friends and I are still planning to attend their Kelowna concert to show our support for the group when they need it the most. These are Canadian artists and they should be supported by their fans.

Rachel Gil

Unduly harsh tax

The proposed punitive 2% annual speculation tax on non-resident owners of vacation or investment property in Kelowna and other identified locations is completely outrageous and unduly harsh. 

The adverse impact on property prices (and the corresponding loss of property tax base for the affected communities) will massively hurt all homeowners in the designated communities as well as the communities themselves, not just non-resident owners. Most non-residents will have no viable option other than to sell their properties. 

It would be one thing if the 2% annual speculation tax was imposed on and limited to offshore foreign owners that are buying and keeping vacant (rather than renting) such properties. But to impose such a discriminatory, brutal and inequitable tax on hard working Albertans and other non-resident Canadians that have in good faith invested in property in B.C. and supported B.C. communities is simply shocking and unacceptable.

Clearly little thought or study has gone into this incredibly misguided initiative. This B.C. government initiative needs to be withdrawn and rescinded immediately before permanent irreparable damage is done to the B.C. economy and elsewhere.

Bill Rosser

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