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Animal ID: 447857

Kelowna shelter
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-861-7722
Address: 3785 Casorso Road
Kelowna, BC V1W 4M7
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Male Rabbit
Breed: American Cross

6Mths 2Wks (approx) - 6Mths 2Wks (approx)
Colour: Black / None

Likes: My alfalfa hay and dandelions in the springtime.Dislikes: Too much commotion and excessive heat.Ideal Home: Missouri would do best in a home where he can be a part of the family. He is gentle and getting used to handling and attention. He could benefit from a little more socialization but with the right guardian, love & patience, he should quickly become a 'cuddle bunny'. An experienced guardian would best suit Missouri. We could also put you in touch with our Volunteer Bunny Experts, Bob & Marie, to call upon their expertise. They are a wealth of knowledge in bunny care.

Suitability Guide: