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Frosty The Snowbun

Frosty The SnowbunAnimal ID: 556317

Vernon & District BC SPCA shelter
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-549-7297
Address: 4800 Haney Road
Vernon, BC V1H 1P6
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Male Rabbit
Breed: English Lop Cross

10Mths 1Wks
Colour: White

Frosty the Snowbun would like to warmly welcome you to his frosty adoption page! Frosty is the softest bunny you could ever touch with fur as bright white as the first snow fall. He is a very friendly bun just like his bff Forest! They won't hesitate to let you know that they are ready to munch on leafy greens by following you around wherever you go. Frosty loves attention and all the cuddles all the time. Frosty also likes to relax, slow down to look at the world! Rabbits are very active animals that require tons of space to hop around. Xpens, playpens, or even a full bunny room would give them the space needed for exercise and enrichment! Please do your research to ensure your lifestyle is compatible with the needs of a rabbit. If you would like to meet Forest and Frosty, please follow the steps below: *Note that we require a photo of the enclosure\room you plan to house this handsome duo in*Visit our centre to meet these pets, learn more about their ideal match, and apply to adopt in person; or Submit an online application and staff will contact the first suitable adopter to set-up a visit! Kindly note that due to the high number of applications and the availability of walk-in adoptions an online applicant would have to be available to come in for a meet within 24 hrs.https://spca.bc.ca/wp-content/uploads/BC_SPCA_Rabbit_Matching_Survey.pdfSubmit completed application form by email to [email protected]

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