Central School's 100 year celebration
Saturday Jan 18 2014 - Westbank
Central School, in Kelowna, is celebrating it's 100 anniversary on January 18, 2014 at Central school. The public, former students, staff, and teachers are all invited. The festivities start at 10:00 AM with the school being opened. The formal ceremonies start at 11:00 am with the opening of the 25 year time capsule. This will be followed by short speaches from local dignitaries. There will be an anniversary cake and brown bag lunches will be available for purchase by donation. The historical classroom will be open for viewing. Central School has been on the forefront of innovative educational programs since it was built. There have been an number of different programs, including a gifted program, a program for the deaf and hard of hearing, and a French Immersion program. Currently, Central School is an alternate education school for student's with educational challenges. If you have any questions please contact Mike Dornian at [email protected]

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